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Schools should allow cell phones to be carried in case of emergencies

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Started: 1/31/2009 Category: Education
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I'm going to let my opponent have the first argument in this debate.


Cell phones are a great modern convenience. They aren't phones any more they are very advanced computers. Which is why they should be left in the students' lockers, cars, or at least turned off in class. Many features that phones have now open windows for things such as cheating (example: using the calculator to get an answer on a math test or looking up answers for a history test) and can be very disruptive. No one wants to be interrupted by a ring tone when they are trying to learn . As far as the in case of emergencies issue teachers have phones as well as the schools themselves, so there will be enough people with phones to handle any emergency.
Debate Round No. 1


First off I'd like to thank my opponent for this round, and accepting this debate.
Now moving on to attack my opponents case, First off, saying that using a calculator on a math test is cheating yes, but I have Ti-89 Titanium graphing calculator, and that has limitations. A simple phone calculator isn't even scientific, how are you going to cheat with that in high school. Really. But next, if you don't have a PDA phone, or a phone that can cacce that internet then you cant really cheat on anything like history.

Next, I'd like to state that the topic is in case of emergencies. What if my mom needs to tell me that my brother broke his leg, and I didn't need to pick him up after school. So I don't go to his school waiting, and when he doesn't come I don't think he got kidnapped. Now I realize that this is a little far fetched, but hey, its happened before! Also for little things like a friend letting you know that they went home sick, so they wont be walking home with you.

Thank you to my opponent and to anyone reading this.


averagejoe212 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well it seems that my opponent has given up.


averagejoe212 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by MewxVenus 8 years ago
*sigh* my oh my hannah you confuse me. XP
Posted by hannahbannana 8 years ago
and why do i have to prove this to you?
Posted by s0m31john 8 years ago
Find the derivative of this function:

That's basic Calculus I
Posted by hannahbannana 8 years ago
as a freshman, i can't get it at school.
But you can take it out of school online.
The teacher i take it for provides us with material.
Posted by SaraMarie 8 years ago
They do not even offer AP Calc to freshmen. In most schools the only AP class they offer to freshmen is AP Human Geography.
Posted by s0m31john 8 years ago
Stop lying. You can't be in AP Calculus when you are in 9th grade. That would require that you have taken Algebra I & II, Geometry, College Algebra, and Pre-calculus, Calculus I & II all in Middle School.

Plus, my AP Calc class still only uses ti-84s, I just bought the 89 because I like expensive electronics.
Posted by hannahbannana 8 years ago
AP calculus we use them. there are only three of us in that class.
so yes, I am quite in my right mind thank you.
Posted by s0m31john 8 years ago
I had Calculus 2 and AP Calculus last semester. This semester I have AP Physics.
Posted by theitalianstallion 8 years ago
I've got a Ti-83.

What do you use a Ti-89 for? Calculas? AP Chem?
Posted by s0m31john 8 years ago
There is no way you use ti-89, those are top of the line $150 calculators. They're not even needed in high school, most people only get them for high level college math and science courses.

You probably use ti-83s or ti-84s. No high school in their right mind would buy or even suggest their students buy a ti-89.
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