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Sharingan is stronger than the Rinnegan

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Started: 3/8/2012 Category: Entertainment
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Calling any Naruto fans out there, that is if there is any on ddo. First round is acceptance only.


Since my opponent has not posted anything about how the rounds will go, I am assuming the first round is for acceptance. I myself am a Naruto fan, and look forward to debating this topic.

I am assuming (please correct me if I'm wrong) that My opponent must prove the Sharingan is better than the Rinnegan, and I must prove that the Rinnegan is better than the Sharingan.

With that, I hand over the next round to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


I had ALOT of fun doing this debate and glad that there are other Naruto fans. I have used every power that the sharingan has ever offered to anybody and am letting Con do the same thing with the Rinnegan. Example, not every Sharingan user could use space time jutsu, but it was a Sharingan exclusive. Nagato also had many powers that weren't exhibited by the sage of six paths, but Con could use powers shown by either user in his argument as long as it is a Rinnegan EXCLUSIVE. The links are mostly for entertainment and show pictures and descriptions of the powers I use. I also speak from a first person narrative because it was easier to do than third person.
So I begin my assualt. In order to defeat the Rinnegan, I must first beat the six paths first. This is how I would go on doing it....

Defense- I will be destroying the six paths in the following order

1)Nakara path. Really no competition, but he must be destroyed first to prevent the resurrection of the other paths.

Attack moves

A) Blaze release: magatama(1) , how would a mouthful of amateratsu taste?,Traveling at extreme speeds, there is no blocking this move.


B) I would use space time justsu to teleport him to another dimension or teleport myself behind him to do a quick andundodgable surprise attack.(2)


C) The only way to stop A is to have preta path absorb my yasaka magatama(3). From there I could teleport by the Nakara path and finish attack B. Or I could put the preta path under a demonic illusion rendering him useless and then finish both the preta and Nakara path at the same time.


2)Preta path. Please, *sigh*. If I didn’t destroy him with the Nakara path, then here is some ways of finishing him.

Attack moves

A)Demonic illusion(4)+ blaze release: yasaka magatama combo attack. How’s he going to block amateratsu if he can’t move? And theres no path to stop blaze release:yasaka magatama without getting in the way themselves which would destroy them in the process. This would just delay the process as I would send another blaze release:yasaka magatama, this time destroying the preta path.


B)Space time jutsu- Either I teleport him to a galaxy far far away, or I teleport beside him him finish him with a surprise attack.

C) Have Kyubii send a chakra blast(also called tailed beast ball)(5) toward him. While he is absorbing the chakra blast(which renders him motionless), I teleport beside him and destroy him. I show why I can summon the Kyubbi below with the animal path.


3) The animal path. Ha I say, let him summon any animal he wants, for I shall summon the kyubii(9 tails). This was shown when Madara controlled the kyubii during the battle with Hashirama and when the Tobi used the kyubii against the third hokage.(6)


Kyubii> Any animal summoned

4) Asura path. Please don’t joke with me. If Naruto took him down with a rinnegan, then there is a wide range of attacks at my side.

Attack moves

A) Blaze release: yasaka magatama. He has no way of blocking this.

B)Space time jutsu: I either teleport him to another plane of existence or teleport beside him to do a surprise attack

C)Kyubii and me work together, a few chakra blast and few fireballs=End of Asura patha.

Everybody stronger than a chunin>Asura path

5)Human path. Good luck trying to steal the soul of a Uchiha. If he human path was unable to extract Jiraya’s and Naruto’s souls, how is going to be successful against a sharingan user? I could always put the human path under a demonic illusion if needed.

Sharingan>Jiraya and Naruto> Human path

6)Deva path. Maybe the only path worth recognition. Fortuanlly, without his pals to help him out, he is extreamly vulnerable to the Sharingan as he can only attack every five seconds.

Attack moves

A)I block his shrina tensei with the susanoo(7) and then counter attack with a yasaka magatama. The yasaka magatama is undodgable and reaches blinding speeds. The deva path’s shrina tensei would be useless at this point since it takes five seconds to reuse and neither could he dodge it. Goodbye deva path.


