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Sexual orientation doesn't originate only from biology

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Started: 11/30/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I'm going to defend the following point:
Sexual orientation doesn't originate only from biology.

I challenge anyone who can prove me wrong.


I accept the debate. I believe that sexual orientation DOES originate from biology that is, it depends upon biological factors such as genes and hormones.
I think the burden of proof is shared here.
Debate Round No. 1


I believe my point may have been misunderstood:

Sexual orientation doesn't originate ONLY from biology.

Sexual orientation is a multivariable dynamic process.

Of course there are some biological factors that influence sexual orientation, such as:
- Genetics
- Epigenetics (prenatal androgen exposure)
- Brain structures

Biology has a great influence on sexual orientation.

But not everything is as it seems.

1) A study from Denmark proves that the environment increases or decreases the proportion of heterosexual and homosexual weddings.
What did this study find?
- Demography: People in cities are more likely to marry a same-sex partner and less likely to marry heterosexually.
- Family issues
- Having no brothers

2) Younger men from the Sambia tribe fellate other adult men as a rite of passage.
3) The greeks were equally comfortable with the same-sex and that helped the formation of more "men on men" action.

And finally this one, which i think isn't that good but can raise an interesting topic:

4) Homophobia is for some a latent homosexuality. By now all i can say is that homophobia correlates with homosexual arousal.

Are the people in 4 homosexual? Is homosexuality defined by conduct or is it enough if we consider physiological response?

I believe sexual orientation is a social construct. So it doesn't really matter how you identify yourself, what matters is whether or not you are taking every aspect of yourself into account, or maybe just letting it be.


Since it is a 3 round debate, I think it will be fair enough only to out forward both my arguments and rebuttals in round 2 itself so that I dont end with a rebuttal in last round and my opponent gets to rebut me in round 3,where I will put a conclusion only.

Now initialy I did misunderstand the topic thinking that my opponent thought environment was the only factor for someone being homosexual. However, I strongly think that homosexuality does originate from biology and biology only.

Now, my opponent and I are on the same page when it comes to biology as a factor for sexuality. Therefore I do not to reinforce arguments to show that biology is a factor for sexuality. However I need to show that environment does not play a role in determining sexuality which I will be doing by showing events in which someone turns heterosexual in 'pro homosexual environment' or vice versa and putting rebuttals to opponents arguments.

ARGUMENT Sexuality in animals - Homosexuality is very strongly observed in animal kingdom. Although even animals are social beings,are there environmental factors which contribute to homosexual behaviour? Complex social structures such as those in humans being society does not exist for animals, why then, there are queer animals??

1. Judges may note that the link shows the trends on sexuality. How the physical factors lead to variation in sexuality has no mention whatsoever. People in cities are more likely to be homosexual. It is beyond doubt that personal freedom of expression is more appreciated and prevalent in cities than in small towns or villages. It is very much obvious that people living in places other than cities will find it easy to reveal their sexuality. There is no proof to show that there are less homosexual people in non city places,it only means that people living in non city are afraid to express their sexuality. Animals regardless of the kind of place they live will the show the same amount of variation of sexuality,be it zoo or wild.
(zoo and wild refers to change in environment) Had it been that the penguins initially turned homosexual in the event of lack of female counterparts,they woud not have refused the offer of a female who are abundant in wild.
Family issues 'Having a family issue is a reason for sexuality variation.' Judges may note that how family issues change change sexual behaviour. The link provided only gives a statistical account. Statistics does not give reasons to the graphs it only shows graphs.
2. Younger men from Sambia tribe fellate other male as a rite of passage
It may be seen that the 'homosexual' behaviour is only a ritual. The people AFTER the passage DONOT ENGAGE IN ANY FORM OF HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOUR. If social factors had such a role in sexuality, many of the tribesmen would have turned gay.
3. If any kind of behavious is created by environmental factors, or society, they should be able to be healed using therapy like the one that has been used for rape victims and criminals. If being gay has a social/environmental factor, then therapy of any kind must change them into heterosexuals or 'reduce the amount of homosexuality'
Debate Round No. 2


Before beginning with my rebuttals i will quote con:
3. If any kind of behavious is created by environmental factors, or society, they should be able to be healed using therapy like the one that has been used for rape victims and criminals. If being gay has a social/environmental factor, then therapy of any kind must change them into heterosexuals or 'reduce the amount of homosexuality'.

Why is there a need to "reduce the amount of homosexuality"? It is not a psycopathology. There is no need to cure it. The DSM-5 does not include homosexuality.

When i talk about sexual orientation, i'm not only considering homosexuals and heterosexuals, i'm also considering bisexuals, asexuals, sexually fluid people and so on.

(Sexuality in animals): The fact that there are queer animals does not make any point. I said biology does affect sexual orientation, i didn't deny that.
(Animals regardless of the kind of place they live will show the same amount of variation of sexuality): The link you showed me doesn't show any experimental or statistical information, so you cannot make such assumptions. Just gay penguins, again, i didn't say they aren't gay, in fact they are.

1) Sexuality alters through time (at least for sexually fluid people):

And i quote from this very link: "Lisa M. Diamond argues that for some women, love and desire are not rigidly heterosexual or homosexual but fluid, changing as women move through the stages of life, various social groups, and, most important, different love relationships."

Also, epigenetics is influenced by the environment:

I agree with you, conversion therapy should not be done, and hurts homosexuals.

I will finish with the abstract of an interesting link i found on pubmed:


1. My opponent in Round 2 mentioned some environmental and physical conditions under which people's sexual orientation is affected. What I tried to prove through queer animals is that the factors mentioned for sexual orientation in case of humans are absolutely absent in animal world. Therefore all animals should have similar sexual orientations as they grow up under similar condition unlike humans. Parents of animals do not have divorces, some of them dont live in cities and some in forests and yet there are a range of sexual orientations in animals.

2. The sexual fluidity as mentioned by opponent seems as if he has assumed that sexual fluidity is change in sexual orientation. No!
Sexual fluidity is not a change in sexual orientation. Sexual fluidity does not imply that a person is homosexual for a given period of time and then turns heterosexual for a certain period of time. It also does not equal to bisexuality. Kindly donot confuse fluidity with bisexuality.

3. The fact that conversion therapy does not work is itself a proof that environment is not a factor. If I were depressed due to something bad happening to me (a physical factor) I could be cured by therapy but sexual orientation is not.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
you made me think about stuff and now i write it down.. just thoughts

belief can cause, say a gay person, but gays must exist, like psychos must exist, so there is a natural balance going on as well as i see it

for my body to be healthy, i must be able to get sick or i couldn't exist, same with gays

if gays cant exist without living beings, living beings are gay while simultaneously being straight

a straw of grass fantasizes about having sex with a lawn mover, and its just 1 second

if its impossible for living beings to not desire sex, then every living being is gay and straight, like men in a prison, so it becomes about physical pressure, where as one could be in a mental prison, and with the right pressure become gay or straight

hmm so without a prison, being free, i am gay and straight lol
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