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Sexism should be banned in the media

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Started: 2/11/2015 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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For instance, there are many music videos where men are fully clothed and woman are parading around like objects,, why not give them more opportunities to be in a music video not half naked or fully for that matter, especially when the men are fully clothed! kids can't even watch music videos these days as everything on tv is to adult, it's brainwashing society to behave in a way where men are led to think there is nothing more to a woman other than her body. We are so used to seeing naked airbrushed women that we will forget what real women look like or that they actually have a mind and a soul like men. It is not just effecting the way women are treated but it is effecting relationships, there are more men cheating now than ever before and it's because of the people controlling our media thinking it's okay to ruin relationships by putting into mens heads that there are better more perfect women than their partners. I wish we could put an end to this and stop putting this trash in magazines and on our tv's. Most men don't feel insecure with themselves the way women do and that's because there isn't so much sexism towards men, there aren't so many music videos or films showing men that they are only attractive and worth something when they're under 25 and looking a certain way so why is that the case for women? There needs to be a change.


To address the confusion you should be pro and I con, non the less now that that's understood lets begin.
To be fair I will not rebuttal my opponents points in the first argument.

My opponent will argue that sexism should be banned in the media, I will argue the contrary.
This idea is a direct attack on our civil liberates as members of a free society, to take away our free speech is an appealing idea and is a first steep towards a totalitarian dictator ship, something no rational human benign could want.

Also I'd like to know who decides what is deemed as 'sexist' and whats not, whom do we allow the authority and such immense power in this media fueled day and age to control the way the media operates; a very dangerous idea indeed.

My last point would to be to ask what the punishment would be if sexism in the media became a crime, any fine or prison time is still to much for the simple notion of expressing 'free speech'.
Debate Round No. 1


I was not suggesting there to be punishment but that it should not be aired or splashed around in our faces in magazines, it is not a freedom of speech but rather a man in charge putting out his personal desires, the fact is putting out music videos encouraging rappers to speak about women being hoes and showing them prancing around naked has a damaging effect on not just women but our society, if we want to be equal things like this should not be aired or sold unless in a perverted pornography shop which is where a lot of these magazines and music videos belong as they are essentially soft porn and in which case the people are in the wrong business and should keep that else where not in our youths faces, do you want our future to be equal or you want women, our mothers, sisters, aunties, cousins and daughters to be continued to be degraded and portrayed in such ways.


My opponent appears to be arguing that the objectification of women in the media is having such a profound effect on women that they are losing equality in relation to men.
However this is just not the case, in America the first mentioning of the harms from objectification of women came about in the 60's (1), also in 60's came the came the American feminist movement and women gained a greater amount of rights as a result (2), but my opponent would argue that it should have had an opposite effect which it clearly did not.

Now to the present day where we have seen a skyrocket in the objectification of women in the media, as the media has boomed we see more images, and 96% of them are female of sexually objectified bodies (1), however equality for women is at an all time high and in most aspects of life is on par with their male counterpart. From education to earnings, American women today enjoy unprecedented levels of opportunity. Women now have a huge edge over men when it comes to higher education. They are earning the majority of associate, bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees. For every 100 degrees men got in 2013, women got 140 (3).
Thus if the objectification of women in the media plays such a great role as my opponent states it does then the objectification of women is actually 'good' for women's equality.

Remaining on the issue of objectification my opponent is trying to give the impression that this is only a problem for women; untrue. In London 2013 two women have raised $3.5 million for a controversial, girls-only app that objectifies men (4).

You call for sexism in the media to be banned but then say there should be no punishment for offenders who break the ban, so then it would become an ineffective rule and a waste of everybody's time.

By suggesting this only applies to women which by your previous two arguments you clearly are leading to that view; means you want to place the 'rights' specifically your rights as i'd say most women would not agree with you, over the of rights everybody has to free speech. This idea is a step back for a progressive society.

Debate Round No. 2


I think you are missing the point I was making, I was not suggesting that it effects women's earnings but rather the respect as a human being you can not disagree with me in saying that there are not many music videos with women in business outfits whilst the naked young men parade around like they're sex slaves nor are there many magazines using men's bodies as sex objects to advertise products, nor are there mainly just young "sexy" male actors as there are mainly only young female actors suggesting that women are only worth something when they're young. Yes I do believe that when a women gets groped in a club or walks down the street and gets harassed by numerous men who seem to think that's okay that it is the media encouraging this behaviour and encouraging men to look down upon women in such a way. It's still an equality issue there are different forms you stating a financial one is not a point I was trying to make. Anything that the media put out has an effect on everyone the same way as if you play violent video games the same way as if you watch a horror movie you start thinking about spooky things, the same way as the media objectify women we start to think the same way. It is a form of brainwashing.


Missing the point? "What real women look like or that they actually have a mind and a soul like men" and then when I give you factual evidence of more equality than ever before in the workforce and education you say this is not of form of respect, that leaves me baffled.

You than go on to say "Anything that the media put out has an effect on everyone the same way as if you play violent video games the same way as if you watch a horror movie you start thinking about spooky things, the same way as the media objectify women we start to think the same way" now it appears my opponent is leading to the suggestion we ban some video games and movies, when will this tyranny end? By this logic we must also ban the news every time they report crime; inconceivable.

Lets look at the sexual objectification of women in Islamic communities, there is none; however coincidentally there is also no equality for women.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Andrea39 3 years ago
I think it's important not to overlook personal responsibility on the subject. It is just as much the fault of the women for participating. Men don't make us objects we do. I'd won't happen if we don't let it. There are men out there that are just as aware of the impact has and they choose to respect women. there's not a thing we can do cause sex sells. Just be a positive influence to those you can. Thoes attracted to shallow aren't anything for us to miss lol
Posted by NNEye 3 years ago
You're arguing for the banning of sexism in the media, yet you are taking Con.
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Reasons for voting decision: Overall a Pro win. Con did not adequately refute the arguments made in the round, nor did not clarify how banning sexism would actually solve this problem. By constantly denying intentions, Con became a moving target. However Pro was clear and concise in his argumentation and won conduct. Pro actually used evidence while Con's arguments were based off of speculation. Con's argument could have been much improved if they proved how the negative portrayal of woman is having a negative affect on equality