B)As soon as the deva path uses his shrina tensei, I could teleport within the shrina tensei bubble and destroy the deva path with amateratsu.

C)Since he is the only path left, I use tsukuyomi(8) to destroy him. No path has been shown to resist even the weakest of genjutsus….


The only attack powers left come do not come from the paths, but the actual Rinnegan user…

1)Chibaku tensei- Maybe one of the most powerful moves seen in the show, but not unstoppable. This was shown when Naruto, Itachi, and Bee stopped it(9).



A) My summoned kyubii’s Chakra blast would equal Bee and Naruto attacks together while I would use Itachi’s exact same technique- yasaka magatama. (Which in all honesty, Kyubii’s chakra blast by itself could probably do the job)

B)Good space time justsu. I teleport myself to Mcdonalds and have a nice lunch until the Chibaku tensei attack is done. I come back and continue my assault with a full stomach.

2) The only attack move left would be the Demonic Statue. Even God himself would be afraid of this move.


A) I could say that I could just teleport out there, but that is just getting repetitive. I can still do it but what would be the fun in teleporting myself everytime out everytime a move was made? So I’ll probably go with attack B

B)I’ll use my trump card, the Izanagi(10). Turning myself into a mere illusion, I will avoid the Demoic Statue attack and come out with all my wounds healed and my chakra fully restored. The Rinnegan user on the other hand will be on his knees from the exertion of such a powerful technique not to mention the Chibaku tensei and other justsus he has used.


From this point I go on the offensive


Finishing moves

1) By this point, I could use tsukuyomi to finish the rinnegan user off. Again no path was shown to have even minor defences against genjutsus, so how are you going to block the third most powerful genjutsu in existence?

2) We could have a short battle of ninjutsu. You are too exhasted to pull a trump card so you must resort to minor moves like shrina tensei. I activate susanoo to block any move you pull. We then have a repeat of the end of Itachi vs Sasuke battle where you are constantly being pushed back slowly with nothing in your future but my susanoo splitting you in half….

Alternate 2.

Even though this is strategically unwise, The Rinnegan user was shown to have all his paths power inside of himself instead of splitting them up into amoung contolled bodies. In order to attack me this way, he would have to show himself. If he dares, then I will

A) Either do the tsukuyomi. Again the rinnegan couldn’t even block minor jutsus which is why pain was so afraid of sage art.

B) If you aren’t satisfied with the above genjutsu, then I will do the most powerful genjutsu of all time, the kotoamatsukami(11). With this I can can make you do anything. I do believe this is why Itachi gave this power to Naruto, it was to stop Madara, not Sasuke. With this power, I could make you drop a meteroite(12) on yourself. Silly rabbit, meteroites are enemies, not to kill yourself



With a combination of spacetime jutsu and genjutsu, there is no ninjutsu that can’t be defeated. The Rinnegan dominates other ninjutsus, but is still far inferior to genjutsus which is what the sharingan specializes in. For how can you defeat a illusion with ninjutsu? As itachi said-

“All jutsus are useless before these eyes”

Sharingan>Rinnegan>All Ninjutsus


My opponent is more skilled than me. I will do my best against him.


1) Naraka Path

A) There is blocking the Blaze Release: Magatma. The Preta Path has the ability to absorb any Ninjutsu, and that means the Blaze Release: Magatma would be absorbed. Since there are 6 rinnegan bodies and only 1 sharingan user, this leaves the sharingan user vulnerable to the other paths.

B) Even if the Sharingan user tries to suck in the Naraka path, the other paths are there to help. Tobi, a user of the Sharingan, is left tangible to other attacks when sucking in somebody, so it must be assumed the Sharingan user is as well. The other paths could proceed to stab the Sharingan user with Chakra Disruption Blades, leaving the Sharingan user badly damaged. The surprise attack wouldn't be a surprise attack, because the 6 bodies have shared visions, allowing the paths to react. The path about to be attacked could react in time to stop the Sharingan user because of the shared vision.

