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School sports are taking up too much time

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Started: 3/28/2015 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I feel that school sports are not taking up too much time. If a student cannot handle the responsibility, they must handle that themselves. As long as a student can handle more than one "job," school sports do not take up too much time.


"If a student cannot handle the responsibility, they must handle that themselves." This is what the opposition just said quote for quote. If a student can't handle the responsibility, how are they supposed to "handle" it? That argument doesn't make any sense and it is contradicting itself. Also, the opposition stated that school sports do not take up much time, but you can't change how long a sport is. You just can't. You could take your kid early from a game, but then it wouldn't be all that fun and then there would be no point in even playing. Basically, the other side is going to try and convince me during this whole debate that sports are short and don't take that much time. It is an impossible argument for the opposition's sake and I therefore advise you to give up on this debate if you can. Anyway I will go on to my own points.

My first argument: Time consumption

A soccer game for kids is around two hours: One hour before the game to practice with your team and the other hour playing the actual sport. Football can take even longer. It is the same for baseball and softball. All of these sports I have listed take too much time and kids will not be able to have enough time to focus and work on homework. Even if they do have enough time, they will probably stay up from 9:00 P.M. to 12:00 P.M. (I know from experience. I play soccer). This isn't even that bad unless you play multiple sports. In that case, you literally might not even be able to sleep. If you don't get enough sleep, you do worse in school. You do worse in school, you go to a bad college. You go to a bad college, you get a bad job. You get a bad job, you hardly get any money. You don't get enough money, and your life is ruined. This all started with sports. Also, if you have little time for homework, your work will be amazingly sloppy and your grades will plummet. Your grades are the most important thing in life and sports will take that away from you.

This was only the first round. It will be impossible on the opposition's part to continue and win. Please just give up on your feeble attempt at arguing with me on this topic. You can just say "I give up" for the rest of the rounds. If you would like to try and argue for your case and against mine, go ahead. I won't stop you. I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 1


I thought we were supposed to be mature about this? When I said the "handle it themselves" I meant "it's their problem," glitches happen. "Feeble attempt?" That's not very mature, and is rather rude. I will NOT continue this argument, because the opponent is acting cocky, rude, immature, and mean.

My argument is a good argument: but you will see I will not continue for long due to the fact that I do not want to argue with someone like you. My arguments are just as good- your arguments WOULD be the useless, incorrect topics that WOULD give up because they are bad arguments, however, we will not continue because I will report you for your behavior. I suppose it doesn't matter if I tell you that now, and that you have bad arguments that are weak and deficient.

Here are some short arguments:

Time consumption:
Kids should be able to handle the time consumption. It is their choice to quit. Sports are a good way to use time- they can help a child stay healthy.

Not all kids aren't able to handle the time consumption.

I find your last paragraph rude and immature. If you would like to act out, I would like to report your argument, due to the fact that you are somewhat attacking my arguments and I, especially when none of the things about them are true- your arguments are rather bad and atrocious. I was trying to have a mature debate, but I got someone immature giving me ignorant, dense arguments and mistreating me.

This debate shall not continue, so you can leave the debate and debate someone else's argument.


I am not trying to be rude and I apologize sincerely, but I am trying to say the wording of this topic is awful. You can not just shorten sports. According to the wording of this topic, I am supposed to be arguing on why sports are taking too much time. The opposition is supposed to be arguing why sports don't take too much time. The problem is, you can't change how long a sport is! You can't! There is literally no point in debating this topic! You also said that my points were "bad and atrocious" but so were yours! All you said in round two was,"Kids should be able to handle the time consumption. It is their choice to quit. Sports are a good way to use time- they can help a child stay healthy" Those aren't even arguments! You didn't even provide statistics or anything!

Anyway, I will keep on giving points. My second point for this debate, is that kids won't do their homework. If there were sports that take too long, kids would try and have an excuse for not doing their homework. This would be a bad habit and kids shouldn't get away with this. Kids wouldn't do homework because they are "tired" or they were too busy with sports.

Please, don't take offense to my arguments or refutations. In debates, you are SUPPOSED to attack the other side's arguments. That is why you are debating! To prove you are right and the other side is wrong! You didn't have any rules or any regulations or anything! That is why you should vote for the proposition side. Hopefully my opponent will keep debating after I have already apologized. If he doesn't, I have clearly won. Vote for the PROPOSITION!!! ^_^
Debate Round No. 2


I'd like to say I'm glad that you're not trying to be rude. In the following argument, if anything is perceived as rude, I am not trying to be, just like you said. Anything that seems insulting honestly isn't, because I see that we are both trying to be mature about this, and I respect that. It's not always easy to find on a website like this.

