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School is not important.

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Started: 9/9/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Note: now i don't know if people in america can go to school as adults.. i am just talking out from experience from my own country.

Now i have been wondering for a long time. And i don't believe school is important, but it's needed to get you on track. But people use school all wrong! Educate yourself, educate yourself in what you need.. if you don't need history, *Bip* it. If you don't need religion.. *Bip* it.. People educate themselfs in stuff they don't need, and will proberly be working after 10 years, building someone elses success.

Lets say i have a talent for photoshop, lets then say i want to educate myself as a web-integrator (Web designs) well, i would have an advantage.. because i would make beautyful designs for the sites i would make.. lets then say i wanted to educate myself in euconomics, so i could get an understanding in the business, then i would have knowledge to make a design for websites, and i would a thing or two about business..

BUT.. Experience is the key, without experience school is *Bip*.. meaning.. if you dont experience what you learned in life from school, then you will forget it..

This is my first post, i just felt like sharing!


Good Afternoon/morning everyone,
Rebuttal: My opponent states that you need to educate yourself in what you need in his first argument. Firstly, I'm sure at the age of 7 you will gain a disliking of almost every subject with the exception of sport, and let say you want to pursue sports at age 7. You will only be educated in sports and lack fundamental abilities such as reading and writing skills, this would make it immensely difficult for a child to change subjects further on if s/he decides to change subjects, this also would detrimentally affect a child's knowledge on general knowlage. My opponent states an example of his philosophy in practice in the second paragraph, a major flaw in this is being self-taught. He doesn't state any language skills subjects, this is fine for being self-taught on subjects such as web development and photoshop wold be fine since they are universal and can be understood by all. But self-teaching yourself a Business and lacking a fine language skills is immensely hard, since business is a language oriented course.

Schooling is an essential part of modern life. It is something that persons in first-world nations often take for granted.Having a knowledge on a subject that you find unnesicarry currently may be a subject that you pursue in University. Being able to choose your own subjects without possessing core subjects would cause a person to have terrible communication/social skills. This would ultimately create a fail student, which may lead to homelessness.

Now concluding what I've stated here;
I've mainly rebutted but my major points are * People who are lacking language skills are likely
to fail all subjects, and not learning some core subjects such as maths can be detremental to someones logical thinking.

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Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
if indoctrination is important.. religious origin, unborn
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