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The Big Bang theory is true and accurate


Now, i want to have a rational debate about the Big Bang theory. I will argue that the Big Bang happened nearly 14 billion years ago. I don't want an argument about deities that supposedly created the universe or other irrelevant arguments to the topic. I want this to be a science debate. Burden of proof is shared,but it will mostly be on me. 1st round is acceptance 2nd round will be for opening statements and arguments 3rd round will be for rebuttals and cross-examinations 4th round will...

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Is the invention of Nuclear Technology useful or harmful to mankind?


Nuclear Technology has brought many great benefit to our society. The use of Nuclear power plants, safe and clean power supply. Nuclear in medication field. But nonetheless, Nuclear Technology is definitely also very devastating to mankind. The invention of the NUKE bomb may vaporize millions of people in a split second. But for me, Nuclear Technology is far more beneficial than its counters. With the Nuclear Arsenal installed in all worlds superpowers (Chi...

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Is it possible to make a triangel with three right angels?


First day is for accepting, second is for proving....

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killer whales in captivity


they shouldn't be kept in captivity. how are killer whales dangerous? they are more of a threat by being locked up at sea world! haven't you heard trainers at sea world have died from killer whales because the killer whales are so depressed and crazy from being locked up in what is like you being trapped in a bath tub for 20 years! so tell me how there dangerous in the wild! thats right they're not! they do no harm in the ocean and that is there home....

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zombies are a MORE real threat then people think


When someone says "zombie" you think of the walking dead, already dead beings who come back to life, who sole perupose is to infect someone else. The only way to kill them is to shoot them in the brian. They have an endless supliy of engery and can't feel pain. The truth is zombies are a bigger threat than you would think. Rabies is the key. So far its only managed to effect animals and make them go crazy, biting anything they meet. If rabies were to infect humans the same way it does to dogs, w...

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DNA Database


In Maryland of 2009, Alonzo King was pulled over for a possible DUI, having a DNA sample taken upon arrest. Later on, after he was released with misdemeanor, was again imprisoned for the felony of rape. How did they know he was a criminal of a rape case? According to King's attorney, the police who had arrested him had taken a sample of DNA. The National Institute of Justice claims that Maryland has to have judicial determination of probable cause, warrant, formal indictment or arraignment prior...

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Gender Distinction, to create a new gender or not?


Gender Distinction, simply put is Intersex. Intersex is whenever a person has the genetic makeup of one gender but the phenotype of another. Most people think that this condition is 1 in a million, when in reality it isn't. Intersex occurs more often than thought and many people debate creating a new gender for these individuals. The downfall of creating this new gender however, is discrimination. According to , This issue was even brought up by campaigners for rights of...

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Is A Two Dimensional Object Possible?


My opponent may post during the first round, burden of proof is shared....

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Medical Coverage (Insuance) For Genetic Disease


"While most Americans are optimistic about the use of genetic information to improve health, many are concerned that genetic information may be used by insurers and employers to deny, limit or cancel their health insurance and to discriminate against them in the workplace. This concern is causing some not to participate in important biomedical research and others to refuse to be tested for genetic disorders."...

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The Big Bang Theory


I believe there is countless facts to support the big bang theory. Rules Round 1: acceptance. Round 2: Opening. Round 3: Argument. Round 4: Rebuttal. Round 5: closing argument any other closing comments. This is my first Debate on here so I am just trying to further my understanding of debate and hopefully gain some experience...

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