I disagree that the wording is awful- I just didn't go into description. When I said "School sports are taking up too much time" I meant that we are arguing about how much time kids have to do it. I wasn't focusing solely on the sport itself- I was talking about a sport participant's personal time (meaning sports are taking too much time in their personal life). Were you ignorant on this topic?

The reason I did not provide statistics was because I supposed the debate was not going to continue. If we both agree that our points were "bad and atrocious" (I don't think mine are, and I'm sure you don't think yours are), I'm sure we can agree to disagree. It's only fair, of course.

I thought of "Kids should be able to handle the time consumption. It is their choice to quit. Sports are a good way to use time- they can help a child stay healthy" as something that was describing my argument- that sports were not taking up too much time (it was explaining why they should continue, which was describing continuing, which was describing the sports, which I am fighting for. I suppose that is an argument in the past, so we can put that behind us).

Now I suppose we can get back to just arguing points. I will argue your points and I will also state my own.

Arguing Opponent's Points:

1. "Kids won't do their homework." I think that if sports are taking up a kid's homework time, they should be punished. I do not think that this is a reason that it takes up too much time. Many students can find time. There are ways that they an be punished for not doing their homework that isn't making them quit sports. They can find time to do their homework. In fact, many schools have study halls- some even let students have an extra study hall in place of P.E. or another additional activity. They can also find time to do their homework on days they don't have sports (because they don't have it every day, and if they did that would be solved by the school, because they can solve it interfering with schoolwork), such as going to school on the weekends (or if they're at home, they can do it there).

My Points:

1. Sports can actually help students with school. Let me explain. How many kids have had problems because of social issues at school? A lot- so many you can't count. Think about it. Sports are an excellent way to find new friends and bond with teammates. This will help a student make friends, which is a social problem solved.

2. Sports can help a student make friend, which can stop bullying. Many students think that they are alone in bullying. With a friend, they can have someone support them.

I get that you were not trying to offend me. We're okay on that now. Instead of saying attack, maybe we can use terms such as argue? It would seem more friendly if, say, instead of saying "You're arguments are bad" we could say "I don't agree with them." Hopefully we can both agree to be friendly while arguing!

To readers:
I think you should vote for my (con) side because I thought I had very valid arguments.

There are no problems and we can continue this debate in a friendly, non-offensive way! :-)
Go Con Side!


I am glad we are still debating and also, I knew what the topic was supposed to mean, but I was just waiting for you to expand and explain what YOU would like to debate to be like. I was just trying to help you understand that some viewers might not understand completely what this topic is supposed to be about. I am glad you figured it out and caught on to what I was trying to explain. I also think both our points are good and I hope there are no more problems. ^_^

Anyway, I will refute your points and state my own contentions in this final round (in a non-rude way).

So the opposition said that sports in school are an excellent way to gain friends. I completely agree. There is just one problem, however. When kids gain friends, you can also lose many. I am 13 years-old and I am in a middle school. I have too many friends from sports, elementary schools, and new friends I met at this middle school. Of course, not everyone is going to get along with everyone. Some of my friends hate my other friends and I will have to unfortunately pick a side. This can split people apart and cause you to lose even more friends than you probably got from sports. The friends you split up with might hate you forever and try to bully you (refuting your other point). This can actually cause MORE bullying considering the large amount of people who play sports. So basically, you will LOSE friends by gaining friends. Hopefully that statement makes sense to the opposition side and the viewers.

My first point is no fun. Sports as I have repeatedly stated, take up far too much time. In the first round, I talk about parents having to take their kids away from sports early. This isn't fun for the child. What is the point in even playing if you aren't even going to have fun doing it? Sports are here for two reasons: Entertainment and exercise. That is it. If you are only going to play half of a soccer or baseball game, you are getting half the exercise and half the fun. It just wouldn't make sense. Sports are only fun if you play the whole thing, and if kids play the whole thing, you don't have enough time to do homework and other things needed for school. Again, school is the most important thing in life. With sports, kids don't really think about school as much as they should. This will be bad for their future and their life.

I hope my opponent and I will be friends in the future. I will have sent a request by now and I hope he/she accepts it. I hope the viewers will forgive my accidental and unintended rudeness in the last couple of rounds. Please don't be offended and please accept my apology and vote for me!

Anyway, I have refuted all of the opponents points in my second paragraph. This means that the opponent's points no longer stand. My points , however, still stand and I hope my opponent and the viewers see this and vote for PROPOSITION!!! This was a good debate and I had a mature and very good opponent. Even though my opponent was good, you should still vote for ME!!!!!! GO PROPOSITION!!!! ^_^ Thank you opponent for debating me and thank you voters for voting! I hope you all vote for me! Thanks for this debate!! ^_^
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by jakelittle135 2 years ago
No one here should be debating athletics unless they both play school sports.
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