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School Uniforms should be allowed in Shcool

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Started: 10/25/2015 Category: People
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This argument is about whether schools should implement uniforms into their school policy. This will be like a 3 on 3 debate, prop 1 goes, opp 1 goes, prop 2 goes, opp 2 goes, opp 3 goes, prop 3 goes. During the first and second round will make the arguments, while the third speakers do refutes, waive, and support. VOTING SHOULD NOT HAPPEN TILL THE END OF THIS DEBATE. Prop goes up first.

No using opinions, must use real life facts,
You must refute for 3rd speaker or you are out
no new arguments or points on third round

This is following parliamentary style debate

Say I accept for the first round
Debate Round No. 1


The Laws that our founders lay down as they created this country, the declaration, the bill of rights, and even freedom will be breached because of school uniforms. I thought america was the land of the free, the land where we can express ourselves, the land where forcing people to go against common sense is illegal. If you allow school uniforms in school, than you must not have read the laws that our founders made.

According To a translation of Laws courtesy by the ACLU,

First, freedom of expression is the foundation of self-fulfillment. Self- expression enables an individual to realize his or her full potential as a human being. The right of individuals to express their thoughts, desires, and aspirations, and to communicate freely with others, affirms the dignity and worth of each and every member of society. Thus, freedom of expression is an end in itself and should not be subordinated to any other goals of society.

Second, freedom of expression is vital to the attainment and advancement of knowledge. The eminent 19th century civil libertarian, John Stuart Mill, contended that enlightened judgment is possible only if one considers all facts and ideas, from whatever source, and tests one's own conclusions against opposing views. But the right to express oneself is not conditioned on the content of one's views, which may be true or false, "good" or "bad," socially useful or harmful. All points of view should be represented in the "marketplace of ideas" so that society can benefit from debate about their worth.

Third, freedom of expression is necessary to our system of self-government. If the American people are to be truly sovereign, the masters of their fate and of their elected government, they must be well-informed. They must have access to all information, ideas and points of view. The precondition for a free society is an informed and enlightened citizenry. Tyrannies thrive on mass ignorance.

This shows that if you implement uniforms on all schools, people will begin ignoring the laws because if the government can break it, than they can.

Vote For Freedom Of Expression On My Side


You have stated that school uniforms violate freedom of expression, and that is the only thing you have used as evidence for your whole argument. I agree with that uniforms violate the freedom of expression. But your conclusion is not very strong. You have said,"if you implement uniforms on all schools, people will begin ignoring the laws because if the government can break it, then they can." I do not believe the federal government will ever force all the school districts to wear school uniforms. It has always been and will be more of a school-based thing. The statement I have just made proves your whole conclusion wrong.

And also, many of the disputes concerning school uniforms in court have to do with gang behavior.

In Oleson v. Bd. of Education of Sch. Dist., a high school student has presented the case of the male students not being able to wear earrings because it relates to gang behavior. The government sided with the school because the school provided substantial evidence of gang presence and activity and the resulting violence in the schools there. The school and government made the right decision, in this case, because their decisions repressed gang behavior.

Now there are also reasons to promote school uniforms. There are also many healthy reasons to enforce school uniforms, such as reducing peer pressure of wearing high-quality clothes, identifying intruders, diminishing social barriers between students, and many more. This is why I promote school uniforms.
Debate Round No. 2


I don't promote School Uniforms, I promote Dress code, which can be enforced. Secondly, dress codes are proven to be more effective because students can express themselves in a way that is according to the code.

Lack of Effectiveness
While studies haven't shown overwhelming evidence that school uniforms fail to reduce behavioral problems or create a sense of equality among students of varying socioeconomic classes, studies haven't shown they deliver on any of these promises, either. For example, a University of Houston study found a correlation between uniform policies and reduced student absences. Conversely, a study conducted at the University of Northern Michigan found no relationship between uniforms and achievement, and a "negative correlation" between uniforms and student behavioral problems. The research regarding effectiveness is still ongoing, but as of yet, it isn't promising.

One clear drawback to school uniform policies is that they limit the abilities of students to express themselves visually. Students often use clothing as an outward manifestation of their personalities to show the world who they are without having to articulate it through speech or dramatic behavior. Those who must adhere to uniform policies have -- to an extent -- been creatively disarmed.

Cultural Exclusion
Exclusion exists on two levels. First, through the decision as to what the uniforms should look like, and second, through intolerance to students who want to dress according to their gender or sexual identities. An American Indian tribe in South Dakota claims that their input was ignored when uniforms for their school district were being designed, which suggests school uniforms are culturally biased. Furthermore, school uniforms present a potential drawback for gay, lesbian and transgender students who might desire to dress according to their sexual or gender orientations. If a school isn't willing to accommodate such students, the school could be viewed as discriminative.

