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Schools Should Have Same-Sex Classes.

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Started: 2/22/2009 Category: Education
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Schools Should NOT Have Same-Sex Classes.

First, I must establish what is meant by the topic.
*Schools: Grades K-12, which is Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.
*Same-Sex Classes: Classes of only girls, or only boys.
----Meaning, Schools should have classes consisting of only girls, or boys.
**Also, I will be using the term, younger schools. By that I mean, sixth grade and under. By older schools, I mean seventh grade and older.

Since I am negating this topic, I will let my opponent have the first argument. However, I would just like to state a few points to begin. I will come back in round two to attack my opponent's points and elaborate on my own, building a more stable argument.

Next, I'd like to briefly touch on a few reasons why same-sex classes are bad.

One, you have to learn how to interact with the opposite sex sometime in your life. You can't avoid it. If you attend a school with same-sex classes, when you get to college you will have a hard time learning how to work with the opposite sex.

Two, younger schools often have recess, or break. At this, boys and girls will be together. We can't keep them seperated here. Although, we will try.

Three, best friends or siblings will not be able to have classes together. This can and probably will cause feelings of lonliness and not wanting to attend school, causing absences and grades to fall.

Four, kids that are older are more attracted to the opposite sex than those of a younger age.

Five, people that are attracted to the same sex are allowed to be around those people, unlike those who are attracted to the opposite sex. Is that really fair?

To sum up my points, it is hard to keep sexes seperated and will do nothing but cause problems.

I will come back to elaborate my points and attack my opponent's in the next round.


In my opinion, schools SHOULD have same-sex classes.

I will accept all of my opponent's definitions.

Now, in order for me to win this debate, all I have to prove is that school's should have same-sex classes, and my opponent has to prove that schools shouldn't have same sex classes.

So to fulfill my burden, I'll break the schools into younger schools and older schools, as defined by my opponent.

Younger schools: Physical Education is a class that should be broken up by gender. Anatomically speaking, males and females are very different, and thus a different kind of education is required.

Older schools: Sex Education is a class that should be broken up by gender. Once again, anatomically speaking, males and females are different, and require a different style of education. As I've never been in a sex ed class of girls, I can't attest to any problems there, but as I guy (and a rather inquisitive guy at that) I can attest to the fact that it's awkward to ask questions about anatomy even in a class full of guys. Mix some girls in there and... nobody would learn anything. It would actually worsen the level of education gained by mixing these classes together.

I'm actually pressed for time right now, I'll extend/counter when I have more time...

But I propose that Physical Eduction and Sex Education are classes that should be broken up by gender. "Classes" (as stated in the resolution) is plural in my sense because you have two classes, one male and one female.

I thank my opponent and thank her for starting this debate.

I wish her luck and look forward to her counter-arguments and further development of her case.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to elaborate on my first three points, then move on to my opponent's case. First, you have to learn how to interact with the opposite sex sometime in your life. You are around people all throughout your life. Some people say having boys and girls in the same class is distracting for the students. However, if you grow up having classes with only one sex, you will never learn how to be around them or interact with them. If your school has same-sex classes, when you get college or get a job, you will have trouble. Plus, it is easier to learn when you are young rather than when you are an adult. Second, at recess or break, it is very hard to keep the sexes seperated. Some people say that guys are tougher than girls. However, this is not true. Everyone is different and cannot be treated like the same. Third, best friends or siblings cannot have classes together. True, they will meet new people. In the process, they may feel lonely. This could cause them to not want to go to school, resulting in absences or falling grades. No one can afford that, no matter what age. Also, no one likes to feel alone. Now to move to my opponent's case. "Younger schools: Physical Education is a class that should be broken up by gender" --I believe this to be wrong. Yes, males and females are very different. However, that is no reason to seperate PE classes. I know several girls who are just as tough as, if not tougher than, the guys. Through elementary school, middle school, and junior high, I distinctly remember PE being seperated by willingness to participate and skill. Often times those who didn't care to participate would walk around the gym. Those who did would be split into skill level. (Will finish in round 3)


I'll start off by countering my opponents three points and then move on to my case.

My opponent brought three points to the table:
1) You have to learn how to interact with the other sex sometime in life

I completely agree... however, this doesn't apply to my case as I only proposed separating P.E and Sex Ed classes. Even if you figure an hour is spent in these classes, that still leaves 6 hours of a normal school day to interact with people of the opposite sex.

2) It's hard to keep the sexes separated (esp. at lunch/recess)

Once again, I agree, and once again, it's irrelevant. The genders can mix during every class except P.E or Sex Ed. That still leaves 6 hours of the day to interact and develop social skills.

3) Friends/siblings can't have classes together.

I ask that my opponent explain this point in more detail in the next round. I'm at a loss for how it applies to the resolution. While many schools do tend to separate siblings, friends are rarely separated, and usually by chance then choice.

And onto my case...

The only attack on my case my opponent makes is that there are several girls who are just as tough as, if not tougher than, the guys.

While this is definitely a true statement, look no further than your local high school to see evidence of this "segregation" in a socially acceptable manner. Take your swim team. There's a guys swim team, and a girls swim team. Why? Because males and females bodies are different. You see the same thing with tennis, golf, track, basketball, baseball/softball, and the list continues...

My other point on Sex Ed went uncontested, go ahead and extend that argument into the final round.

At this point, guaranteed 2/3 points don't apply to my case, and 1/3 is extremely unclear (at least to me anyways...) and my case still stands, Sex Ed if nothing else...

I look forward to my opponent's rebuttal
Debate Round No. 2


EmyG forfeited this round.


With the forfeit last round by my opponent, I have nothing further to add.

Go ahead and extend case, carry all points through to your decision.

Before I finish this off, I'd like to ask the those of you who judge to base your decision solely off the points presented in the debate, and not based on any personal opinion you have.

Thanks to all involved, and I wish you the best.

Vote PRO (and keep Sex Ed a gender-split class) :D
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by EmyG 9 years ago
I would like to apologize. I wasn't able to get to a computer for round three. And I was pressed for time on round two.
I would like to thank my opponent.
Posted by EmyG 9 years ago
Sorry... I meant to space that.
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