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Scorpion is probably the strongest character in the mortal Kombat series

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Started: 1/8/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Firstly I would like to thank anyone who has the time and energy to debate this topic which has always interested me.

- Con must pick one character from the mortal Kombat series to fight scorpion and once he has picked he must tell who the person he has chosen in the first argument if he wishes to change his character at any point in time he must notify me by the end of round five after which he will not be aloud to.

- The character selected cannot be a cross over character such as characters from mortal Kombat vs D.C universe etc.

i will give the first argument to my opponent so that i can create a promising argument worth his/her's while.

and i would like to apologise for my lack of spelling and grammer as i do not have alot of time on my hands.


Ok im giving the floor to you, this should be interesting.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree this should be an interesting match but you have yet to decide the character your picking as stated in the rules, none the less I will start my debate emphasizing scorpions abilities.

First off his immortality, as being a hellspawn (so to speak) he has gained a number of important abilities such as control over hell fire, but the most important is that when he dies his soul goes to hell which then spits him back out allowing him to never die. He is the only character in the mortal combat series who literally cannot die that being said he should win automatically.

Next in his abilities is the hellfire which he can control this should instantly kill off any of his opponents straight away,even if they are elder gods or were because this is fire that is being taken straight from the devil himself.
Another one of his astonishing abilities is his extensive abilities to make portal going straight to hell in which his enemy is ripped to shreds by Scorpions former clan, also noted from mortal Kombat wiki under finishing abilities there is no chance of escape once inside hell and no way to target the clan members as in many games it is pitch black.

That is all I will reveal for my first argument in scorpions favor as I await the decision of CON.

I would once again thank my opponent for taking the time and energy to debate with me.


Ok all good stuff, and I didnt want to post first cause I wanted the battle to start at the beginning of round 2 and not the end of round 1. But whatever

Ok first I am going to note this one thing. I am not going to be relying on wikipedia or any internet sites. I am using my knowledge as a fan instead of artifical information that is correct but doesnt depcit the try heart and soul of the gamer. And my person to choose is SUB-ZERO (the younger brother).

Noob points:
Let me first get the noobness out the way first. Sub-zero would beat scorpion just because hes the most developed and popular character in the series. Hes had his own game, hes powers have always improved, hes the all around good hero, and he just looks cooler (no pun intended).

Powers and Abilities:
First off sub-zero has the element of ice on his side which is very powerful and useful. He would just freeze scorpion and wale on him. Besides creating his ice swords he can do ice clones of himself and leave scorpion all confused. As I said earlier subzero is a more developed character there by giving him the edge in combat since he has been a ninja before the first mortal kombat tournament started. I don't know how the comics go and im sure there canon, but im looking at this from a video game fan that has played all mortal kombats.

Counter your points:
Im sure you can say that scorpion killed the first sub-zero but in the world of mortal kombat no body ever really dies if you think about it they just become immortal and more powerful. And we all know what happen sub-zero became noob saibot, an immortal wraith that roams the land. So even if scorpion managed to "kill" sub-zero (the current one) then he would just comback and even more mad with a brother who is as mad as him. Having two wraiths after you you just torment you even in the neatherrealm so scorpion probably kill himself. And you can say that his whole clan could be in the neatherrealm but they never made an apperance or except when you did a fatality in ultimate, but lets face it some of (if not all) of the fatilities were just random and stupid, so whos to say they didnt pull that out their @ss just for the sake of running out of ideas. Like I said you can bring all the lore into this battle you want buy Im going by the games itself. Sub-zero is the most developed character, he has the better abilities, hes in an alliance with good and you know good always wins over evil (but Im not going to play that card). Overall he has the most experience against anything that scorpion can throw at him, and thats why im giving him the edge.

Did I mention he was a cool character (pun totally intended)
Debate Round No. 2


I encourage that you use you knowledge as a fan, however I should almost immediately get the vote for the most reliable sources
Noobness out of the way? I think not!
My opponent claims that sub zero is the most developed character in the series, I will prove him wrong . In the original comic series and stories the entire story revolved around scorpion that is why they are doing the remake of Mortal Kombat (trailer is the first video on the right SO ANXIOUS TO SEE!!!!!)
Not only that but you said that sub zero is awesome because he had his own game well check out this new and awesome game revolving around scorpion.

