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Sherlock Is superior to Elementary

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Started: 2/6/2017 Category: Entertainment
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Sherlock is superior to Elementary. In Sherlock you get an extreme in depth analysis of each character, each episode a new shock. They add a new plot each episode. Yet somehow they manage to link them all together. Every episode leaves the viewer wondering, enthralled.


Elementary is a Superior show to Sherlock for two main reasons, though there are many others. Firstly Elementary is a much more original and creative show. In that CBS manages to take the the idea of Sherlock and make a totally new and in depth cast, while still making it easily relatable and in line to the original Sherlock idea. This takes much more skill and overall ability than just running from the original as Sherlock did in many ways.
And secondly Elementary shows the other side of being amazingly smart, and that nobodies perfect. In Elementary Sherlock is a much less than perfect man, he's a recovering drug addict, at extremely bad terms with his family, has made some really bad decisions in life, and has a huge ego. But in those faults is where his character lies, it's what makes him an inspiration, because in this he works to better himself and to fix mistakes he made. And without that side of the story a show is just another showy film without a real story. I say this because BBS's Sherlock in many ways doesn't really show the other side of Sherlock.
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