Costs Related to School Uniforms
While school districts have argued that uniforms will be less expensive than clothes favored by some students, they don't take into account the cost for low-income families. For families who struggle financially, the requirement to purchase school uniforms for their children could prove significantly more expensive than the clothes they buy normally, and add to their financial hardship.

Some Reasons
Uniforms detract the student"s individuality.
" Schools must be the place where diversity is observed.
" The cost of school uniforms is prohibitive, especially when a family has more them one school aged child.
" School uniforms are a financial burden to low income families.
" A child wearing uniform can be the target for bullying of students from different schools.
" Uniforms can decrease the child"s comfort level and attentiveness while attending lessons.
" Enforcing rules to wearing school uniforms is extremely difficult, especially to public schools.

Lastly, A qoute from a person who remains anonymous,

Parents spend a lot of money on uniforms every year because children grow up fast. And let me ask you, how does this uniform policy help children learn? It doesn't. Assigning kids uniform takes away the ability to express themselves. I'm sorry but baggy khakis and a navy blue shirt doesn't express my personallity. I feel that my rights are too controlled in school. So screw all of you in the board of education. All of you make children hate school and your the reason why teachers don't get paid enough. They stand in a classroom 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to teach. Not to yell at a kid or suspend the kid for a little imperfection on the stupid uniform.

Does all cities have serious gang violence, and how do you know that the male students aren't gay?

Next, has it been proven that it could identify intruders easily, you can wear a school uniform if you are a intruder, no sweat.

Diminishing Barriers, are false, what about outside of school, wearing school uniforms like that would mean that people have a higher chance to pick on you because they think you are a nerd or something.

Vote for Con


Before we go on with this debate, I will ask you to not plagiarize off of other sites while not give them credit. It is not right to plagiarize off of other people, and even worse to no give them credit. You have obviously plagiarized, word for word, every single statement off of ";. You also have plagiarized off of,";. Finally, you have copied off of another DDO member's idea and had not given him credit, naming the person "Anonymous". I do believe that only the last 3 sentences are actually original so I will only respond to those. Plagiarism is not a good practice while debating or anywhere else, and I hope you will fix this or I will have to say that you shall lose by forfeit. I want to hear your opinions in your own words, not the opinions and ideas of some other random person. For this reason, I have chosen not to answer your arguments this round besides the last three sentences. Thank you.

Answers to Last Three Sentences

1st sentence: All cities do not have serious gang violence. But all of the bigger cities and even a lot of the smaller ones do, and if this is prevented from all schools, then the schools with gangs will benefit. Also, the federal government does not know enough of gang movement to know exactly which cities the gangs are in, so they cannot just enforce these laws in cities where they think gangs are. And what in the world do the students being gay have to do with the conversation?

2nd sentence: Smart intruders who are planning specifically to attack the school probably cannot be prevented because of their prior planning. But there might be intruders that have a gun and just want to kill people with it. These are the people that could be identified without a school uniform and dealt with accordingly.

3rd sentence: If everyone is wearing school uniforms, then no one will be picked on because everyone is wearing it. You cannot pick on someone else for something you are doing yourself.
Debate Round No. 3


rpopcorn6 forfeited this round.


I cannot really have a final statement. But I would like to say that school uniforms are not the worst thing in the world. Students say they don't like school uniforms because they can't express themselves. But I think that this is all just an excuse for not being able to wear comfortable clothes. School uniforms have many good aspects to them as well, as I have stated in the previous rounds, like: Reducing peer pressure, identifying intruders, boosting school spirit, focusing upon learning, and many more.

Even though my opponent had not been honest in some ways in this debate, he has been a great opponent and I thank you. I also thank the viewers and voters of this debate for reading all of this. I hope you had a good time reading this. Thank you, everyone.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Meropenem777 2 years ago
Its improper to refer to a round as such, I felt the need for clarification to avoid potential abuse of semantics.
Posted by HankMG22 2 years ago
The third speaker means the third time we speak, or write.
Posted by Meropenem777 2 years ago
Of course, which is why I did not accept in the first place smart one =P
Posted by Lexus 2 years ago
If you don't understand the parameters of the debate then it obviously isn't for you.
Posted by Hayd 2 years ago
Posted by Meropenem777 2 years ago
"You must refute for 3rd speaker or you are out", I do not completely understand what you are trying to instruct. 3rd speaker? please explain. Is this not a 1 vs 1 debate or what? Could "speaker" mean the debate round? and opp 1 and prop 1 etc?
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