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School is a good place for education.

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Started: 10/4/2016 Category: Education
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I think that school is a terrible platform for education. Now, I am NOT saying that education itself is bad, as it is necessary for our survival as a whole, or that school, as in a 'place of learning' is not a bad idea, but I'm talking about the current implementation of school. What I am arguing is that school makes you hate learning with topics constantly being shoved down kids' throats. Also, I'd like to ask for all sources to be listed, as I would like to debate with someone who actually researched.


Hello readers, I will be pro for this debate, and will be in support of schools being a good place for education while the con is against that idea and will be saying otherwise.

Things I expect from the con is to provide a better means of getting good education without going to school, and telling us why going to school is not the best idea if you want a good education. Con has tried to dance around and say what he meant was the current implementation of schools and the way the work are bad, and I will gladly look at that as his first argument although he provided no reasoning, no sources, no suggestions and so on.

The current implementation of schools is quite good. Of course some school systems may be flawed, but you can't have a "perfect system". It's a matter of what works best for you. That's sometimes why parents switch their kids to other schools.

The bigger question and thing my opponent doesn't realize, and maybe even some of the readers who might agree with him, is that it's not really the school that is the problem, but more so the student. Think about it for a minute. Lots of students will be playing with their phones and toys, listening to music, exchanging notes, and distracting others in general. You see this all the time. Are we really going to just blame the teacher for this? Sure to a certain extent cause they have to get control over their class, but I'm sure we all have had bad classes that still continue on, some of the students even having to be switched to another class, or another period.

School provides what it can, it's a matter of now taking the idea's it offers, and not just shrugging them off. Not just jotting own every little possible thing and bubbling in whatever. My school personally was this way. A lot of the students refused to listen, the what I would call "hill billy's" would bubble whatever in to be done fast and not have to do the work. The average grade for my entire class of that year was terrible, but again was it really the school that failed them? No. It was more of them not paying attention, and refusing to learn.

My opponent also made another argument about the same work being shoved down your throats. He again offered no reasoning for it, or how it was bad. I am going to say most jobs you get in real involve the same thing, same work being shoved down your throat, it's matter of adjusting. With a school, it's no different, except the playing cards have shifted in the deck, and you are there to learn.
Depending on the school whether it's elementary, middle school, or high school, some things need to be shoved down our throats whether we like it or not. To be honest, this doesn't take a rocket scientist, but the more you talk about something, the more highly you will remember that something. So in other words, the more the teacher gives you fractions for an entire week, the more better for the students to remember how to learn them, and then the teacher gradually changes them from fractions to something similar.

Also, I would argue my opponent is over-exaggerating when he talks mentioned the same thing being shoved down students throats. Teachers obviously change up the routine, and work being given, and it's not going to be the same thing all year long.

Also, the current implementation of school is the best we have, would teaching your kids yourselves be better? No. They will learn more in school, and it also helps their social life (although again, there are some bad people such as bullies, even teachers), but for the most, most students develop social skills, speaking skills, and learn. Also, they get their daily exercise in as usually there is a gym class. I mean this list goes on, teaching your kids yourself would NOT be better. Even home school isn't good compared to actually going to school and developing these skills I mentioned above, and that's just a few skills, keep that in mind. School provides the students with a lot of things, and attempts to get the student on track to have a good successful life ahead, but again as I mentioned, it's a matter of getting that student to learn.

I've had a debate similar to this before. School is more so a work system in place, it's not a playground. You go there to learn, that's called being an adult, or just growing up in general and not giving in cause by the time you get out of school, you have learnt a lot more than what you would if you had quit.

Also, school is actually advancing in education. This is a fact, there doesn't need to be a sourced since this is so well known by many now. What I mean by this is, people in the 80's, and below, especially the early 1990's never graduated, a lot of those people dropped out to help their families or for whatever cause. There are more kids graduating today than ever before. The methods to learning have gotten better with the introduction of new tools, new things such as computers which can be a good way to find out information, and learn information. So for my opponent to pretend like school isn't advancing is just blowing smoke, or not being considerate.

Hillary Clinton, whether you love her, or hate her (I'm not not voting) has said she would do her best job on providing better education, and also getting more kids to college. So if it's such a concern, then I would encourage the opponent to look into possibly voting for her as Trump has no provided any grounds, or framework regarding that issue, or most issues really.

My opponent for this debate will have to suggest a better education method than going to school as he said school education is not good. I think that might be a little hard for him or her to do, so to be fair, I'll cut some slack off, and ask my opponent again to give better suggestions on building a "perfect" system cause I'm convinced there is no such thing as perfection when it comes to this cause so many variables are at play that can stop a student from learning to their max potential.
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