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Scorpions are good pets in general.

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Started: 8/7/2012 Category: Science
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The first round is for acceptance. I will be arguing that scorpions are good pets in general, and Con will be arguing that scorpions are not good pets in general.

Good- To be desired or approved of

Scorpions- A terrestrial arachnid (order Scorpiones)

Pet - an animal kept in confinement

General- not confined by specialization or careful limitation

First round is for acceptance. The debate will be back and forth arguments and counter-arguments. All sources must be linked and available online, and no semantics are allowed.


I accept and promise to adhere to the rules as per agreed.

This is my electronic signature.
Debate Round No. 1


=Scorpions are generally not lethal=

The number of scorpion species on the planet is estimated to be around 1,752, and they are found in all continents except for Antartica. The number of scorpion species that are able to to deliver lethal stings to humans is estimated to be 25. This means that only 1.42% of scorpion species are capable of killing a human being. Since the number of lethal scorpion species is so low, it can be known that scorpions are generally not harmful. [1]

Between 1991 and 2001, only .26% of animal related fatalities were attributed to scorpions. Scorpions were beat by hornets, bees wasps, spiders, and even dogs. The number of fatalities related to scorpions is extremely lower, even lower than dogs, so it's proven that scorpions pose little threat to somebodies life [2]

There were fifteen deaths related to dogs in 2011. Only 4 deaths in 11 years have occurred as a result of scorpion stings. The number of people killed by scorpions is so low, it's about one person every three years. [3]

*The vast majority of scorpions are not lethal and scorpions rarely kill anybody.


=Scorpion stings are generally harmless=

According to Mayo Clinic, scorpion stings are painful, but are mostly (generally) harmless. Mayo Clinic also states that scorpion stings mostly (generally) don't need medical treatment. We can conclude from this that scorpion stings are generally harmless to a human. [1][2]

Furthermore, I would like to stress that the unlikelihood of being stung by your pet scorpion. If it gets out and stings someone, it is because you did not secure its terrarium well enough, allowing it to escape. If you or a family members gets stung by a pet scorpion, it was likely the fault of one of its human caretakers. A well-kept pet scorpion could not escape in the first place.

*In general, scorpion stings are harmless, and do not require hospital. If a scorpion escapes and stings somebody, it is the fault of the pet owner, not an intrinsic part of having a scorpion.


=Scorpions and other pets=

Can a scorpion kill a pet? Well, it depends on the circumstances. In most cases, your scorpion would probably die if it escaped from its terrarium, as they have very sensitive exoskeletons and wouldn't survive the drop. However, if they did manage to escape and live, I feel that a house-pet such as a cat or a dog would be able to kill them. Cats and dogs in places like Arizona, where scorpions are considered pests, have been known to kill scorpions. If your scorpion did manage to kill another pet, who's fault was it for not securing its cage enough? That responsibility lies with the pet owner. Pets being stung is almost always a result of bad owners, and is not an intrinsic part of keeping a scorpion.

*If your scorpion stings a pet, you should have secured its terrarium better in the first place.

=Scorpions are easy to take care of=

Scorpions are very easy to keep. After you have set up the terrarium for it, it's not a challenge to keep it well-fed and happy. All a scorpion needs is a ten gallon tank (minimum) and a hiding spot to hide under.[1] Scorpions do not require food that often. Most scorpions only need to be fed 1-2 times a week and 1-2 proper sized crickets each feeding.[2] A bag of crickets will cost $18.69 for 250 crickets.[3] Taking into consideration the fact that scorpions won't eat before and after molting, you will feed them rarely.

Even if you forgot to feed your scorpion, some scorpions can survive without eating any food for a year.[4]Even the most irresponsible pet owner would be able to take care of one just fine.

*Scorpions rarely eat and can go a long time without doing so.


=What you can do with a scorpion=

What can you do with scorpions? Well, a lot of interesting things actually. Firstly, it's always interesting to feed a scorpion. You drop their prey in, usually a cricket or a cockroach, and you get to watch the scorpion hunt down its food like it would in the wild. It's like watching a nature documentary in real life. Secondly, it's an interesting topic you can bring up to people you meet. Not that many people have scorpions, so it's a good way of sparking somebodies interest in having a conversation with you. Thirdly, scorpions are good climbers and burrowers, and watching what they do while in their terrarium can get interesting. Fourthly, if you really wanted to play with your scorpion, you probably could. Handling it is not impossible at all, and gloves can be worn if you are concerned about your personal safety.

*You can do many things with a pet scorpion.


I have proved using sources and factual information that scorpions are good pets in general. The resolution is upheld.


I will not be on this website any longer due to school
I wish my opponent luck in the future! I apologize about doing this to him and hope he may forgive me.

Please vote for my opponent.
Debate Round No. 2


That's fine Hitchslap. I hope you do well in school.


TheHitchslap forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Arguments extended.
Debate Round No. 4


Arguments extended.
Debate Round No. 5
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