C) Preta path would absorb the Blaze Release: Magatma, and the Sharingan user (for short I will simply refer to this as Sm) would try and teleport to the Naraka or Preta path, and the other paths would stop him, as demonstrated above.

2) Preta Path

Given the Preta path has not been destroyed, as shown above, I will deal with my opponent's arguments.

A) The link my opponent provides leads to a page with many Demonic Illusions. I will only use the Demonic Illusion's that apply to Sharingan users. All the Demonic Illusions that are listed for Sharingan users implies the need of eye contact. All the Preta Path has to do, then, is avoid eye contact, and then absorb the Blaze Release: Yasaka Magatma. While the Sm does this, the other paths could proceed forward to attack the Sm.

B) I have already shown how this would not work.

C) My opponent is summoning Kurama. Because of this, it is assumed that Kurama is not sealed a person. The Rinnegan has the power to control the Ten Tails, as shown by the Sage of the Six Paths. Because the Rinnegan can control the Ten Tails, it must be assumed that it can control any other of the Tailed Beasts. Therefore, the user of the Rinnegan (referred to as Rm) can summon any of the other tailed beasts (or more than one) to fight the Nine Tails. Another Tailed Beast can counter with their own Tailed Beast Ball. While the Sm tries to attack the Preta Path, he can block, and the surprise attack won't be a surprise attack due to the shared vision.

3) The Animal Path

It is unwise to underestimate The Animal Path. As show, the Rm can control another Tailed Beast to summon and fight against the Nine Tails, while the Animal Path can summon many more animals to fight against the Nine Tails. The Nine Tails will not be able to help the Sm out, therefore.

4) Asura Path

A) The Preta Path can block this for him

B) The shared vision will allow the Asura Path to predict where the Sm will be attacking, and will allow him to block. The Sm is vulnerable during the teleportation process, allowing the other paths to destroy him.

C) The Other Tailed Beast and the summoned animals can stall the Nine Tails, which would not result in the end of the Asura Path.

5) Human Path
It is possible to steal the soul of the Uchiha. The only reason Jiraiya did not have his soul stealed is because the Human Path did not get a chance to do so. The Human Path was badly damaged during Naruto's fight, preventing his soul from being stolen.

My opponent says nothing else about the Human Path.

6) Deva Path
The Deva Path will have his 'pals' to help him out, as shown above. Susanoo, though it has impressive defensive capabilities, does not have absolute defence.

A) The Almighty Push (Shrina Tensei), which is powerful enough to destroy the entire Hidden Leaf Village, would cause Susanoo to be massively pushed back. Susanoo could not fire a Blaze Release:

B) The other paths, who would not be destroyed thanks to a combination of team work, would be able to survive and help the Devan Path overcome this bubble.

C) All the Deva Path has to do is to avoid eye contact with the Sm user.

7) Rinnegan Powers

1) Almighty Push

A) The Nine Tails will be distracted by the other tailed beasts, so he can not fire off a tailed beast ball. The full power of the Almighty Push (destroying Konoha) would be enough to defeat the Nine Tails.

B) While my opponent enjoys his french fries at Mcdonalds, the Nine Tails will be defeated, so when he comes back he will be in for a heck of a surprise.

2) Demonic Statue

A) While my opponent teleports away, all I have to do is not use the Demonic Statue.

B) By using Izanagi, my opponent is sacrificing one of his Sharingan. To perform Susanoo, both Sharingans must be activated, meaning my opponent now no longer has access to Susanoo. If my opponent teleports away, all the Rm has to do is not use the attack.

8) Finishing moves

1) The Tsukuyomi requires eye contact. Tsukuyomi, therefore, wouldn't work. Basically, it is evading the jutsu rather than blocking it.

2) Battle of Ninjutsu. As shown, the Rm won't be too tired to fight. The Rinnegan allows the user to master all forms of Ninjutsu. The Sm won't stand a chance due to this. He will have to use his other techniques, which I have rebutted.

9) Alternate 2

A) All the Rm would have to do is avoid eye contact. It is not blocking the Tsukuyomi, just evading it.

