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Started: 1/16/2014 Category: People
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I propose that a man who sleeps around is much more respectable and admirable than a women doing the same thing.

I await responses of admiration and hatred, thank you.

First round is acceptance.


I'm a woman and I find this argument disrespectful. In my eyes a woman and a man are equal-they are both the marvelous creations of God.A man earns money for his family whereas a woman also goes out to work to provide money for her family and she provides the food for you males- your mother is a female so are you trying to state that if your mother sleeps around she isn't admirable and respectable how can you say that when a woman created you.
Debate Round No. 1


Equal? What does that mean? The same? They are not the same, but both should be loved and respected. Neither are less or more than the other and this debate isn't about that.

My point is simple and short. It is easy for a woman to sleep around, it is exceedingly difficult for a man to sleep around. For a guy to be a 'slut' he must be charming, attractive etc. but for a woman she literally just needs to be 'there'. So it is no great achievement for a girl to sleep around and thus she is referred to as a slut whereas are a guy is a 'stud'. Most men want to be studs whereas most girls don't want to be sluts.

This point can be made on an evolutionary level as well. The most dominant males pass on more genes, the most attractive females pass on the most genes, this makes men evolve to be dominant and sexual, where as women evolve to be attractive to males. The man is made to sleep with whoever he can, the more the better, and the female is evolved to chose the best possible one she can.

For a man can have 2 babies an hour and a women can have only one per 10 month. Essentially this means males can have sex 2 times an hour and a woman only once every 9month, so she must be choosy. Therefore a female who has slept with a lot of people is not choosy and doesn't hold herself in very high regard, whereas a man who has slept with a lot of women has been successful. He does not care who he has had sex with because, in evolutionary terms, it doesn't matter. Whereas a women is more likely to feel dirty or used.

Women who sleep around tend to have low self esteem, whereas males who sleep around tend to be confident and self assured. Basically though, it is easy to be a female slut, hard to be a male slut. Indeed on occasion it may be easier to be a female slut than to not be a slut.

Just for the record, I'm a feminist, I love women and are not a 'stud', I am also as aware as a man can be of their suffering in this society.

Thank you


You say your Feminist then why have you put this agreement up with is connected to sexuality?Furthermore, you say a man doesn't really care if he sleep with more than one women but what if he has a wife does that still make him respectable?I agree with the statement in your argument which states that if a women sleep with more than 5 men she is going to feel dirty but you don't know if a man feels respectable after sleeping with 5 woman and cheating on his wife- I find that very disrespectful.
Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


No I would agree it is awful for a man to cheat on his wife/partner just as much as a female. This argument is not concerning that. I am a feminist and I cannot see how this contradicts that. A man typically does not feel 'dirty' after having sex with someone, indeed most men never do. Of course they may feel bad if they are cheating. But a girl may feel 'dirty' without the added factor of cheating.

A good example that illustrates the significance of the difference between male and female's goes as follows : if a boy went round in his collage and asked every SINGLE girl for quick, no strings attached, sex, what percentage would agree? And what would be the typical characteristics of those girls that would agree? Compare this to an 'average' girl (sorry to be shallow). What percentage of single collage boys would have sex with this girl if she asked? And what would be the characteristics of those boys who denied?

I would argue that maybe only 5% of girls would accept sex. (Remember, this is a boy just approaching them in the middle of the day) and those who did accept sex, I believe, would typically be girls with low self esteem and/or a rebellious attitude.
Compare this too the boys condition, I believe that most single boys, 97%, would agree to this. And the boys that DENIED it, I believe, would typically have low self-esteem. And as a result of that, be too shy, even though they may still want too.

So back to the argument; 'I propose that a man who sleeps around is much more admirable and respectable than woman who does the same thing'

So, too sum up. It is no great achievement for a girl to have slept around, as I believe most single men would not take much persuasion and I think that this is quite well known to most people. So it doesn't have the difficult challenge accomplishment aspect, that the male 'slags' have. That is, males have a much harder time sleeping around than women.
So if its easy to sleep around as a female, it shouldn't really have the same status as male who has a much, much harder job.

So this explains why female 'slags' have no special ability and thus are less ADMiRABLE than male slags.

And concerning RESPECT: A man is not disrespected by sleeping with women, he does not loose any dignity. Indeed in 'male culture' we typically 'respect' men who are able to sleep around. Those men, commonly referred to as 'studs' or 'players,' are most of the time confident, with high social status. I would even go so far as to say that most young men aspire to be a stud or a player. So, although this may be cultural (though I would argue it is also natural) I am not saying it is 'right' (morally). You argue about equality and rights, this argument is concerning the reality and the real world context, I added that in the comments before the argument began. And in the real world and in our culture, this is the way it is for us, in my opinion.
As for the respect of women who sleep around; there is not as much of a challenge for a women to sleep around, indeed there is hardly even an effort, in my opinion. And so there is no 'skill' to be respected, as there is with men. Also, in this culture, young women who sleep around normally have low self-esteem and have low social status. They don't have to try and sleep with men, they merely ALLOW a man to sleep with them. So they are the giver in the relationship, concerning sex. This means they are the ones who have to give something up (metaphorically) and so they so they are loosing something. Men have nothing to loose.

I apoligize for my lack of argumentative skill in this debate, I have found it really hard to discuss this topic eliquently. I would like to stress once more that I am not against women in the slightest, I am a serious feminist but you must also be a realist. The matter is more complicated than just a simple 'for/against' women's rights, there are distinct differences that must be explored and understood. Me proposing that it is more likely to be worse (in terms of the psychology of the individual) for a women to have sleep with a lot of people, than a man, is a statement concerning the individuals living in our societies today. It is not a philosophical standpoint attacking the equality of women as a whole.

Thank you


harpz forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by harpz 3 years ago
I value your opinions:)
Posted by kbub 3 years ago
Oh, my god.
Posted by guendoleona 3 years ago
"equal"- Oxford dictionary definition when applied to people "(of people) having the same status, rights, or opportunities"

When talking about people being equal that is the definition the word usually refers to. Not in the sense that one kg of sugar equals 1000g of sugar.
Posted by Tommy.leadbetter 3 years ago
Wow I thought I response would be quick but 2 minuets, that must be a record.
Posted by Tommy.leadbetter 3 years ago
Oh I must add, this is referring to real life and our western societies.
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