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School uniform: good or bad

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Started: 2/17/2017 Category: Society
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I think that kids uniforms are boring kids want to be unique they want to be their self no uniforms is one way to do that. Kids want at least a little bit of freedom and that's the way to give them the little amount of the originality they have but they can't use because they have uniforms. It's not like money or something like that but it is the ability to be your unique and original self. I think that you should consider to stop the uniforms in exchange for originality and with the originality kids can stay in their child hood for as long as they are a child. It's bad enough that kids have a lot of home work they should at least have this. Uniforms are a big part in the kids life but if they don't have them that's even better. Kids need to be silly, funny, Joyful, happy, and most importantly they need to have fun. Before you vote listen to me just consider that kids need to be original, unique in themselves a vote for yes is a vote for no freedom and for me It is just mean.I think the kids should not have to wear uniforms and I think you should too! Thanks!


The school uniforms are good because it doesn't show whether you're poor or rich. People will not know if you are in uniform. Uniforms allow people to focus less on what they are wearing and more about learning. Plus, if you buy 5 shirts and 5 pants you are good for a week... You don't have to go out and shop for hours on end! Uniforms also would be cheaper than having to go and shop at 5 different stores just for a shirt or jeans. You might actually save money! Plus, instead of getting creative with clothes, how about we get creative with art and machines. Bring back American ingenuity and thinking! Things like that are more challenging for the brain than just pulling something out of the closet and making it match. Unless you are making your own clothes which is very creative, don't say your being creative when your just pulling something out of the closet that you didn't make! Just wear uniforms!
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