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Science and Religion can't Coexist.

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Started: 6/2/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am not arguing against religion or science, I am arguing that because of scientific inaccuracies in religious texts, the two can't co-exist.


I accept. Good luck
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry Con, something came up. I don't have time to post my argument, however I promise I will do round 3. I hope you take no offense.


"I am arguing that because of scientific inaccuracies in religious texts, the two can't co-exist."

Innaccuracies in religious texts:

Pro must cover the scientific inaccuracies in the Urantia Book.

The book aims to unite religion, science and philosophy, and its enormous amount of material about science is unique among literature in that it claims to be presented by celestial beings.

Urantia Book Video-

Now, in this case, Pro must prove that advanced aliens from outer dimensions know less about science than human beings.


Pro must cover the scientific inaccuracies in
-The Book of Mormon
-The Holy Quran
-The Holy Bible
-The Jewish Bible

-The New World Translation of the Jehovah's Witnesses

-The Hindu Vedas

There are four Vedas: the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda. Each Veda has been subclassified into four major text types
1)the Samhitas (mantras and benedictions)
2)the Aranyakas (text on rituals, ceremonies, sacrifices and symbolic-sacrifices)
3)the Brahmanas (commentaries on rituals, ceremonies and sacrifices) 4)the Upanishads (text discussing meditation, philosophy and spiritual knowledge)
5)the Upasanas (worship) is sometimes included.

-The Satanic Bible


Sutras are a genre of ancient and medieval Indian texts found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

Pro will need to cover the following faiths as well.

-Baha'i Faith





-Vodun (Voodoo)


-Damanhur Community




-Elian Gonzalez religious movement


-Roma (a.k.a. Gypsies)

-Hare Krishna - ISKCON

-Ifa, the religion of the Yoruba people of West Africa




-Native American Spirituality

-New World Fellowship (NeWFism) -


-Elian Gonzalez religious movement


-Unitarian Universalism

-The Creativity Movement (formerly called World Church of the Creator)

-The Yazidi branch of Yazdanism



And last, Pro will have to cover the religious texts of science itself because vi spex claims it is a religion, perhaps even his religion, in the comments section above.
Debate Round No. 2


Unfortantly, I'm still busy and thus unable to debate you. I guess you get a "free win". However, I am not backing down, and would like to restart the debate (Maybe sometime next week).


I will use the Holy Bible to make points of science being perfectly compatable with religious texts.

Most cosmologists (scientists who study the structures and evolution of the universe) agree that the Genesis account of creation, in imagining an initial void, may be uncannily close to the truth" (Time, Dec. 1976).

Luke 17:34–36 says the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will occur while some are asleep at night and others are working at daytime activities in the field. This is a clear indication of a revolving earth, with day and night at the same time.

(Jobs 26:7)

He spreads out the skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Forte 2 years ago
The problem I have with the reasoning about "scientific inaccuracies in religious texts," is that it assumes any religion MUST have central texts with scientific inaccuracies. Sure some existing ones do, but the only requirement for a religion is a collective faith in a higher power, nothing more.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Science is used by the analytical mind, and the religious use the intuitive mind, however we all have both minds analytical and intuitive and both have good and bad points. So if these two types of thinking can coexist in your mind they can outside your mind, what our society needs is balanced thinking, which is called holistic thinking.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
science is a religion
Posted by H501 2 years ago
They can't coexist logically.
Posted by ContraDictator 2 years ago
They already do...
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