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Schools in the US should ban junk food.

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Started: 2/3/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
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I will let the Pro side present their arguments first.


So let me break it down..
You guys are fat.No offense.. Face it america has an issue with obesity.
Now there isn't any way to adress that issue whilst still allowing pupils to purchase junk food at school.
Sure you might say "well the kids will bring junk food from home" , and even if that is the case it will be an improvement over the current situation whereby the kids can buy whatever unhealthy foods they want at school without a parent or caregiver's knowledge.
Now, the reason for this change being an improvement is that bringing food from home will allow the parents to monitor what their children are eating, and hopefully they can be responsible enough to disallow their kids from eating "junk" food in excess.
In theory, this will greatly decrease the amount of unhealthy foods that children eat, and can go a great way to sorting out the issue with child obesity.
And really, what do you need junk food at school for, there are plenty of healthy alternatives which are just as tasty!

Frankly obesity is not acceptable in today's society. And as long as schools continue to sell food to the pupils then it will continue.

Also, if you want come out and say "well define junk food" and "what would they ban and not ban", just don't. Use your brain and you know whether something is junk food or not - yes a deep fried chocolate bar is in fact not good for you..

Oh yeah, me being in NZ, i assume you mean by "banning" junk food, you mean that the school isn't allowed to sell it to pupils - if I'm wrong in assuming that then just argue against my "incorrect" assumption to be fair..
Debate Round No. 1


Your assumption is correct. And I have no intention of defining junk food, because this should be quite obvious.

Now, I would like to state my case and attack my opponents.

It is quite useless to ban junk food in schools as it truly wouldn't solve our problem at all.

First off, there seems to be an issue with youth and rebellion. I know. I am young. If schools were to stop selling junk food, many students would indeed bring junk food to school. And so you say parents will be able to monitor what their children are eating. While this is true to an extent, it is also true that many children get an allowance. They could still buy these high sugar and fat goodies from a convenience store without their parents finding out. So nothing will be solved by not selling these goods at school because they would still have them available.

Next my opponent says: "And really, what do you need junk food at school for, there are plenty of healthy alternatives which are just as tasty!"

Getting a thousand America children and teens to believe that would be difficult. Getting them all to try it would be darn near impossible. Yes, there are healthy, delicious alternatives. But a generation raised on these snacks we have as of now will, for the most part, not be willing to try these alternatives out.

My opponent may say I am being ridiculous or closed-minded about today's youth. I would like everyone out there to think for a moment about the children and teens you know. Rarely do teens listen to authority. Rarely do children skip a chance to stuff their face with sugar. Children and teens would go out of their way to get these snacks if they weren't in schools. And so, I stand on the Con side of this resolution. Thank you.


Darryn_Stylees forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


If my opponent presents new arguments in the next round, I would be happy to meet them with my own. Thank you very much.


Haha sorry forgot about this thingy.. anyways..

Okay so you reckon that children will just buy stuff at the store right ? Well after a while of doing that they will get to the stage of not being bothered anymore, you see buying food at school is a lot more convenient than stopping at the store on the way to school. So you will find that a lot less people will be buying their food after a while. I mean to go to the store every day before school will take a lot more effort and from what I know about youth they just cannot be bothered with that effort just for junk food. Sure a few people will make sure they eat junk food - but if banning junk food at schools could help even one person then it would be successful. In reality it's human lives at stake.

So you say "Rarely do teens listen to authority. Rarely do children skip a chance to stuff their face with sugar" ??

Well firstly maybe just you are a rebel like that :P But not most kids and by stating that you are simply perpetuating an ill conceived stereotypical viewpoint. Also I disagree with the whole "stuffing their face" idea .. I think in today's society where we know so much more about obesity and also where celebrities are hounded by paparazzi for being "overweight", teens become a lot more conscientious about what they are eating.

Lets face it.. You know just as well as I do that banning the sale of junk foods at schools will make a difference.
It may be a slight difference or it may be a great one. But even the most incremental of positive changes is worth it.

PS: My argument > yours

bye =) aha
Debate Round No. 3


I would like to point out that as a high school student, I know the teen mind better than my twenty three year old opponent and therefor know what teens are more likely to do. While my opponent argues that it would become inconvenient to the students to stop at stores, this simply isn't so, for in several cities I've been to, and several cities my friends and family live in, there is a CONVENIENCE store right next to the school. So I fail to see how this would be inconvenient. There may be an impact made by banning junk food in schools but it would be so ridiculously minuscule there would be no point in doing so.

I RESPECTFULLY thank my opponent for this round.


"There may be an impact made by banning junk food in schools but it would be so ridiculously minuscule there would be no point in doing so.".

So you admit that there will at least be a "miniscule" change ? Then how is it pointless ? What is there to gain by keeping junk food in schools ?

If we go on your theory that EVERY SINGLE STUDENT will go and buy food rom the convenince store, then at least we would be boosting the economy.

So let us summarise :
My theory on the result of banning junk food - Decrease in child obesity
Your theory : Miniscule decrease in obesity and greater cashflow in the economy
Not ban junk food: Obesity rate unchanged. Economy unchanged.

Thanks for the debate, you have shown great potential and perhaps will one day be able to hold your own against the elite debaters of world.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Bray 8 years ago
con, i also am against this but you missed the MAIN reason whyyy it should not happen.

i like junk food, i like junk food a lot.
cheez-its and brownies and cherry coke and cake and cookies and doritos mmm i love them.

i'm not obese, i'm 5'7 & 130 lbs, good bmi, good weight, normal size clothes, no health problems.
and i love junk food? and i eat junk food every day? and i get junk food at SCHOOL every day?

weird.. maybe i exercise? maybe i had parents to tell me not to ONLY eat junk food.
maybe i was taught MODERATION.

it is VERY true that some people are SCARY obese.
my brother, for instance.. he's kinda big.

is that the schools fault? no.
is that junk foods fault? no.
is that HIS fault? very much so.

see, it's weird how sometimes in this life, PEOPLE cause things to happen to them.
like you guys talked about, it would be annoying to have to go get my junk food at the store every day before or after school, but i'd do it. or i'd buy it in bulk at sam's club and throw it in my purse eveyday. but, why? why should i have to do that? because SOME people are fat?

no.. not fair. what SOME people do, shouldn't ruin it for every one else who can MAINTAIN their weight.

also, some people overdose on tylenol. some people get seriously ill and hospitalized from taking too many.. i have idea, let's ban it!

oh wait.. when i have a headache i still want that, sooo just because SOME people overdose, that doesn't really seem fair.. does it?

government, i understand you want "what's best for us" .. but back the hell off, please. i like my junk food, so eff you. (:
Posted by Darryn_Stylees 9 years ago
It is an absolute pleasure. Which of my series of seminars did you attend ??
Posted by josh.suyker 9 years ago
oh my goodness it is.

I have been studying at univeristy for 3 years now and was lucky enough to attend one of Dr Stovitch's lectures and to put it simply it enabled to pass my second year!!! Thank you so much.
Posted by Communist_support 9 years ago
Wow i have never seen such a free style yet such convincing argument, is there any chance that you are Dr Darryn Stovitch? from your picture i reckonise you and the way you speek.
To people reading this, this man is a complete success, at the age of 18 he is already a millionaire and working as a phyciatrist
sorry to say embaress like this Dr Stovitch but i thought the people should know.

His debate is so fluent and has dug into the deepest corners of the human mind, his simple explanation is amazing, normal Doctors of his standard would go on and on yet Dr Stovitch sums it up so well in so few words.

The winner of this debate is obvious
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