Powers and abilities: sub zero's ice isno where near as unique and powerful as scorpions HELL FIRE sub zero only controls ice where as scorpion controls fire taken from the depths of hell itself (no competition there) You say that sub zero was so great because he was a ninja before the first mortal kombat even started well then you obviously haven't read much of scorpions history then because he was given the name sasori which means scorpion by his clan as he was the greatest ninja that ever lived also it was said that Shao khan himself even feared his abilities in the art of kombat. Therefore your argument in the art of kombat is moot.

My points un-countered: the characters do not get brought back to life that is only so that there are playable characters and if he were to be brought back to life it would have to be by someone else and if you add another character then I get to as well however in scorpions case he does not he gets spit back out of hell.

Just because he came back once does not mean that he will be able to do it again and that was a direct result from all the years of hatred, agony, and despair he used to encounter in his un-usual long life (taken from mortal combat wiki under noon saibot) however Sub-zero's younger brother was not of that nature he sparred Lu kang's life in the mortal kombat series (also taken from wiki) therefore it is not possible for sub-zero to come back as wraith not to mention have you ever noticed *NOOB saibot*

My opponent says that they would be able to find scorpions family in the netherelm and toture them or something to that extent well if you recall scorpion made a deal with the elder gods that he would fight as their champion for the ressurection of his clan however the elder gods turned his clan into Deamons like him stuck living forever therefore they could notossibly dream of beating scorpions clan not to mention scorpion's abilities in crease tenfold while in the netherrelm. One of the reasons I like this game and series is because bad guys actually can win in this game pretty cool and scorpion is not an evil character he is mutual he will do whatever it takes to bring his clan back.

All in all the last thing that would be going through sub-zero's mind would be his a$$.



Well you probably have me on the whole history of scorpion history because nobady really cares to look into scorpions past enough to read the comics. And Im not saying that reading the comics to learn about his storyline is lame. But the fact is like I said I'm looking at this from the actual game perspective not from the comics. Now sure the comics are proabably canon to the teeth. Yet, as we all know different stories in different comics can be written by different authors. So whos to say that Ed Boon and John Tobias just let some random guy write the comics and they just say whatever on it? Whos to say that the writter(s) of the comics didn't have some type of hate toward sub-zero, so they made scorpion just try to out shine subzero in the comic, since sub-zero obviously outshines scorpion in the games. You can provide all the facts you want from wikipedia, or any oher site, but unless we persoanlly talk to the main writters that created mortal kombat, all we will get is answers that could just have be publisized as the truth but really there is more to it than that. This argument I have made may not be as valid given if this was a superman vs spiderman thread or anything of that nature. But given the fact the mortal kombat series was a game before a comic it has canon priorities (at least I believe it should). We kind of have to accept any random BS that may come from a marvel or DC comic becuase they were comics first, but we dont have to accept a random storyline that was in a comic that probably nobody really read. And if the comic was that important you would think all that information you mentioned would have made it into the games. Im going to vear off the track here just to furthur improve my point.

In the Legend of Zelda series you know you have Link saving Zelda. Now in each game its a different set up, a somewhat different story depending on the game, and a different Link. Now fans all of the world have tried to deciper which Zelda was the first Zelda, or whats the order of the games? There are many theories and you can research them yourself. BUT, Shigeriou Miyamoto said himself that there is no direct correlation from one game to another, they are all just Link in a different setting, none of the stoires relate to each other. So if the creator/developer said himself there is no cannon from one game to another, THEN THERE IS NO CANON.

So back to MK. I perosnally have not heard the main creators ED and BOON say that the comics have that much impact on the story in the games. Honestly I believe it was just their stab in the comic book world and television just for the sake of doing it to make more money. I feel if all of theese point you stated are true it would be a wide know facts in the games (MK4 to MK Armageddon). And since ED and JOHN are still the current cretors there would have been mention in the games. Now I dont know if there is any reference of the comics and tv shows in the current games, but I feel likee if there were the gamer fans would have know.