B) The Kotoamatsukami is the most powerful genjustu in existence, and is the Sm's final trump card. Since my opponent has resorted to this, I will resort to mine: The Planetary Devastation. The S of the 6 paths used this to create the moon. By using this technique, the Sm will be hurled upwards by flying rocks, big enough that they would together form the moon. Even Susanoo would be rendered useless in this case. The Sm won't be able to activate his genjutsu as he is hurled into space by colosall rocks. Instead of having the Rm hit a meteorite on himself, the Sm will instead be hurled upwards by a moon instead.


As I have shown above, a combination of teamwork from the 6 paths of pain can counter whatever the Sm user throws at it. Now then, it is time for the Rm to go on the offensive!

1) Almighty Push

As shown before, the full force of the Almighty Push is enough to destroy the entire Hidden Leaf Village. Susanoo can not simply shrug off such an attack, and neither can the nine tails. While the Deva Path executes this attack, the Sm will be pushed back, while the Naraka path stays behind to protect the Deva Path should the Sm try and attack the Deva Path through teleportation. While the Sm can teleport, it has never been shown that the jutsu can teleport Susanoo, meaning Susanoo will now be rendered useless. Since the Sm won't be able to endure an attack like this, he will be forced to teleport away. If he teleports to the Deva Path, he must materialize to attack, allowing the Naraka Path to summon the King of Hell to deal judgement to the Sm.

Here are some other arguments that show how the Rinnegan is stronger outside of battle.

2) The Rinnegan can control the Ten Tails, while the Sharingan can only control the Nine Tails.
The Rinnegan is strong enough to control the Ten Tails, while the Sharingan cannot. Therefore, the Rinnegan is stronger in terms of Tailed Beast Control.

3) The Sharingan evolves into the Rinnegan. Because the Sharingan evovles into the Rinnegan, it can implied that the Rinnegan is stronger, since evolution results from change over time due to natural selection.


Nonetheless, I am really enjoying this debate. Clearly, my opponent is more skilled than me, but I still enjoy the debate.

Debate Round No. 2


I learned so much about my favorite show and watched probably 4 hours of Naruto in the process. Also, I am not more "skilled", I just am a HUGE Naruto nerd. This is got to be the best debate ever...

Naraka Path

A) I forgot to mention in the last round that the Blaze release: Magatama can hit multiple targets at once. Meaning even if preta blocks one magatama, that still doesn’t save the other five paths. I mention this so that you don’t use preta as means of blocking this move.And remember these things go near blinding speeds making them undodgable. The link shows the magatama hitting many zetsus at once. See this in the original link showing the Blaze release: Magatama to see it destryoing multiple zetsus at once.

B)The only way that the six paths could use each other to stop a teleportation insuck is to be together the entire time. But this is simply impossible with so many attacks going both ways. If they were not vulnerable to surprise attack, then Naruto would not of been able to do a surprise attack on the Nakara path with a mere shadow clone.(1)

To show exactly how fast the space-migration attack is, watch the first two videos+ the link below. (fast forward to 2:50)

Replace Torune, Foo, Minato, and baby Naruto with the six paths and you see that there is no stopping a surprise attack from a space migration technique. In order to counter space-migration, you must be equally fast(like Minato or Raikage), which the paths are certainally not.

C)Fortify point A and B

Preta path

A)In order not to look into the Sharingan users eyes makes you incapable of attacking. Everytime a path starts a attack, then all the Sm has to do is look at them to make them. They won't be able to aim their attacks and their attacks will become easy to dodge. You will have to eventually look at me to attack and when you do, I will use Demonic illusion.

B)Fortified under point A and B of Naraka path.

C)Discuss Kurami under animal path. As for the claim that a surprise attack from space migration being usless, I fortify my argument point A and B under Naraka path.

Animal path

Even though a Rinnegan user can indeed use Chakra Chains to bind a tailed beast, this is a exclusive power of the7th path(or the main Rinnegan user). The animal path can only summon what its name says, animals.(2 under abilities) If you look under summons in the source, you will see that no tailed beast is on the list.


Again, Kyuubi>animals

Asura path

A) Shown how preta can be destroyed under points A and B of Nakara path.

