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Shere Khan(Jungle Book) would beat Scar(Lion King)

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Started: 10/21/2010 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Yes, I do have quite a bit of free time, but I was pondering this question, is Shere Khan better than Scar? I had to say no, he is not. I present these values for the debate: Villainy, intent, power.
Villainy: Scar is a much stronger villain, while Shere-Khan is feared across the plains, Scar is not, he is evil and operates right under the eyes of Mufasa, thus he is more informed and knows how to put plans into action to great effect. He is able to subtly manipulate Mufasa, the other lions, and was able to manipulate Simba to serve his master plans. He is extremely intelligent and can plan things out to a large scale, he enslaves the pride land after he drops Mufasa into the wildabeast stampede(that he created). Ultimately he is the evil genius, he is a master planner, strategist, and not afraid to do things dirty.
Intent: This is pretty obvious, the intent to which villainy is put to use. Shere Khan wants to kill a little Indian boy, scar wants to enslave and control the pride land under an evil dictatorship, hmmm, I think this argument is pretty self explanatory.
Power: Finally we can evaluate power. Power in my definition is more than brute strength, while strength plays a major role in fighting, your intelligence, strategic ability, reflexes, and cunning(in this case, how you put your strength to use). Shere Khan is considered to be the more physically powerful, but there ends his advantage, Scar can physically spar with Simba, and very well could have won, but it is Disney. Scar as I have previously stated, is much more cunning, intelligent, tactical, and has the strength to match Shere Khan.


Greetings! I hope for a good debate, good luck to my opponent!

Let's first recognize that most of my opponents first round is irrelevant. Intelligence must be explained how it would benefit him in a 1 on 1 fight with Shere-Khan (here on our I will refer to him as SK)

The debate is also not who is more evil, a better villian, etc. It's who would win in a fight as you can see by the resolution. Now i will more onto my arguments. I will also make notice here that because these are fictional characters, arguments will mainly be from tigers in general, since the characteristics are still the same.

Weight and Strength advantage: Tigers are known as the largest cats in the world. This is a fact. Tigers can get up to 700 lbs while lions typically max at 550. This is a 150 lb difference. Tigers are also known to be more muscular.

Cunning: Not only do tigers have the weight and strength advantage, but they are more agile, swift and are known for having better eye coordination.

Better fighters by Nature: The Tiger hunts and lives alone, they also hunt bigger pray. They are marked with stripes which help camoflouge to increase stealth. Lions live and hunt in "Prides" or groups. If they are used to this they wouldn't stand a chance when thrown into a 1 on 1 fight.

I will leave this for now. Good luck to my opponent!
Debate Round No. 1


A thanks to may opponent, I enjoy civilized debate and demeanor, such as my opponent has shown, so thank you.
Now I will move into my counter argument.
Perhaps I was unclear in my resolution or in my first argument. While a tiger may be much more physically imposing, and while my opponents debate puts actual facts behind the animals in context, I proposed a debate between these fictional characters, meaning the gain the advantages and weaknesses they do in the movies, thus to apply "brilliant strategist" would be wrong to apply to a real life lion, Scar fits into this perfectly because Scar demonstrates these characteristics in the movie. I am going off of the assumption that the various character traits that these characters, for that is what they are fictional characters and not real life animals, are present in this debate, thus I will cross apply my previous stated arguments. I maintain that by applying the various traits these characters possess, it appears clear that Scar dominates SK in almost every way. I will concede that SK is physically stronger, thus validating my opponents argument, but am maintaining that my arguments are still prevalent in resolving today's debate.
To some up a some what confusing and jumbled counter argument, I maintain that these are fictional characters, thus they are not bound by logical and real life facts, and instead have human like traits, such as Scar being a brilliant strategist. Next I cross apply my previous stated arguments and reiterate that they sum up today's debate better. I will concede that in real life tiger's are stronger than lion's, and will then give SK the advantage of strength, however, when put up against the mastermind character that is Scar, SK cannot stand up. Thus while he is a tiger, SK the character does not possess as dominant of character traits as Scar, these traits elevate Scar to a level of intellectual superiority, that combined with his formidable strength allow him to out maneuver and out fight even a pure brute such as SK. In end, Scar is superior to SK and would beat SK in a fight.
Once again I thank my opponent for being precise and to the point, and apologize him if I made my resolution too vague. I look forward to a counter argument.



Since it seems that my opponent is fairly new to I will start off with a little TK (Team knowledge) You have done a good job so far at pointing out some of my mistakes, that is what a good part of debating is. It is completely valid for anyone to make irrelevant arguments, it is the job of the opponent to point that out, which you have for the most part done so far. It is then my job to tell you why I think they are relevant, etc.

While your right, we are debating fictional characters, it is still important to note and compare the traits to live animals are important since that's what they ARE based on.

Scars intelligence irrelevance

In the lion king, scar is only able to defeat Mufasa through a trap, and/or ambush. Later in the movie when Simba returns to Pride Rock and confronts Scar, Scar's Hyenas attack Simba but are soon dealt with when the lions come in, leaving Simba and Scar to themselves. It is barely a fight before Simba has scar pinned down, and literally begging for mercy.

0:00 - 0.32 shows the two before the hyenas and lions interefere. Simba is over the ledge about to fall, and Scar unintentionally allows Simba to get back up (a huge and demonstrating move). Simba then has him pinned until the others interfere. If you skip to 1:54 you will see Simba charge Scar, and Scar will run. Next, Simba has Scar backed up to the ledge, when (as i will grant you) scars wits gets him a surprise blow on Simba, he even lands embers into Simba's eyes. If you watch until 3:50 you will see that, eventhough Scar may be a smart strategist, his knowledge of physical fighting is lacking to much. He charges Simba who is on the ground at this point, (Scar SHOULD obviously have a huge advantage) but makes a critical mistake and is catipulted over the ledge by Simba.

Scar loses a fight that he should win against a fellow lion, let's make note that Shere Khan is a more threatening opponent to Scar than Simba is due to physical dominance and a better fighting ability.

My video demonstrates that Scar's wits and strategies are not enough to win a 1 on 1 fight against Simba, let alone Shere Khan.

I wish my opponent luck in the last round and i'll see ya soon!
Debate Round No. 2


Doctor_Fate forfeited this round.


To purgatory we go.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Alex 7 years ago
Let me know if you want arematch.
Posted by Alex 7 years ago
I just realized I didn't post my video. Here it is:
Posted by Doctor_Fate 7 years ago
And yes, I do know he wrote the Jungle Book.
Posted by Doctor_Fate 7 years ago
This debate was designed to be purely fantasy with two fantasy characters created by Disney, Kipling has no bearing in this debate.
Posted by Puck 7 years ago
It doesn't help that neither of you appear to have read Kipling. :P
Posted by Doctor_Fate 7 years ago
I enjoy doing debate's like this, because in the end, it doesn't matter. I do this for fun, and it allows me to enjoy it without getting super heated over one side or the other, political debates can be pretty out of control.
I look forward to your counter argument.
Posted by Alex 7 years ago
I'm looking forward to this one. I'll be writing a paper, when i finish i will write my argument.
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