SO in conclusion you comic book and television show and what ever other medium you have used besides the game is void. In this unique case of canon, you are to follow the game instead of the comic. If the comics were that important then there would have been mention of it. ANd if they wanted scorpion to be just that bad @ss then he would have had a more distenctive roll in the MK series other than an angry he11 spawn that is seen a few times and then vanishes. Sub-zero is the man, and he will always be the leader of what ever brigade he is in rather its the Lin Qui, earthrealm, or whatever.

BTW the link to scorpions supposed game didnt work. It sent me to a list of other videos.
Debate Round No. 3

Pro read here down under: collectors edition it states that the comics were in fact written and illustrated by John Tobias so much for the idea that some whack job did them.

And you cannot say that sub-zero outshines scorpion it is who ever is playing as the character that is the strongest and by skill amount scorpion pwns sub-zero.

How do you expect to get all that knowledge down into a game that was mainly about fighting and the original games had barely any history in them.

Okay and we are talking about mortal kombat not Zelda thank you for the info but it doesn't make any sense.

Next they do not go into detail during the game to explain the mechanics behind each move or technique what the different possibilities are they want to get it into sessions of fighting that is what entertains people the most.

Now if the creators of mortal kombat thought that sub-zero was as awesome as you think he is then why didnt they make him the main character in different movies and one of the best characters in the comic book series.

Because we have evidence that in fact John tobias did write and illustrate the comics that goes to prove that we can take into account all of the information within the comic books, also you mentioned nowhere that I could not use the comic book as my reference.

Also you making me sick of all this sub-zero outshines scorpion, that is so not true scorpion is miles ahead of sub-zero.

Now that we have cleared that crap out of the way you still have not proven or countered any of my prior arguments as I look for you to do in the next round.


I have already countered your argument with the fact that the comics do not really count. Ok you gave me a link to the mortal kombat wikipedia, but the page says it has uncited information, so your attempt to cite your source failed because the source you cited, WASNT CITED ITSELF.

My Zelda rant was to be looked at as an example. Of course there two different games, but principle is the same. The comic is not a true cannon. Sure your source says that John Tobias wrote it (which did I forget to mention the cite wasnt sourced properly) but as a I said early we realyl dont know who wrote it. I fell if he really wrote it, or cared enough about writing it other than just trying his hand at another medium, then the stories in the comics would be portrayed in the game. And then you say subzero doesnt outshine scorpion because of the MOVIES, THE MOVIES. Dude you jsut lost your credability right there. Sure the movie was entertaing, and I loved it. But by no means is that canon and thats something all MK fans can agree on. As a matter of fact your loveable hell spawn got killed by Johnny Cage, JOHNNY FREAKIN CAGE. At least when sub-zero died he died by the main character, not some van dam wannabe.

This debate is almost over but I have made my points. Your main point is going off of theese comics that apparently nobody read. Just because something is widely know doesn't mean its widely accepted, and the fans of any series can contest to that. Sure all us fans know of the comics, shows, and movies. But its not accepted to correlate them into the depication of the storyline. Of course there entertaining, but when it comes to the actual game, thats where you depict whos better than whom. Now in no way am I saying scorpion is lame, if anything you put both of them together they could destroy anybody in the MK universe. But subzero has the edge based off of what we know about him FROM THE GAME. 1.He had his own game 2. Every MK game sub-zero gained more and better powers, scorpion didn't get a new move till MK 4 3. Hes a bad @ss hero, hes not some lame "all for justice" hero, hed kill if he had to 4. scorpion failed to protect his clan, subzeros clan is still alive.

