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School Uniforms

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Started: 10/27/2008 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Ok, people tell me that public schools should have schoolwide uniforms, and I was wondering why. I would like to see if someone can convince me that they would actually help a school teach people, as that is their job.


Firstly, I would like to thank my opponent for starting this interesting debate and in response, offer the following argument:

Schools are places of learning, not fashion shows. A school uniform ensures that all pupils are dressed alike, thus removing possibility that kids from poorer families will be victimised or bullied because their parents can't afford to dress them in the latest designer clothes.

Furthermore, uniforms are modestly styled so boys will not be distracted by girls' exposed cleavage (this happens, I won't mention any names but PoeJoe will confirm that this is the case) and girls won't be distracted by whatever girls are distracted by in boys.

In addition, wearing a uniform identifies a pupil with his / her school and engenders a sense of pride in being associated with his / her particular seat of learning that will last long after they have left and entered to world of work.

I look forward to reading my opponent's comments.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, I appreciate you accepting my challenge, and offer the following counters:

Yes, it is true there will be less immodesty in schools with uniforms, but is that the school's responsibility? Do you want how people dress to be taught to them by a school? People should be allowed to have their own individuality. If you really want to show school spirit, schools have one or two colors designated as that school's colors. You can wear those. It isn't fair to make others wear them if they don't want to.

I agree with you on the point of kids all being dressed the same, therefore removing the bullying based on clothes-but richer kids will still bully the poorer kids because they don't have the latest video game, Ipod, car, whatever. That sort of thing isn't based off clothes alone.

And who says they want to show pride in their school? Again, it isn't the school's right to mandate that. I know that whenever my school wants us to show pride, nobody really does, because they don't want to show pride in a school that seems very poorly run.

I would also like to bring up money. You probably know that as it is, schools get a fair portion of taxes. If schools suddenly start wearing uniforms, the funding necessary for schools will increase. Schools will need the money to buy uniforms for the hundreds of thousands of kids attending schools everywhere in the U.S.A. Nobody wants a tax increase.

I look forward to reading your next comments.

Thank you.


Many thanks to my opponent for continuing this debate.

To address my opponent's first point regarding modest attire in schools. The school uniform is not an attempt to suppress individuality; there are plenty of other ways for a pupil to do that without clothes (by which I mean by deeds and words, not coming to school naked!)

Regarding the issue of personal possessions in school, I can only point to my own experience of schools in England, where uniforms are compulsory. Items such as iPods, cell phones, MP3 players, etc. are not permitted on school grounds. This not only reduces the amount of bullying, but also theft.

The issue of pride in a school is the same as pride in your hometown. It may be that a lad grows up in some rat-infested crack house on a desolate, windswept housing estate (project) in a neglected and rundown post-industrial city, but he will still support his local football (soccer) team with a passion. For better or worse, your school is part of your identity and you should be proud to defend it, especially in sports competitions against neighbouring schools.

The cost of school uniforms, at least in England, is borne by the parents; only families on very low-incomes get vouchers from the education authority to pay for them, so uniforms do not make a large impact on schools' finances.

Incidentally, school uniforms look very smart as the pictures below illustrate:

I hope these comments have gone some way to allaying some of the reservations my opponent has about school uniforms.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


questionmark forfeited this round.


And another thing...when I went to the shops wearing my school uniform (when I was a kid, not now, obviously) which encompassed a shirt, tie, blazer, cap, etc., the shopkeepers treated me with respect and called me "young sir" - not like the attitude of thinly disguised suspicion and mistrust that they showed to boys wearing jeans and hoodies.
Debate Round No. 3


I would like to first apologize for not responding. I did not forget, I just didn't have access to a computer, and I am extremely sorry.

It is true that there are many other ways to show individuality other than clothes worn, but it is still taking away one off the ways a student can show individuality, and if you take away one, then you make it easier to say "yes" to taking away another, and another.

I know that at my school, the only people who show pride in the sports teams are those on the teams and the cheerleaders. Nobody wants to show pride for a school they dislike, has bad sports teams, and is run poorly.

Even if school uniforms are bought by parents, you can't say it is helping with the cost. If you can't afford/don't want to buy a lot of clothes for your son/daughter, you don't have to get everyone to wear the same clothes, you can buy a couple t-shirts and a couple pairs of pants, and have them wear those instead. With some uniforms (not all) there is also the cost of dry cleaning, which can cost a lot of money after a while.

This may sound biased a little, and I apologize if it does, but when I looked at the pictures you offered me, as well as some I found myself, my first thought was "There is no way in h*** I would wear that." It may look smart, but I have never been one to wear clothes for the image they portray. If you want to dress smartly, you can do so, but it isn't fair to force others to do the same.

You stated that people have treated you with more respect when wearing the school uniform, but like you stated earlier, clothes are not the only way to express yourself, and I have been treated with much more respect than other kids my age tend to receive because I give respect to adults. When you say "Hey, whassup man?" you get less respect from an adult than when you say "How are you today Mr. Smith?" Actions can have a far bigger impact on people than your clothes.

Again, I apologize for not replying to your earlier argument with more punctuality.

I hope you may understand my point of view a little better now.

Thank you.


brian_eggleston forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


I would like to thank my opponent for this debate, it was most enjoyable. I hope that both you and anybody who reads this might agree with me, and I apologize for having been absent during that round.


I would also like to thank my opponent and apologise for my own absence.

I must say that when I was at school, I resented wearing my school uniform (blazer, cap, tie, etc.). Furthermore, the dress code was strictly enforced, I remember getting detentions for such heinous crimes as rolling my sleeves up and loosening my tie, which I felt was very harsh at the time.

However, now I am older, I am determined that the younger generation should suffer as I did!

Thank you!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by PoeJoe 9 years ago
"I won't mention any names but PoeJoe will confirm that this is the case"
Thanks for the shout out, I guess.
Posted by Lightkeeper 9 years ago
take it brian!
I'd take it but I'm a lil busy as of late
Posted by brian_eggleston 9 years ago
There are some very compelling reasons why school uniforms should be compulsory, if nobody else takes this one, I will...
Posted by questionmark 9 years ago
knick-knack, no i dont really care
Posted by burningpuppies101 9 years ago
I'm sorry, but it looks really bad if you just put out a challenge without doing anything. You just forfieted the first round, since you didn't use any arguments...
Posted by knick-knack 9 years ago
Maybe I'll take it.
I'd have to play Devil's Advocate though.

Do you care?
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