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Sennheiser and bose are far better than beats

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Started: 12/4/2016 Category: Technology
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Sennheiser is a german audio tech company thats been around since the end of WWII. They make high quality products, ranging from audiometry, to high end, to gaming. they make 5 times better stuff than beats for the same price.


Bose is not at all better than beats. Bose is a total ripoff. The reason why I say is it's a ripoff, is because something expensive should mean it's better. Bose should have a great sound quality according to the price. Sennheiser is better than beats but is to expensive to afford for some people also people won't buy it because it's to expensive, and since it's a higher price, it should have a great sound quality . Although sennheiser is a little than beats, beats are more cheaper and affordable
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Posted by Velannal 1 year ago
See, im a 14 yr old kid with a lot of spare time, i dont have an income, nothing. i own a sennheiser HD 558, and i also own an HD 598 cs. neither were terribly expensive. The Sennheisers are expensivve- ish, but for beats, $110 will get you some supraaural, relatively high impedence thing that is not really worth your money. bose makes great noise cancelling stuff, and great circumaural stuff. theyre comfortable, sound reasonable, and have some of the best noise cancelling you can get without buying some insanity that doesn't sound great. beats makes decent noise cancelling, but the components they use are not very good, the impedence is generally pretty high, and the frequency response is low grade. the 5 times better was definitely "out of thin air", but if you want something accurate, i'd say you get better sound, based on ferquency response with sennheiser. yourr money is almost always well spent, and honestly beats is a dead brand that apple is just milking because of the company name.
Posted by sboss18 1 year ago
It is a truism that a company like Sennheiser produces better audio listening devices than Beats, but the "5 times better" metric seems to have been pulled out of thin air.
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