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Schools should be segregated by sex

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Started: 10/14/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round: Acceptance
Second Round: Arguments
Third Round: Rebuttal
Last Round: Closing Statements

No new arguments can be included after the Second round, just new evidence to rebuttal. New arguments will constitute an automatic loss.


I accept your terms.
There are many reasons why I'm against gender segregation in school:

1- It does not promote equality

2- It promotes poor social skills

3- It promotes sexism

4- It does not make school performance better.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my debate, I am excited to debate you.
I would like to make a clarification on the resolution, if it is fine with my opponent, and clarify that the resolution is: "Schools should be segregated by sex in the United States" instead of "Schools should be segregated by sex". I hope this does not cause problems.

To start I would like to define a few words:
Sex: either of the two main categories (male or female) into which humans are divided on the basis of reproductive functions
Education: The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, and developing the powers of reasoning and judgment.

To begin I would like to outline my three contentions:
1.Removes distractions from the classroom
2.Physical Education
3.Males and females lack in different areas of education

On to my first contention, it removes distractions from the classroom.
In a classroom, there are many things to distract you, but one of the biggest and most influential distractions is classmates of the opposite sex. Sexual tension is a huge issue in our daily lives, and children do not need to be exposed to that kind of an environment in a place where education and physical and mental preparation are necessary. Many students are more focused on impressing someone of the opposite sex in class then they are focused on actually learning what will help improve their quality of life in the future. As well, couples in the school setting can cause issues because they are always communicating when they should be listening and paying attention.

On to my second contention, physical education would be improved.
It is no question that stereotypes exist between boys and girls, and to anyone who has first-hand seen interactions between boys and girls in school it is not question that these stereotypes are accurate at least 95% of the time. Physical education is a place where these different attitudes and ways of life can be dangerous to not only learning environments but also to the overall safety of people. Take for example an integrated P.E. class. The boys are the most dominant in the class. They always take the lead, they are always the most involved. When a female does try to get involved, she generally is still pushed back into submission.

On my third contention, Males and females lack in different areas of education
It is commonly known (if my opponent wishes I can provide sources, I just am crunched on time) that males excel more in math and sciences, whereas females generally excel more in reading and English, as well as in the arts. In another sense, when kids are younger, males learn better with movement, darker colors, and objects such as spaceships and objects that appeal more to them. On the other hand, females do not need much movement in the classroom to learn well, they enjoy brighter, happier colors, and relate more with flowers and objects that relate to them better(again a source is available if requested). Separating classes by sexes would allow us to exploit these differences and help account for it. We would amp up English and reading in male classrooms and we would amp up math and sciences in female classrooms. In younger male classes, teachers would be trained to move around the room a lot, the walls would be darker and the whole classroom would be black, silver, gold, gray. The female classes would follow the same specifications as I stated above. It would provide a much better environment for everyone.


In this round I'm going to explain the reasons why I think segregation by sex at school is unnecessary and what negative effects it can have.

1- Sexual Segregation does not promote equality /Sexism

Going to school does not only mean to sit there and memorize the subjects, but it also represents an essential part of a person' s life. It is the first place where children start socializing and learn the values, rules and norms of a society.
First and foremost they learn how to interact with each other, they build friendships and they start creating an image of the people around them.

With this, my point is that if we put children in boxes and start labelling at that very young age, what good could we expect from them?
Segregation promotes prejudice about gender and it is detrimental to equality.
Youngsters, instead of learning to see each other first as human beings, learn to interact with each other based on the gender of a person.

It promotes the idea that their counterpart is different from them, thus not equal to them. It creates gender stereotypes such as :
Girls are not as strong as boys, therefore not equal
Boys excel more in sports
Boys and Girls should see each other just as a potential partner, but not as a human being first

And of course the list goes on. Single-sex schools instead of removing gender stereotypes , are actually reinforcing them.

2- Poor social skills

At the end of your education, what you need is not only what you learnt from books but also good social skills.
When you are going to apply for a job, you'll be working in a non-segregated environment. You'll meet all sort of people and if you don't know how to interact with the opposite gender, because of the stereotypes you formed during your education, the chances of being successful are few.

3- It does not make school performance any better

Stating that classmates of the opposite gender are the biggest distraction is just too simplistic. There also those who are totally uninterested in their opposite sex , such as homosexuals.
Not only are we reinforcing stereotypes but we are also promoting the idea that there only can be attraction between the opposite gender and something between the same gender is inconceivable.

Secondly, if someone wants to learn a subject, they will learn it despite the fact that there is someone who is different from them. We all try to impress someone regardless of their gender and it should not be of concern to the teachers.
Also, friends can be a distraction as well.

Neurologists have found very few differences in the learning styles between the genders. Instead ,we can talk about differences in regards to the socioeconomic background of someone but not based on their gender.
There are girls who excel in maths and science, and others who excel in Literature. We cannot decide someone's style of learning based on their gender.
Each individual learns differently and excel in different areas, regardless of their gender.

As you can notice, I put the first two arguments together, because they were similar.
Debate Round No. 2


gelmy1 forfeited this round.


Cassandra96 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


gelmy1 forfeited this round.


If only your responded to my arguments, the debate could have been more interesting. But anyway, I have nothing to add since you did not make other points.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Cassandra96 2 years ago
Why you didn't respond to my arguments?
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