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Schools should use the 45/15 plan

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Started: 11/10/2014 Category: Education
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I stand affirmative for schools using the 45/15 plan, and if you don't know what the 45/15 plan is.... well it's basically where a school is year-round and the school teaches for 45 days (8 weeks, not including weekends), and then the students would have break for 15 days (3 weeks, not including weekends). The students would still be attending school for the required 180 days a year. . Also the usual holiday breaks (Christmas Break, Spring Break, etc.) are still included into the calendar. This way the students get a nice break, but isn't to long, and then when they come back to school they are refreshed and ready to learn. There are also different versions of this schedule, such as the 60/20 plan and the 90/30 plan.

Source: (National Education Association)


Taking breaks in between these periods of school isn't healthy for the education of a student. Also, it doesn't flow well with extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs.

The mind is like a muscle in your arm. When a student is taught something, the student will benefit greatly from quickly jumping back to the material within a shorter span of time. This isn't so much of a problem if the lesson/subject/etc. can be taught over a few weeks but when you get older it takes more time to cover material.

I have been studying World War II since August in my high school and we just got into the Battle of Midway. If we would have taken those three weeks off between, for example the first and second semesters, students are no doubt (most, but unlikely all) going to forget many aspects of the European theater that is covered before the Pacific War.

This goes for other subjects as well. In English, literature studies can start to take time to cover. Etc.

It doesn't fit in sports as well either. High school sports are focused around school operations and although it doesn't seem to factor much in this situation, it can still bare problems.

Also, it is not uncommon for families to vacation during these breaks and especially during summer vacation. Schools across the United States (and probably the globe) do not start on the same day. For instance, schools in New York (which has adapted Common Core, which requires all students in New York that are eligible to take the Regents exam to take it on the same days) start on the approximately the same day (between September 1st and September 10th usually) and schools in Pennsylvania start around the 20th of August.

Having lived in New York and Pennsylvania, I can first hand confirm that the dates of school starts are accurate.
Further backup details about city-wide and statewide testing/assessments in New York can be found here:

Again, these are just some examples.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent stated that the period of breaks won't flow well with sports and clubs. I live in Arizona and my brother attends high school where the sports continue even after fall break. These sorts still continue through these breaks with optional games and practices. So, if a school was to adopt the 45/15 plan they can still continue to have the sports even during break with optional practices and games due to the fact some athletes may be on a vacation.
My opponent also stated that the mind is like a muscle in your arm, and that the student would benefit from quickly jumping back in within a shorter span of time. An easy solution to this would to just assign, say a packet, to the student over the break and if they complete it when they return to school then they could earn extra credit.
Different schools could also start the school year on different days so the breaks would be scattered for different schools, or different school districts. I used to live in Pennsylvania, and now live in Arizona, the starting dates are widely spread where in Arizona the start date was August fourth and in Pennsylvania school usually starts after labor day so about the beginning of September.
In "traditional" school (normal school calender) the school is finding that the summer break is too long, and it takes about one to one and a half months to have the students play catch up.


Summer vacation is also used for maintenance on the school, usually pieces that cannot be done during a school year (even with these short breaks).

Summer break is too much of a important time period for school systems to reevaluate.

What if some schools adopt a 45/15 plan and others around it do not? They're division [for sports] would have problems definitely amongst other things.

Students arrive in college at around the same time of year as well.
Debate Round No. 2


tinydog2473 forfeited this round.


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DudeHouse 2 years ago
"Students arrive in college at around the same time of year as well."

The fact that the system will have to adjust to change is not a good argument for not changing. Summer vacation is kind of useless in my opinion. Kids cant wait for summer vacation, and then theyre so bored sitting around at home that they cant wait to get back to school.

A 45-15 system would give kids the mental break they need so they can study harder during those 45 days. The 15 day break would be a good time for the kids that fall behind to get extra schooling to catch up. It would also serve as a good incentive for kids to study hard - Study hard or you'll have to go back to school for your 15 day break. Kids tend to be short-term thinkers so studying hard for 45 days is much more attainable than studying hard for 180.
Posted by tinydog2473 2 years ago
I'm so sorry I forgot to post my debate, I've been home sick for this week and the debate completely slipped my mind. Again I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.
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