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Schools should teach less from books and teach children in experience

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Started: 8/23/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hello everyone.

This is my first post so I might screw up a little.

Recently I have heard about a project of my aunt. The project is creating a school where the children do not learn from books but learn by doing things. For instance, they learn how to use math in sailing (How to calculate how much degrease the sail has to be turned etc, things like this.)

I personally think that teaching by actually doing things makes the kids memorise it longer.

I am interested in your opinion!


Teaching by actually doing things certainly has its benefits, but the biggest problem is that schools simply do not have the resources to go to such elaborate measures to have kids learn stuff by actually doing things..... Im fairly confident that 95% of schools cant afford for all of the students to go on a sailing trip just to learn a bit of math too

Books are the cheapest way for schools to teach kids, but they are effective enough to get the job done to the point that teaching through experience is only minorly more effective but at a much higher cost, meaning its simply not worth it.

If you spend $30 to get a B then its not worth it to spend $200 more just to get a B+, especially when you dont have $200. In the same way its better to stick with using books to teach rather then spend a fortune on something different that will only slightly raise results since its simply not worth it.
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