B) Fortify A and B under Naraku path

C) Fortify animal path argument.

Human path
In order to attack a Sm, Human path will have to capture him first. In order to capture him, he will have to make eye contact eventually. Demonic illusion and it is over for the human path. Also, since four of the paths have been destroyed by this point, the shared path eye link has become useless.

Deva path

Deva path no longer has his buddies.:(

A) There is two degrees of the Almighty push.

Minor- This is easily blockable by the Susanoo. If Naruto could resist it using shadow clones, then to say the susanoo couldn’t block it is an insult to the susanoo.

Major- Space time migration makes me intangible meaning even the most powerful of ninjutsus are useless. And it is still unclear how much the susanoo can actually resist….

B) Nobody but the deva path can be inside the shrina tensei. If they are anywhere even close to the deva path, then they will be destroyed. What I mean by inside the bubble is the actual bubble that shrina tensei forms when it releases.

C) By this point, since there is no other paths to share eye vision, how is the deva path going to attack me without making eye contact? His only other moves are taijutsu which requires a lot of eye contact.

Rinnegan Powers

Almighty push. This is just the continuation of the deva path so I’ll just continue the list.

D)Fortify animal argument. The third video shows the kyuubi resisting almight push at only FOUR TAILS (four tails, right?) Don’t underestimate the nine tails.

E) I would never leave kyuubi alone(even though he is a big boy) to fight the six paths. I save that for the Chibaku tensei.

Demonic Statue.

A) I’m not going to teleport away UNTIL you use the demonic statue. Once you start the demonic statue, you can’t stop and by the point it comes out the ground, I’m already ordering a double cheeseburger with fries.

B)True, I will no longer be able to use the Susanoo, but that in no way stops from countering the Demonic Statue. This just means I must destoy the Rinnegan user with something else, but at this point the Rinnegan user is going to be too exhausted to really fight as shown in the video below.

Look at Nagato before and after in Gedo video. Yeah. To say that the rinnegan user is going to be feeling great and full of energy is like calling me a rhinoceros.

Finishing moves

A)Fortify human path argument. If not the tsukuyomi, then space migration plus amateratsu= The end.

B)Fortify point B of Demonic statue.

Alternate 2

A)Fortify human argument

Planetary devestation= Chibaku tensei

A)The kyubii is still alive and I can still use yasaka magatama. Why can’t I use this to stop planetary devestation?(Under Chibaku tensei argument, first round) Also I assume you are doing chibaku tensei before Demonic statue, not after….

B )Space migration makes me intangible, rendering this move useless against me.

C) Ahh, but this is the beauty of Kotoamatsukami . The Sm can make you do anything he wants you too and that is without making eye contact. Chibaku tensei is useless because I’m intangiable. But once you are in my prescence, there is no resisting Kotoamatsukami. The Sm can make you think that you want to kill yourself, making it impossible to resist. As far as I am aware, there is no way to resist this move unless Con shows how.... This is the ultimate mind control technique.

Kotamatsuki>any move in the Naruto universe

Arguments rebuttaled

A) The Sm can always teleport inside the bubble as described in point B under deva path.

B)The hell of king will only kill me if I’m lying, right? So all I have to do is tell the truth….

C)Fortify susanoo under Deva path and Kyubii under point D of Rinnegan users.

2) The ten tails no longer exist. Since the kyuubi is the stongest tailed beast alive, then both Sm and Rm share rights to controlling the “stongest” tailed beast.

3) If this was Biology class, you would be correct. But if that is true, then why did Pain work for Tobi instead of Tobi working for Pain? Also, the most powerful being in the Naruto universe was the Ten tails who had the sharingan.

Recap of powers

Blaze release: Magatama.
Undodgable and unstopable.

Space time migration. Only way to fight this is to have speeds matching it such as Minato’s teleportation techniques which the paths do not. Also makes you intangible rendering moves like planetary devestation useless.

Kotomatsuki. There is no blocking this. Period.

Control of the kyubii. Rm user can only control tail beast if the 7th path is fighting, but with Kotoamatsukami, the 7th path fighting the Sm is stupid.

