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School should be compulsory

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Started: 4/20/2013 Category: Education
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First of all, let me start this debate by saying that school should NOT be made voluntarily, as there will lead to many downfalls in real life, and kids will be extremely unstable if didn't go.

First of all, let me talk about my main point about how vital school is in a person's life.

Today, I will not be saying how GOOD a school is in education than homeschooling, but more of the society, and the whole environment a kid will be in. Look at schools this way: one day, when a kid grows up, he will definitely need to learn to interact with people he might've never known, no matter if it is sport, business, or anything. Homeschooling or other alternatives do not push you out of your comfort zone to work with people you've never been with, as mostly there are only your friends, and occasionally some neighbors. However, as we live in a international society, we need to work with other people we never knew before, or people of other countries. So where is the most organized and most civilized way to learn to interact and learn to create work and projects with other people? The obvious answer is school. School can teach you to create projects and others with your friends to maintain your friendship and your future co-operation with your future business, whatever they could be.

My second point is about how your education is important in having a job.

There are many jobs out there, and when you have an interview or papers, there will definitely be a section called 'Education'. Bosses of companies are more likely to choose you if you went into a school in the Ivy League rather than dropping out of high school. Therefore, if you go to a college, you are at an advantage of getting a school rather than someone who has been homeschooled, mainly because college stands out more. Therefore, it is vital that we go to school, so we can ensure ourselves a job. There are many real-life examples out there.

These are my points for this debate. Remember, schools help kids to have good jobs, and they learn to interact more with other people. This is why the motion must stand.


Attending a primary and secondary school"s campus (elementary and high school) should not be compulsory. It very well may be a better choice for many, if not most, students. However, to demand that all students are required by law to attend a school"s campus to receive their primary and secondary education is allowing a caveat for certain students who would otherwise fail in their curriculum, and therefore this mandate is too extreme in its measures.
One example of the detriment mentioned above is when a student functions better on an academic level when home-schooled than when attending school on campus. An example of why some students perform better in a nontraditional setting is because of the lack of distraction from their academics. This could be in the form of bullying, partying, or too much emphasis on school activities, citing mainly sports. The statement that being home-schooled will negatively affect your college admission is a misnomer, at best. There has been a case of a young boy who rapidly advanced through his homeschooling, then being granted admission into an Ivy League school, graduated around the onset of puberty. Academic improvement can also be applied to the thousands of home-schooled or online educated children and teenagers who do not function well in a school setting, which according to social scientists, is actually an artificial society. An example of a student who does not function well in a traditional school setting, as seen by thousands of cases every year, is from students with disabilities, such as mental disturbances. Anxiety disorders are common among these students. Is it better to have a student graduate non-traditionally, with better grades, or to have them suffer from low grades and even very likely, drop out?

To say that the only way for a young person to be well socialized is for them to attend a school campus is false. They may very well have a part-time job where they will actually learn how to socialize even better than at a school because they will be interacting with people of different ages. They can be involved in many activities that expose them to people of all ages and backgrounds, such as church, Girl or Boy Scouts, or summer camp.

To say that the only way for a young person to get a well-paying job is to attend a school campus because it will get them into college is false. You would not be denied admission to any American university because you did not graduate high school which you attended on campus as long as you complied with the same standards of homeschooling required by state law when you graduated. To say that the only way for a young person to get a well-paying job is to attend a school campus because that is the only way for a person to attend an Ivy League school is also false. SAT scores, essays, references, and extracurricular activities, as well as universities striving for diversity within their schools makes entrance into such a school very possible.

Whether a student receives their primary and secondary education at their local school, in their home, or on a computer does not definitely detract from their ability to be a well-rounded and socialized individual who can attend college and obtains profession afterwards.
Debate Round No. 1


Let me sum up your whole speech in one sentence: Homeschooling is a much better idea because you will not get stress and you will spend too much time on unimportant stuff. I'll answer your whole team case with this: Do you think that all your points on stress and distraction will all be gone with a simple solution of 'homeschooling'? Do you think that only excelling in maths and other and academics is more important than excelling in others, like sports? Under the requirements into getting into a good school is 'Sport'. You MUST excel in one sport to have a better chance of getting into a good school.

For the whole speech, you have told us how it should be a great choice for many students, and how 'homeschooling' in particular is the most idealistic approach. However, is everything you know so 'idealistic', and that homeschooling is such a 'fantastic' way of teaching. This is wrong, because not everything can be taught within homeschooling -- if homeschooling was such an 'idealistic' situation, why do we go to school?

Your statement about pressure is completely invalid -- the pressure going into a new environment you've never experienced, and relying on your parents to help you.....the pressure of adapting into a new environment is much bigger than stressing out from school, as slowly and steadily you will learn to adapt.

Second, you told us about how students are being bullied, and distraction from other students. But does that mean that homeschooling will give a better solution? Bullying and distraction can happen outside school, for example the neighborhood. HOWEVER, does that mean that that neighborhood is bad? Not necessarily so.

Finally, you said about "putting too much emphasis on school activities, mainly sports". Unfortunately, this is the a terrible example to give out, as that is EXACTLY why we go to school: we don't just learn to be academical geniuses, we go to school to learn about HOW to become an all-round person that can excel in other subjects.

Let me get onto my own point.

You kept repeating about how homeschooling can make you turn into a great civilized person. But have you ever wondered 'does the parent have time?' The parents can't just keep their mind straight onto teaching. A big catastrophe could happen when a neighbor decides to meet or when your parents have a baby and can't spend time on you. Many kids will have to resort to other solutions when their parents have to take care of a baby 24/7. Therefore, homeschooling cannot be an alternative to going to school.

Finally, your point about Summer Camp. Summer camp is a great solution, so why can't we have summer camp ALONG with school? Therefore, this motion must stand.

By the way, this is for a school project.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by nirbhay 4 years ago
schools shud and must be made compulsary,....period...
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