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Schools Teach Irrelevant Topics

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Started: 8/15/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Is it absolutely necessary to know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell? Or that the Egyptians mummified their dead for the Afterlife? Well, unless you are planning for a career in science or history, not necessarily.

Schools today teach irrelevant things. As students we do not need to know many things. Yes, we need to know how to read and do math and learn basic skills such as teamwork and hard work, but many of our lessons are useless. Social media will often joke upon this with questions such as, "What are taxes and how do I pay them?" with responses similar to the first sentence of this writing.

The truth is this: school teaches us more than what we need, and less than what we need.

There are many things we do not need to know. In technology classes, for example, students learn how to build robots, work with lasers, and construct sturdy bridges. But what if you do not want to work with any of these? What if you want a career in art or music? In later years, that becomes an elective; however, I want to chose what I want now.

In fact, most of the lessons we need to learn we learn from our parents. How to change tires, for example. Or how to cook and clean. Sometimes we barely have any training for the most important things, such as taxes. They change how much you spend and how much you earn. If you don"t know how to work them, you don"t know how much money is deducted from your paycheck- that"s incredibly helpful to know. Some people may have known "Biztown" at some point in middle school. That field trip was my only experience with taxes and "real life" problems to date.

I understand that school can help with certain things. Group projects teach teamwork, and music and art classes can help you become well-rounded. But if you"re not talented, bored, or simply uninterested in those topics, you have a problem.


As a student, I understand where you are coming from. But the school's job is to educate you as a well rounded informed citizen. Schools are a place where you discover your interests and hobbies as well. But they have to follow state and federal regulations and standards. Also, in most high schools, you get pick which classes you want. So if you don't like an class, like art or music. Don't take it.

I also see some problems with how schools leave out important things like how to do taxes and cook and clean. But a lot of Schools have adopted classes like financial literacy and home ECO, to fill in the missing parts.

If you don't like or understand a class talk to our school guidance counselor or principal.
Debate Round No. 1


I can understand what you mean. School does want you to become well-rounded, so they include a variety of different subjects for you to study. And yes, in high school you can choose your classes, but before that, there"s not much of a choice. And then you must study classes in which you are neither interested nor skilled, simply because laws require you do so.

Also, not every school includes Home Ec or other "missing parts." This leaves you without the options for other classes.

If I told a guidance counselor or principal that I didn"t want to take art, they would say that it was required that I take it to become a well-rounded student that had interests in many different subjects.

Forcing kids to learn certain things may add stress or cause them to dislike school in reality. All of the other classes add enough onto a student"s workload. Why add another, unnecessary, burden?


In life, we have to things that we don't want. Like I hate math class , but I still study and try my best. If your schools are not offering home ECO or other class like that, ask about it, go to a school board meeting.

With the class that you don't like or have a gift for, just try and work hard with it. May be you liked in the future. I understand that some kids may add a dislike to school or stress. But it doesn't hurt to learn it. Maybe your friends may like some thing you don't or may be your child, would be interested in that subject and you can share or @ least know a bit about it. But we ,as a society, want our children to reach to their highest. A part of that, is expressing parts of life, that they don't like, (ex, math or art or music). So they know how to Handle things that they don't like when they are older.
Debate Round No. 2


I don"t mean to take out math or language or those kinds of essential classes. If you ever work in a company of any sorts, you use math to help determine profits. If you want to speak fluently, you take language. But when schools force you to learn technology or art, it"s an optional class.

If you"re not bad at it, yes, you can still take it. Some classes, however, certain people can"t do whatsoever. Schools require students to study these courses for a year when much less is actually needed.

Allow students to take two or three classes as a necessity, like math and language, teach essential things like home economics and financial literature, and then let them choose the rest, like art, music, technology, physical education, et cetera. Don"t force them to learn so many things when they"ll use so few.

"With the class that you don't like or have a gift for, just try and work hard with it."

You have a point here: to try at the things you don"t like or can"t do because that teaches life lessons such as determination. But you fail to realize that if a student doesn"t like it, they will not try. No matter how good the teacher or engaging the lesson plan, someone will not like that class.


We have all of these classes for a reason. Yes it teaches you determination. But we have to listen for what the school says. If you don't like a policy or required class, go to speak at a school board meeting or with the other students in our grade and write a petition.

A lot of classes, you say should be optional, shouldn't be, physical education is important, because it teaches you how to keep healthier lifestyle and stay fit. Technology is another important one because, we are living in a world where you are constantly changing and connecting with others.

I would like to ask the voters, not to be biased towards my argument because of pro school stance.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by keaves.1019 3 years ago
KingoSchenk, I did not steal your debate. I was thinking of what we were taught that isn't mandatory if you don't want a career that involves it, and the Egyptians have no role in many careers.
Posted by keaves.1019 3 years ago
actionguy777, being completely honest, I have never heard of whoever that is. I simply stated my opinion on the topic. If it's similar, then that's completely coincidence.
Posted by actionguy777 3 years ago
Just out of curiosity, did this come from Boyinaband's Don't Stay In School video?
Posted by KingoSchenk 3 years ago
Did you steal my debate? I tryed this type of debate and I don't know how we were debating wether history was pointless, and I became screwed. I said, it was apsoutly pointless to learn how the Eygpyians wrapped mummies. Thats the topic I wanted to debate to begin with. Check it out.
Posted by Jenima 3 years ago
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