Other powers: Susanoo, Amateratsu, Tsukuyomi, Demonic Illusion, all of these> An overrated eye. If Naruto beat a Rm, then certainly a Sm could as well.
Side note: Funny thing is, we are going to see a Sm and Rm battle very soon in the manga...


My opponent definitely has brought up good points. I will go ahead and do my best to rebut them.

Naraka Path

A) The Blaze release: Magatma can definitely hit multiple targets at once. However, the Preta path will be able to absorb at least some of the Magatmas, and will be able to protect at least one path, namely the Naraka path. The Deva Path will be able to use a minor Almighty Push to push back some Magatmas. The Asura path can use his mechanized armor and detach it from himself to take the Magatmas for him, while he jumps out of the way. The Animal Path can use summoned animals to protect himself from this, should the Preta path not be able to absorb multiple Magatmas. I admit that the Human Path will not be able to survive a Magatma, but the Naraka Path can revive him.

B) The six paths coud be near each other the entire time. By "many attacks going both ways", I am assuming my opponent is talking about Blaze Release: Magatma and Rinnegan attacks. However, since most of the attacks aimed at the six paths. Looking at my opponent's link, there were only the Deva and Naraka path, and since the Deva path did not see the clone he could not react. However, with all 6 paths near each other, at least one path will see the attack coming, and if they know its coming they can easily counter.

C) Fortify Point A and B.

Preta Path

A) Not necessarily. You do not have to look directly at an opponent's eyes to attack them. All 6 paths could come in at once, and the Sm can not look at all of their eyes at once.

B) Fortified by above arguments.

C) I fortify the rebuttal from above arguments.

Animal Path

Exactly. The main Rinnegan user can control ANY of the tailed beasts (Tobi did 5 of them with his Rinnegan). The main Rinnegan user can summon one tailed beast or more and send them to battle. The Animal Path can summon all the other animals, and with at least one tailed beast and many animals, the Nine Tails will be at the very least stalled.

1+ Tailed Beast + Animals>Kurama.

Asura Path

All of my arguments here were effectively validated due to rebuttals of previous arguments.

Human Path

The Human Path would have to capture him. Once the Sm is stuck in his bind, he can't migrate away. The Sm will likely try to do a surprise attack, and the Nine Tails is distracted (shown above). The surprise attack won't work (shown above) and the Human Path can then come behind the Sm and get him with his move. The Path Eye Link is not useless since all the paths are alive.

Deva Path

The Deva Path does have his buddies.

Minor - I agree. Susanoo can block a minor form.
Major - The goal when using the Major is to take down Susanoo, not the Sm user.

B) This is only true for the Minor Almighty Push. Looking at this link: , we see that there is a massive bubble from this almighty push. Any other path could be in that bubble. While the Sm attacks, the other paths can help out the Deva Path.

C) Since there are other paths who share eye vision, he and his pals can attack without having to make eye contact. Quite effectively, only 1 path has to look in to the Sm's eyes.

Rinnegan Powers

Almighty Push

Extend above arguments here, since I have shown a way the Sm can't take advangtage of his Sm to deal lethal damage to the Deva Path.

D) Looking at my opponent's video, I see that the Four Tailed Kyuubi is struggling to fight a minor form of the Almighty Push. Since my opponent left to order his cheese burger and fries at McDonalds, the Nine Tails is still distracted. A massive Almighty Push with other Tailed Beast Balls will leave the Nine Tails defeated.

E) The Sm will be forced to leave the Kyuubi alone due to a massive Almighty Push.

Demonic Statue

A) My opponent makes a contradiction here. My opponent says he will leave by the time the Statue comes out of the ground. The Statue doesn't attack as soon as it comes out of the ground, it attacks shortly afterwards. Since my opponent said he will be gone by the time it comes out of the ground, he really won't be dodging it.

B) My opponent admits to losing his Susanoo. The Rm is not exhausted at this point, since only one path would be exhausted by Almighty Push. I never fully used the attack of the Demonic Statue, so the paths won't be tired.

C) The user does not have to unleast the attack right away, as shown in the video, right around 0:23.

