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Schools should be segregated by sex.

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Started: 10/14/2014 Category: Society
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In my opinion, I think that schools shoud not be segregated by sex.
First, students should learn social skills. When they grow up, they will spend more time that they had spent in the school. Society is not segregated by sex, instaed, every sex is respected.
If they cannot have real-life experience, they will have trouble adapting to the society's condition.
Second, segregated schools require so much money. Government or the school have to train teachers, develop more materials. It would be hard to prepare those money.
In addition, Society may not respect diversity. It my tilt to one side. Also, male will not understand females, and females will not consider males. That will cause problems.
They might be judged in an unequal way.

There are not much difference in works or scores between schools doing co-education and segregated education.

Because of these reasons, I disagree that schools should be segregated.


I apologize sincerely, I thought you were pro. My mistake. If you wish I will present the Con argument to you, or not. I do not for one second believe in segregation based on sex, religion, race or diet. I would be willing to present my version of the argument as I perceive it from those that believe it should be this way if you wish. Thanks, great topic, sorry I effed up your debate.
Debate Round No. 1


xavi0125 forfeited this round.


My mistake, I forfeit the mostest. But in my own words, not the written in red letters.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry. Since my computer did not work, I could not check this debate.
I apologize again. You can play the side that you want for this debate.
It doesn't matter for me to play the 'pro' side.
Please tell me what side you want to play.

Or else, I can start a new debate.......

Thank you for giving interest to my debate topic ><



I wish you would start this debate again, and not for me to take. Boldly state your opinion as Pro.


Thanks, I hope you win.
Debate Round No. 3


I appreciate your decision.

Hope to see you in a different debate..
Thanks again for your interest on my debate topic.


I wish you well, penguin. LOL!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Dragonrule029 3 years ago
I would love to have this debate!
Although, I'm sorry I cannot accept at the moment.

I just finished a debate on the con side of single-sex schools, fighting the pro would be fun also....
Posted by Atmas 3 years ago
I'm gonna guess it isn't, but there, strangely, is a case to be made with the segregation of sex in schools. At least on the high school level. It would help the students focus less on getting laid and more on school while they are attending. But that case isn't too strong since the kids will just find other activities to distract them while they try to sneak into the place where the other sex is. Developing social skills shouldn't exist in the same place book learning happens as they are often opposites that degrade one another. A balance of the two leaves you lacking in both.
Posted by xavi0125 3 years ago
Sorry, I'm not used to this system.
Are you going to participate in this debate?
Then, I can just choose you as my opponent.
Posted by republicofdhar 3 years ago
Is round 1 acceptance?
Posted by xavi0125 3 years ago
Hello! I hope this debate will be a great experience for me and my contender...
If I make a mistake in this debate, please note in in the comments since I am learning to do debates.
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