So there you have it everybody thats my stand on the whole situation, sub-zero is just better end of story.
Debate Round No. 4


sorry about that when i copied and pasted i somehow managed to do it wrong and gave you mortal kombat instead of mortal kombat comics so here is the correct page with proper citation therefore my argument still stands:

no i mean the newest one coming out soon which has scorpion as its main character and if they really thought that sub-zero outshines scorpion then they should have made him the main character as well as in the comics. plus they screwd the first movie up so bad i mean sub-zero gets killed by a water pail holly crap a water pail ooh so scary at least scorpion had style when he died and didnt die by a bruce lee wannabe (nun-chucks, bouncing...) that proves how self destructive sub-zero's powers can be here is a video providing the fight for veiwers

6:41 for sub-zero's fight

we will see what the viewers will or wont accept, now your points that you have stated about what we know from the game is not correct
2 no scorpion had way better moves than sub-zero the were more effeciant to kill looked kooler and even the fatalities were way better than sub-zero's freezing hell fire beats ice any time HELL FIRE, also you stated that in every game that sub-zero had more abilities well in MK1 they both had the same, MK2 scorpion had two moves more than sub-zero, in MK3 scorpion had 10 moves and sub-zero only had 5, also in MK3 scorpion had 6 fatalities where as sub-zero only had 5.
3 "ad a$$ hero who would kill if he had to" so what does that mean it doesnt make a difference in this game if your evil or not.
4 hello scorpion was killed pretty hard to protect your clan when your dead and the most powerful socerer in the netherelm is killing them off (Quan chi) and technically speaking they arent dead they are in the netherrelm trapped forever.

Beacuse my opponent is only wanting to go by the game beacuse he knows scorpion would beat sub-Zero any day i will point out how scorpion is better from the game perspective. and many of these points he has not yet refuted from the first argument.

1) "As a spectre, Scorpion is immune to death as his soul is still bound by revenge, allowing him to endlessly chase his targets until they have been silenced."
- mortal kombat wiki under combat characteristics of scorpion.

2) "Scorpion goes into his victory pose as the ground begins to shake violently. Moments later, he and his opponent are automatically transported to Scorpion's Lair where numerous of his dead clan the Shairai Ryu members rise from the ground to utterly destroy the opponent. The Fatality is presumed to be brutal enough to fade to black as the opponent is beaten before a splat and an intense scream is heard."
(this also proves that his dead clan techniqally isnt dead)

3) "Scorpion manifests a pool of lava below him and descends into it whilst a second drags the opponent in as the victim is burned by the hellfire. Moments later, the body is thrown back out of the pit, now reduced to a skeleton."

4) scorpion is older than sub-zero and was given the name of sasori beacuse he was the best ninja in his clan there fore scorpion has more knowledge, experience and such in the art of combat

Now in round 3 first argument you stated that i had you in scorpions past beacuse of the comics actually everything i mentiond in round 3 was taken from the game.

What was my main point that was going off the comic i still dont see which argument was going off the comic as you have said? And i have not heard of the sub-zero game that you are reffering to please provide a video or link to where you got this info.

it's a law like gravity that scorpion is to pwn sub-zero


Well this is the last round and I'm glad becuase I've already proved you wrong anyway.

1. Ok you post the movie up but we already know that the movie has nothing to do with the storyline. It may have bits and pieces in it that are right but overall it doesn't depict the actual original game. So the fact that you are relying on a movie that wasn't canon just proves you aren't looking into the actual game.

2. As far as the moves in the game sub-zero had way more. From MK 1 through 3 scorpion only had the spear and the teleport punch. In MK 2 subzero had the ice freeze, slide, the ice puddle. In MK three he had all thoose moves plus the ice clone and he could shoot the ice in the air, AND there were two sepearte sub-zeros you could choose from including the sprite from MK1. So this proves that subzero has developed his technique way better than scorpion. If scorpion was so good at hi supposed hell fire powers he would have had beeter pyro manipulation powers by the 3rd MK, but he didn't because hes not as good as subzero.

3.You mention he is the main character of the new MK, well that cant really be verified until the game comes out. Its common for developers to change things within months of the release. The only thing they cant change is subzero being awesome. And lets be honest that cant afford to make subzero suck in any games. They can risk scorpion being moderate as far as his moveset, power, etc. But the moment subzero gets demoted anything below high mid card fans would have a fit, becuase people love him more.

