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Shia Labeouf has done a poor job of motivating people.

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Started: 6/10/2015 Category: Funny
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I'm making this a short debate because it's meant to be funny and entertaining, and I could use a good laugh. I'll try not to be to try-hard over this debate, since it's meant to be funny, but here goes.

Background: It's no doubt that many people know who Shia Labeouf is. He appears as the main character in three of the Transformers movies, Indiana Jones, and few other movies that haven't gained as much popularity.

Recently, a video featuring Shia has been floating around on the internet that involves him croutching, bending his arms, and putting his palms towards his crotch and yelling, "DO IT! JUST DO IT!"

The intent for this speech is entirely to motivate, instead, the internet has taken it and made a massive joke about it.


This is a funny debate, so there are really no constraints, just have fun.

Round 1 is for acceptance. We both have one round to present our case.


Firstly, this is my very first debate on this site :D. I would also like to thank pro for making this debate.

Shia lebeouf is and always has been an excellent motivator. Seeing him put the allspark into megatron's chest even though he was just a weak human being was one of the most brave events i have ever seen. And with his new motivation video. It just shows how committed he is to making people feel like they can JUST DO IT. I was able to run an extra lap in the gym while listening to his amazing speech.
Debate Round No. 1


Welcome to the site! I'm glad that I'm your first debate. I'm no professional, as I've only had about 9 debates, myself, but I'll be happy to give you some pointers over PM if you want them later. That said, I'll post my response now.

Con would have you believe that Shia Lebeouf is an excellent motivator. They will tell you about his motivational and inspirational actions done in movies like Transformers. While I concede this is true, this was also done for the sake of viewing. The movies my opponent brings up were meant for nothing more than entertainment. They were NOT meant to be viewed as motivational, because what could shoving the All-Spark into the chest of a giant evil robot overlord make you want to do? Go into space, find a giant cube, piss off an alien race, and then have your life put on the line to shove said cube into a chest cavity?

However, the purpose of Shia Lebeouf's motivational speech was for EXACTLY, that purpose. To motivate the masses. Now,while it may be true that Con was motivated to run an extra lap in the gym, that by no means means that the rest of the viewers of the video had the sudden urge to swim the Atlantic. Instead, Shia's video has been spread across the Internet, not for motivation, but for hilarity. [1] [2] [3] [4].

In fact, this small skit is actually part of a much larger video [5]. A little bit of facts for those unaware, source number 5 is not just the motivational speech. In fact, the video is actually Shia performing 36 different pieces, each one written by an individual student from the London Arts school. In essence, it's a graduation project [6]. So the entire thing is scripted, and not even meant to truly motivate. The project's idea is to show emotion through speech.

It is for all of these reasons provided that I ask that the judges consider all of the evidence given, and to please vote Pro.

To Con: Sorry for being a bit of a try-hard for a fun debate. I tried my best to make a few quips here and there, but in the end, I guess my prim and proper side came out. Sorry. And thanks again for letting me be your first debate. Good luck. ^^

1 - "Shia TED Talk."
2 - "Damn it, Shia."
3 - "Shiawalker Inspirational."
4 - "I'm sorry Shia, I'm afraid I can't let you do that."
5 -
6 -


Pro says that the movie I brought up was no more than entertainment. But why does that matter? entertaining activities can teach us many life lessons. Such as binge drinking(Great example). Pro also says that the movie was not meant to be viewed as motivational, but that is merely his subjective opinion. For some people this could be motivational. What could shoving a cube into a metal robot make us do? That is your perspective, what i see is his pure determination to shove a cube into a giant evil robot's chest.

Pro says that me running an extra lap in my local gym does not mean everyone will get motivated to swim across the Atlantic. Why swimming across the Atlantic? That statement did not make very much sense in the context of his previous statement. The point of Shia Lebeouf's motivational video is to Motivate people to do what their specific goal's are. If swimming across the Atlantic is one of them for some strange snowflake than yes this would motivate that individual to do so.

What the motivational video is actually for is not important. What is important is the actual content of the video and what the viewer will perceive. And the common viewer will most likely view this as a motivational video.

To pro: No problem :D i'm having fun and as long as you are this will be mutually entertaining. I do these fun debates to gain experience and what you are doing is perfect. Please continue.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Lulzy 2 years ago
HOW?! How did I manage to write 3 paragraphs with SIX sources about this?!
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