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School Uniforms Are Good

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Started: 4/6/2013 Category: Education
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I am arguing that school uniforms do not do much good and that students should not be forced to wear them.

First round is only for acceptance. Debate will begin in round two. There are only two rounds because the first round is for acceptance.

Please vote for which arguement you think is stronger, not based on your personal opinion.

Thank you.


Hey there, This is actually a very debatable subject that I have given much thought into in the past.
I'll gladly have this debate with you if you accept me as an opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for the response. Of course I'll accept you as my opponent!

First off, I don't think that school uniforms are good because I feel that students are not able to express themselves well and that they would be more comfortable studying in an environment where they feel they can be themselves instead of being forced to wear a uniform.

I understand that by wearing school uniforms, we are symbolising that all the students are the same but what we should be trying to do instead is to show them that despite their differences and cultures, they are all attending the same school and doing the same thing together. Schools should try to teach students that they can be different and still work together in harmony instead of forcing children to wear the same thing and try to make students see that they are all the same. They should let students embrace their differences and show them that despite these differences, they are all still one.

Third, I don't think that school uniforms are good for everyone because some of them may be insecure about their bodies. For example, certain school skirts are quite short and this may cause girls who are insecure about their legs to feel uncomfortable studying in their uniform. Religious beliefs also play a part. Some religions do not allow the legs of girls to be exposed and sometimes require certain areas to be covered. This may be a problem for students who want to study in a certain school and are not allowed to because their religion does not allow them to wear the uniform that the school requires them to be in.

Fourth, a particular uniform is not always flattering on every body. A certain uniform will not fit every student perfectly and this may lead to them being taunted by their peers. So this may also lead to bad behaviour. Once again, I say that students should feel comfortable in their own clothes and should not feel out of place in their school environment as this may distract them from their studies. They may be self-conscious about who is watching them and what others think about them, leading them to be unfocused during lessons.

Fifth, uniforms can be quite costly. Poorer students may not have sufficient money to pay for their school uniforms and may have problems buying new ones when they grow out of their old ones. Wearing their own clothes would allow them to study without spending extra money on uniforms and instead wear what they already have.


Ok,first of all I believe that uniforms can be a double edged sword. In your first point You made a valid point,you mentioned that they don't make students express themselves. maybe so,But on the other hand they stop bullying,this is the main problem that uniforms solve people from different parts of society attend school, lets say for example we have a poor student that has a very limited wardrobe with bad and torn clothes, a student who can afford to wear better and newer clothes will start annoying and bullying him for using the same clothes over and over and this has some really negative psychological and academic effects, children might start to lose confidence in themselves and maybe even hate themselves, because at school age students tend to enjoy bullying without much regard to the other person's feeling,and some people like to have a certain style in cloths that match their personal believes and style that might lead to bulling and making students feel not accepted for who they are,so the main reason for uniforms is they reduce social conflict and violence in the schools,I boarded a school that doesn't have a uniform for two years and seen this first hand.

Second of all uniforms Keep the school atmosphere studious and focused on education. Well dressed students do better in school and well dressed teachers command more respect, adding to that,having a uniform relieve the parents from the burden of buying fashionable and expensive clothes every now and then,as students demands might get higher than their parents abilities, in light of this, I contradict the point where you said that school uniform might be expensive because I believe that it's the other way around, they save money also some students may wear clothes that are really not appropriate for school environment and this happens a lot.

Third of all I feel that uniforms make students take school environment more seriously,Uniforms improve discipline, self-esteem and self-respect. They focus attention upon learning and away from such distractions as fashion competition, they learn that they should take care of their uniform and be responsible enough not to let it get dirty as they will use them again adding to that, when wearing school uniform you'll have to act more responsibly outside the school also, if you were on a field trip for example and a young student got lost whoever finds him/her will know where they belong in case the student isn't able to give info about themselves.

And finally I agree with your third point, but I believe that most if not all schools have alternatives for skirts like trousers for example,as I don't think that schools force short skirts without having an alternative for them and if there are, I think it's an individual case and those certain schools should change their dress code.

Also uniform helps with small issues like
1- it provides an identity to the students. Intruders cannot enter school due to the school uniform.
2-Any sort of gang related identity or markings would not be an issue. In addition baggy clothing to used to hide weapons or drugs.
Debate Round No. 2


Okay, I get what you mean when you say that poorer students may be bullied. Yes, it does happen. But with the amount spent on one set of the school uniform, you can buy about 10-15 new clothes(cheap ones of course). So if a student does ruin her uniform, she would not have enough money to get a new one and people would tease her for being poor. Sometimes it may not even be her fault if it happened by accident. Whereas if she were to ruin one of her fifteen clothes, she would still have another one she could use. As for the clothes that children wear, there could be certain rules that state that the students cannot wear clothes that are too fancy or any jewellery. This would help with the bullying. And wearing clothes that they do not feel comfortable in can also lead to the children losing confidence in themselves. They may feel that other students look better than them in the uniform and may feel inferior. If they are not comfortable with what they are wearing, how can they possibly be comfortable in their environment learning?

Second, you said that uniforms will not be a burden for the parents. That is not necessarily true. As stated above, a uniform can be very, very expensive in certain countries. They would be better off buying more clothes. They can also use that for their everyday life so wearing normal clothes will reduce the total amount of money spent on clothes. And as I said before, the school can have rules that state students cannot wear certain kinds of clothing. They could also make clear that breaking the rules can lead to severe consequences e.g. Suspension or some other worse punishment.

You mentioned that school uniforms improve self-esteem and self-respect. Won't students feel the same way wearing their own clothes? They would probably feel better in their own clothes in fact. They would feel good about what they are wearing because they are used to wearing it. And what if their uniform is dirtied by another student? School is not exactly one of the most clean or dirt-free environment. You can't ask the student herself to be responsible and not expect anyone else to do it by accident or on purpose. The student wouldn't even be able to ask the culprit to compensate for her ruined uniform if she didn't know who the person was. And not all students are very responsible. If they were already the reckless and wild type, they would not care about their behaviour just because they were in their school uniform. I agree with you on the field trip point but the school could just hand out badges or other cheap things such as tags that could help others identify the students.

Actually, some schools are actually quite strict about their dress codes and don't allow students to wear anything other than what is stated they have to wear. And this may be hard for students who have always wanted to go to a certain school but have religious beliefs which interfere with the dress code.

School uniforms can increase the expenditure on clothes. Students would be better off buying more less cheap clothes. Uniforms are quite hard to replace because of their high prices. If one was to grow out of his uniform, it would be quite difficult to get a new one, especially if he comes from a poorer family. Clothes are a way for students to express themselves. It is a way for students to show others their personality and their style. Instead of forcing children to be the same, schools should educate students on how being different can be good and how working together despite their differences can be beneficial. This would reduce bullying and would allow students to understand their peers better.


Fadi7 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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