4.You have seemed to contradict yourself in one of the points I stated earlier. I said that nobdy really dies but they just get sent to the neatherrealm. You countered my point by saying that people do, and sub-zero would indeed die. Yet, you stated that scorpions clan aren't considered dead but are in the neatherrealm. It seems you only want to use the god card when its convient for you, but for sub-zero he has to die, thats pretty lame on your part keep it consistant.

5.As I stated many of times the comcs don't count, and they never will. If the comics count then the DC vs MK game counts as a story, which it doesn't.

6.You metion something about his fatalities being beeter or something to that nature? In all honesty throughout the game every character has had there fair share of cool looking fatalities, ok fatalities, and wtf fatilities. I mean MK Deception subzero had a nasty fatality that I really liked. So thats not really a valid point.

So thoose are my points.

So in conclusion I want to just say that subzero is better because he is the all around good character. Hes the most developed character, he has the better moves, hes always been in th main storyline, he had his own freakin game, and hes just better. My opponents attempt to win the voters over with random excrepts from comics is wack, because the comics dont count. And if he was a true fan he wouldn't have to rely on videos and wikipedia, the people know about MK, we dont need to be reminded by canned information, its all in the heart. I would just like to state that I hope the voters looking at my reasoning instead of my spelling. I know I have had plenty of errors throughout the debate, and I know I could have used spell check. But I figured were a bunchh of gamers discussing MK lore, and note turing in a term paper. So with that being said i thank you brokenboy for making this debate, I thank everybody that has read this debate, and I just hope to continue things like this in the future, there pretty fun.

*cough* scorpion sucks. subzero rules*cough*

Debate Round No. 5
15 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Humanities 2 years ago
I think Scorpion is much better than Sub Zero because Scorpion is much more well known, has a much more notorious signature move (The "Get over here!" spear) and fatality (Toasty!) and the only reason that Sub Zero, Rain, Smoke, Reptile and Ermac EXIST is because of Scorpion (Ermac was a glitched red Scorpion, Rain, Smoke and Reptile were secret re colored Scorpions and Sub Zero was made just so Scorpion had someone to call his "opposite").
Posted by brokenboy 7 years ago
Sorry you can vote for your self if you want
Posted by Rockozer 7 years ago
Wow how could you vote for your own debate, ill leave it to the voters.
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
First of all, thanks to both of you for an interesting (though difficult at times) read.

Neither of you were especially formal. TIED

Spelling & Grammer:
Lots of big blocks of text from both of you. Formatting will get you EVERYWHERE! TIED

I've been playing the games for a long time, since MK1 at the Arcade. Sub Zero's freeze move was the only way I could beat Goro for a long time. I'd have to get up to him with which ever character I was playing, get beaten to death by Goro, switch to Sub Zero, freeze and uppercut over and over, win, let Shang Tsung kill me, switch back and win.
So, essentially, Sub Zero was the superior character in that game TO ME.
HOWEVER, let games evened the score significantly. It all comes down to the player using the character. A good player can beat any character with any character. So Con's main argument, that of game physics, is essentially moot.
Pro offered several arguments regarding the story and Con's rebuttals were poor to say the least.
PRO win the argument.

Sources: Pro cited better sources.
Posted by Greyparrot 7 years ago
There is a physics law that says rapid cooling is way more damaging than rapid heating, but I cant find it. Just dont take a hot glass and pour ice water in it quickly!
Posted by brokenboy 7 years ago
yes a agree with rockozer how about the spelling and grammer is another point for whoever you agree with.
Posted by Puck 7 years ago
Eh I always preferred reptile to subzero - especially in UMK3. Forceball. ^^ I haven't played any of the 3d games so no idea after that.
Posted by Cobo 7 years ago
Raidin pwns.
Scorpion might be hellspawn.
Posted by Rockozer 7 years ago
For everybody out there I want you guys to rate me on my points, not my spelling. I know I could easily put my arguments into spell checker but I really didn't think it would matter since were on an online forum talking about games. So if there is any clarification that anybody needs I'm happy to do that. But please dont look at my grammar errors, look into what I am saying, and thats all I have to say to the voters. Thanks :)
Posted by brokenboy 7 years ago
Thank you
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Vote Placed by Cobo 7 years ago
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