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School lunches are healthy!

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Started: 12/14/2012 Category: Health
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Why do people tell kids that school lunches are unhealthy? That is obviously not true. First round is acceptance.


Because personally I am subjected to these atrocious meals on a daily basis I feel somewhat of an obligation to debate this with you.

I accept the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


The_Master_Riddler forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has forfeited his first round, I will present my arguments against school lunches being health.

No Regulation

. The majority of public schools use a food program called, "The Child Nutrition Commodity Program". This USDA approved program distributes food to 94,000 public school and most other distributors follow similar guidelines as those set by this program. The program requires that there be a minimum nutritional value to all meals, but provide no limitations as to what foods contain. Calories, fat, sodium are unregulated. Another issue is that even though you may be getting vitamin A or B, that doesn't mean your getting broccoli or bananas. (As long as it contains the nutritional minimum, its approved)

2. There is no guideline as to how to prepare food. Not only does this give fried foods the ability to be frequent lunch items, but also foods can be prepared incorrectly and be hazardous to health.

3. Any food order that a school makes will usually focus on cost. If the schools are spending the minimum amount possible to attain the most food that meets minimal nutritional, food will not be high quality, food will not be very healthy.

The Real Food Pyramid

This is the current food guide approved by the USDA and backed by government approval. The problem is the large amount of meat and the serving of dairy. The Dairy industry and Meat industry have lobbied hard to make sure their products are recommended to be eaten three times a day instead of one. Knowing the amount of saturated fat sodium and sugar present in both products, knowing that this food web is government approved, it should also be considered that the government distributes lunches to public schools. School lunches adhering to misleading unhealthy guidelines set by government = unhealthy lunches.

Here's what the real food pyramid looks like based on numerous scientific health studies.

Here's a link so you can see it better:

Calorie intake

There are some public schools which have adopted the new "850" calorie or less laws. My school is not one of them. Although changes like adding more fruits and vegetables has occurred to keep the calorie count low, it is not enough food and kids return to class hungry. That isn't healthy anymore than schools like mine where kids can get food that is way too unhealthy and fatty. The solution is to serve lunches that are high in calories but fruit and vegetable based, not meat based. Not to exclude meat as a source of protein, but just to highlight its over presence in school lunches today and how that's a contributing problem.


As they are today, school lunches are unhealthy, whether they be fatty and sugary, or too low in sustenance. The resolution that "School lunches are healthy" has been negated. This is without touching on schools with different programs such as (god forbid) the take out system where kids order take out in the morning and get it at lunch, or special schools where the cafeteria is more like a food court. I think we can agree that the subject is public schools who receive food from the same Child Nutrition Commodity Program.

I will not hold the entire debate againts the FF, but I do believe it calls for a loss of conduct.


Debate Round No. 2


I am sorry, I had to study for exams and didn't actually prepare a good argument , and because of the forfeit, I believe that you should win the debate for my misconduct.


I understand, sorry we didn't really get to debate. Maybe another time :)
Debate Round No. 3


Yeah, I guess so. I wish I had the time to actually debate with you.


Good debate topic mate.
Debate Round No. 4
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