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Sexiality Isn't a Choice

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Started: 3/11/2016 Category: People
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I believe that sexuality is not a choice, but I'll let my opponent have the first statement.


Please Note: I'm NOT attempting to offend anyone, nor am I against those who are other than heterosexual. I wish the best of luck to me and my opponent.

Sexuality in my honest opinion isn't wired into one's brain at a very young age, nor do I believe one is automatically heterosexual when born. I believe it was taught someway, somehow weather through society or media. I seen people go from straight to gay vice versa, I've heard many say biologically it's naturally weird into one's brain, but honestly I find that false due to the fact a child doesn't yet have the knowledge on the meaning of sexuality. When children view television, magazines, movies, cartoons, etc. It's influencing children in some kind of way.
Debate Round No. 1


Sexuality is determined at birth, but it may take a while for one to figure it out. As for people going from gay to hetero, this is just them trying to figure out who they are. They could even be bisexual.

Here I speak from personal existence. I grew up in a conservative Christian household, so anything other than heterosexuality was frowned upon. I hit the teenage years when I begin to learn things about myself, and I began to question my sexuality. I simply realised, "hey, I don't really like anyome" and go to talking with some friends and I figured out that I'm asexual. Did I choose to be this way? No. Did my environment influence me? No. I was asexual at birth, but only recently realised it.


You've informed me it's determined at birth, but you also say it takes one a while to began to realize who they are. I'm not able to process that through my head correctly, one because determined means strongly felt and mostly likely not to change it.

So, say one's into women and all of sudden one figures themselves out due to whatever the reasoning may be, you mean to inform me that one isn't changing their mind or ways? You began to question your sexuality, right? But you also said "I simply realized hey I don't really like anyone" You're making a change. You said "As for people going from gay to hetero, this is just them trying to figure out who they are." No, that's one changing their ways.
Debate Round No. 2


"You've informed me it's determined at birth, but you also say it takes one a while to began to realize who they are."

This is silly statement. One does not normally realise their sexuality immediately. It's set in stone at birth, but it may take a while to figure it out.

Thank you for debating me. This was a good one.


My statement is silly? Bravo.

Give it up. Sexuality is a choice. One feels a certain way in their life at one point then all of a sudden "figures" themselves out. You went from having a sexual orientation to being "asexual" whatever that means which is a change by choice. One day you think you feel a certain then next you "figure" it out later on in life you feel another way? Right... anyway.

You're welcome, glad I took the time to debate about this.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BloodyWings 2 years ago
Right? First, I didn't jump to conclusion, because it was the conclusion.

Second, Many people think it was taught some way, somehow. However, I stated my belief on how I felt about sexuality just like my opponent stated his belief.

How could I prove it on Ask everyone that is homosexual or agrees people were "born" that way over the internet? open your eyes.

Okay? What does lions have to do with this? Why are you comparing animals with people? What does lions have to do with people and their sexuality? I'm not going to question why an animal is having sexual relations with it's own gender or not.

It's been established long ago, dude.. alright, I didn't have any proof I give you that. I'm not going to look it up on the internet, get out there and pay attention. People obviously that's people's problem, they go to the internet for everything instead of seeing for themselves.

It doesn't make any sense.. when one says they're taking the time to find themselves, then obviously you weren't born gay, if you were born that way shouldn't you already know? I have an Ex who used to bash on gays and was straight, then she went bi, and now she's informed everyone she's full on Gay now and that she doesn't like men, but that's funny she used to date me. Me and many of my buddies, and other folks who would disagree this topic seen people go from this to that, and everyday we have this conversation, the only excuse I hear from others is "I'm just now finding out I'm gay." or "It takes people time to find themselves." For fact that's an excuse. You're sitting here quoting me and all, but I get it because you can.

Tell me this,
How were people born this way?

Many people say they didn't figure it out until they were older, what took them so long?

Change is by choice...

For example,
No forces you to CHANGE, you do it by CHOICE.
Of course it's not synonymous.. CHANGE is a decision, which when you make that decision it becomes a CHOICE
Posted by Heirio 2 years ago
"Give it up. Sexuality is a choice."

Talk about jumping to conclusion!
From your arguments, we can say that sexuality can be CHANGED. Change is NOT synonymous with choice. I've seen this sort of thing before, people think that one's sexuality changes and they say "it's a choice".
Change is not always choice.

"I believe it was taught someway"

Contradicting yerself I see.

"I seen people go from straight to gay vice versa,"

No proof.

" When children view television, magazines, movies, cartoons, etc. It's influencing children in some kind of way."

There are homosexual lions.
So this argument is already debunked, unless of course you suggest lions watch TV.

"We've already established Sexuality is a choice. Children can be influenced through media, social media or parents."

The lions are loving that social media.
Plus, you didn't establish it.
You claimed it.
And provided no backing.
Posted by BloodyWings 2 years ago
First of all, never said anything about one being born heterosexual, but I know for a fact one wasn't born homosexual either. Okay guy, you're taking my exact words and re-wording the same exact thing I said to make yourself seem more intelligent, I see what you're doing so you can stop now. We've already established Sexuality is a choice. Children can be influenced through media, social media or parents. Some way, some how, it was taught. When you say "Love Map" (?) What does that even mean? Where do you stand on this? Is that some kind of research you did on the internet or something? Bravo guy.. great lack of comprehension by the way.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
Lol *High Five* Yeah I think I was born attracted to women as well. However on a more serious note, I believe that both sides of this debate are 100% WRONG. It is not one or the other. We all know, that the way your born AND the way your raised all affects you. You may be born with a tendency towards something, but choose something else. For example, My Grandmother. She MARRIED my Grandpa, had my Father and my Aunt, but then divorced my Grandpa and decided to become a Lesbian. Really, this makes it very obvious that it was by choice and not by birth, because she married at like 25ish, and divorced at like 40 and then became a Lesbian. So its fairly obvious that choices were the primary influence of her sexual orientation.

If you want to argue that brain scans show great differences between Homosexual men and Heterosexual men. Then realize that Actions affect the way our bodies form. Our brains actually have something called a Love Map, it is a "map" that our actions and sexual activities "draw" leading to orgasm. More times you do this, the stronger the map becomes and more detailed in all creating something like a fetish or sexual preference. Really if you think your gay, that doesnt mean your gay, its a choice. The act of being homosexual will actually change your brain into a homosexual brain. Of course Love Maps are not forever and can be changed, another fact to show its choice. But people are also born with hormone unbalances, which can lead to a tendency of forming a homosexual Love Map. So basically, its a choice, unless you have a mental inbalance of hormones, which is something that should probably be treated.
Posted by matt8800 2 years ago
When I was 3, I was so fascinated by my mom's friends boobs when she was undressing I was compelled to grab them. It was definitely hardwired.
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