Finishing Moves

My rebuttals here have been posted in the above arguments.

Alternate 2

Fortify Human Argument.

Planetary Devastation

The Kyuubi has been defeated. Yasaka Magatma cannot be used since Susanoo can not be used any longer, as my opponent admitted above.

B) I admit, he would be immune, but I can stop the move if I have started it by letting the rocks fall down.

C) The beauty of Kotoamatsukami. However strong it may be, it is still genjustu. There are two ways to deal with it: the six paths or the main user. It will be completely ineffective againt the six paths since only one can be effected by it. The genjutsu can't be used again after a decade. Since only one path is affected, and one eye has been sacrificed due to Izanagi, as my opponent earlier stated, he now only has one Sharingan. Kotoamatsukami might have taken down one of my paths, but there are five more paths to take care of the Sm. I have not shown how the genjutsu can be resisted, but I have shown that it has a flaw to it.

Rebuttals Rebutted

A) The Sm can teleport inside, but the other paths are there to take care of him.
B) Even if he doesn't kill the Sm, he will be badly hurt and exhausted, leaving him vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
C) I have shown why Susanoo would eventually be rendered useless during this debate.

2) My opponent says the Ten Tails doesn't exist anymore. However, he fails to refute the fact that the Rinnegan can control the Ten Tails and the Sharingan can't. The S of the 6 paths used the Rinnegan to control the Ten Tails. The Ten Tails is way stronger than any of the nine tailed beasts, so the Rinnegan has stronger Tailed Beast Control due to this.

3) We are not in Biology class, but this is still correct. Madara Uchiha even stated that his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan evolved into the Rinnegan. Looking at the Ten Tails, he had signs of both Rinnegan and the Sharingan, by looking at the link under no. 2 right above. Pain worked for Tobi because Pain was psychologically controlled by Tobi, not in terms of strength, as Minato explained to Naruto in the Shippuden Episode, Fourth Hokage. My opponent has never really refuted the fact that the Sharingan evolves into the Rinnegan, leaving my argument still standing.
Naruto Shippuden Episode: Fourth Hokage

As shown, I have rebutted all of my opponent's arguments. Because my opponent never fully countered my two other Rinnegan arguments right above, I urge you to vote Con. Naruto beat an Rm because he got to fight the paths once at a time, so all 6 can stand a chance against the Sm.

Nonetheless, I look forward to the real fight in the manga, and I thank my opponent for the fun debate. Nonetheless, I guess that's all.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Naruto 6 years ago
sharingan will win especially with susanoo
Posted by Multi_Pyrocytophage 6 years ago
.... You have provided ZERO, yes, ZERO proof for this "ultimate Sharingan".
Posted by renji_abarai 6 years ago
You are too inquisitive -_-. I am tired of arguing about this Sharingan.

* leaves this debate and doesn't come back *
Posted by Multi_Pyrocytophage 6 years ago
What similarity do they share?
Posted by renji_abarai 6 years ago

Every EMS has a similarity in common and my proof is look at every EMS. The Sharingan I saw is nothing similar to the EMS. Read the Shippuden series to see what an EMS looks like and so you can see Sasuke's and Madara's EMS.
Posted by IFLYHIGH 6 years ago
does anybody read the mangas....
Posted by PeacefulChaos 6 years ago
We aren't saying that you're lying; we believe you are mistaken. Simply because you see a sharingan that looks completely different does not mean that it is a stronger form of EMS. It just means it looks different. Unless you can provide proof, then your claims have no substance.
Posted by renji_abarai 6 years ago
They all look similar to some extent. This one is completely unrelated in appearence to the EMS. If you have noticed, the same types of Sharingan have similalarities. again, Why would I lie about such a thing?
Posted by PeacefulChaos 6 years ago
Every character has a different EMS. You don't know if it is a more powerful EMS, you're simply making an assumption.
Posted by renji_abarai 6 years ago
Back to the origin of my point. I have seen a new Sharingan which defintely had no striking similarities toward the EMS. I am also saying that is a possibility it will show up again in the series and the characters in the story will notice and say it is an even stronger Sharingan
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