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School Uniforms?!?!?!?!!?

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Started: 12/12/2013 Category: Fashion
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What do you think? Are school uniforms REALLY nessiciary?? To show kids their fashon ideas mean nothing! I think not. I think that school uniforms should be exempt from schools to give kids some freedom. If it is a private school, i can understand but in public schools, it doesnt make sence!


I thank my opponent for the topic.

I will now address the contentions put forth by my opponent.

"To show kids their fashon ideas mean nothing! "

I think not. If they truly did not care about their ideas, then they would mandate the uniform EVERYWHERE, and thats not the case. It would only be in the schools.

"I think that school uniforms should be exempt from schools to give kids some freedom."
If the school was a freedomless void, then everything would of been controlled, including the uniforms. It seems like you believe that the students have no freedom anywhere else in the school, as derived by your tone. Correct me at all if i did get this wrong.

I will now present my arguments:

C1: Advantages

1. Reduction of Bullying and abuse.
The rampant presence of bullying and abuse, both physical and emotional, is something that we cannot ignore in good conscience, and a simple way to reduce bullying in schools is decrease the about of bullied subjects, like clothing. Clothing is a large sign of many things in our society: social class, wealth, social intelligence( "style"), and personality. These things can also be criticized and mocked. By standardizing clothing we can eliminate that opportunity for the bullies.

2. Cost effectiveness
The cost of buying clothing every year to match the style and trend of society is ridiculous.
The average cost of an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt is around $48.(1) To buy these regularly to attempt to fit in is going to break the bank for some and literally impossible for others. This loops back to the wealth observation above. The uniforms will allow for the student to only purchase new clothes on account that the clothes become damaged or do not fit. The initial cost would be high, but the average they would spend on clothing for schools would be drastically lower, and save them money overall.

I look forward to my opponent's response.

Debate Round No. 1


oh i am sorry about that, thank you for your input, i am actually doing a school report and need input so thank you for info on the pro side of this argument :)


Ok..... I'm guessing that con concedes then?

Happy to do your research for you. Next time, please use the forums for a discussion. That way, you can get more input from multiple people.
Debate Round No. 2
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