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Sexual orientation is determined at birth.

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Started: 2/22/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Sexual orientation IS determined at birth. How? You can easily see whether a baby has female or male genitals. A penis is for the males and a vagina is for the females. Simple.


Pro's argument about the female and male genitals seems to be a non-sequitur. Read what one is here.[1] The genitals have little to do with sexual orientation. While the genitals determine biological sex and biological sex correlates with sexual orientation, biological sex is not the cause of sexual orientation.

If sexual orientation was determined at birth, then all identical twins would have the same sexual orientation. However, it is not the case that when one twin is homosexual, the other twin is also homosexual. As has been established by several studies on this matter, not 100% of twins have the same sexual orientation as the other, in fact it varies from as little as 20% of twins sharing the same sexual orientation, to as much as 60% in some studies.[3, pg 271]

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Posted by Aspirant 1 year ago
im suspecting this account was created solely for the purpose of making this non-sequitor argument. im not buying the "garciadulce" thing.
Posted by Capitalistslave 1 year ago
Damn, somehow my links to the sources got semi-colons added to the end of them again.

Here are my round 1 sources again, hopefully without semi-colons:

Posted by PhilosophicalUmbreon 1 year ago
You mean biological sex, no sexual orientation...
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