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Selfies are used in more creative ways than narcissistic looks at your own face.

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Started: 10/16/2014 Category: People
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I saw a guy do a selfie in front a Devil's Tower. It was just to show his friends and family that he was there and wanted to share his experience with his friends.

Ok, so the 'guy' was actually me.

I promise there was no cleavage in the picture.


Many people who take selfies are just taking them for a profile picture, or just to see how they look. Almost everyone else who takes them does it for a narcissistic reason, like to show off their face to twitter. There are a smaller ammount of people who take them to be artistic, but isn't this still narcissistic if they post it all over social media? Selfies are taken for narcissistic reasons.
Debate Round No. 1


That's not true at all! You're saying that the only reason to take a 'selfie' pic of yourself is JUST to be narcissistic, but if I was asked by my grandmother to take a picture of myself in front of a McDonalds I'm doing so to inform her that I'm alive and well! That's not narcissistic, that's showing someone an image of myself.

Alive and well... at least before eating the McDonalds.

Besides, I think we could actually use a few MORE people doing selfies of themselves showing off things like their living rooms, their children, their dinners and even their vehicles. If you don't see their face plastered on the pic of their things, how do you really know if it's theirs to begin with?


There are people who take pictures of themselves for real reasons, like you mentioned. However, there are too many duck faces, mirror selfies, and photos of people with their pets. It is getting ridiculous. And honestly, who needs to see your living room, children, and vehicles? I understand sending a photo of these to a relative or friend, but posting them in social media is obnoxious. Showing off your car is not going to help anyone.
Debate Round No. 2


I concede the topic about duck face, as it's the most overdone expression in the history of social networking and it looks ridiculous. However, we're not talking about JUST the duck face, we're talking about selfies in general.

Selfies are an artistic glance into what a person is experiencing from your point of view. How could you ever hate on a selfie!

Your friend - I just got three happy meals from McDonalds and I'm going to eat it all right here in one sitting!

You - No way, pics or I won't believe you!

Your friend - +14;(ಠ益ಠ+14;)
_.-", ,' .'. , `. . "-._
.'. ` . , ` . ' ' `.

Selfies are a way of life.


OK, selfies are used for many good reasons, like you mentioned. However, they are commonly known as just a weird picture you take of yourself. There are many great reasons to take a selfie, they are just not commonly known. Every time I have seen someone take a selfie for a good reason, they have shouted "selfie!" just to make fun of it. When someone takes numberous pictures of themself for no good reason, they say "selfie" as an actual word.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by neverBSAD 2 years ago
You need to phrase the topic to make it more debatable i.e. Selfies are used in more creative ways than narcissistic looks at your own face.
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