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School should start at the same time.

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Started: 1/31/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 5 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Should school start later? No. I am fine with my schedule right now.


1. School should start at the same time because say you get out of school at 2:50 normally. If school started later it would turn into 3:50. What about the people that live far away. It's going to take a while. When your home and do whatever you need to you have to then do homework. Say it takes you 1 hour. That could approximately be around 5:30 and that is if you don't have even more homework. Then you have to eat dinner and take a shower and do whatever else. That hour that you used to have is now gone and in the morning. For some that wouldn't help much.

2. If school starts later it won't help much with homework. You will have less time to do it and what if you want to relax and watch tv. You could possibly be stuck doing homework when you could be watching tv. Now that isn't very fun.

3. You will lose some family time. That hour that you used to have is now in the morning and your parents leave early in the morning for there jobs. That is one hour that you could have possibly had with your family.

4. What if your parents take you to school in the morning because they have time in before they go to work. If the schedule changes what if your parents go to work 30 min before the new time. Then you will end up having to go to school early, be put in childcare/ BABYsitting or walk.

Those are all my reasons. If you have any more please feel free to make your standpoint below. If you have any counterclaims I would like to hear them because as a student I would like to see what you say it would be like.


I am excited to begin this debate. Let the best debater win!

I believe that school should be moved later in the day. I have a few reasons why:

School should be moved later for the health of the students. According to, The time students in middle school and high school affects their ability to participate in class, their grade level, and health of the students. Having a later start time of schools would boost students overall performance during school. It is extremely important that students are able to learn, as it affects their future and the future. If we leave school start times the way they are, students may not learn valuable lessons needed in the future.

Moving school times puts less time at the end of school, preventing students from wasting time at the end of school and focusing more on school instead of social interruptions. Although students like me may not like that, it would seriously affect their grades, and give them a good feeling of accomplishing their work. That feeling can change feelings of depression into smiles. Spending more time on what is needed is important for students to focus on.

If school starting times are moved later, students would have more time for a healthy and full breakfast, which can help them in the long run. If school start times stay the same, students will (and have) run into nutrition problems. It is really important to have a healthy breakfast, (see this study: and essential for students who work and study most of the day.

These three reasons prove that moving school times is crucial for the welfare of students. Because of this, I still believe my first claim.
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