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Short Debate Series: The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

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Started: 12/4/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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The best defense is a good offense is an old adage that has been applied to many things in life.

As Pro I will show that this statement is true.
Con will try to refute this claim.

First Round is for acceptance only.
4k character limit.
3 days to argue each round.

Good luck!


I will argue this.

First off, which avenue are we discussing? War? Sports? Politics?
Debate Round No. 1


If you keep your opponent on their heels via offense there is very little opportunity for them to be an effective opponent. I will give some pertinent examples of this fact.

I. War

First I would like to point out a point in the resolution that it is a "good" offense that creates the best defense. Not bad offenses or offenses that failed. That being said, the principle is that if you can continue to be on an effective offense there is no good way for your opponent to conduct a coutnerattack.

A) America During WWII

After the attack on Pearl Harbor the United States never again suffered a direct attack on it's mainland or civilians. Why? Because they immidiately took to the offense. The United States never again allowed the Japanese to gain the offensive advantage because they were put directly on defense. The same principle applied in Europe. Once the Americans invaded North Africa and Normandy the Nazis had no platform for an effective counterattack.

B) Germany During WWII

Germany also followed this offensive principle. They invaded all of their neighbors and kept France and Britain on the defense via their potent offense. German offensive strategy went sour when they invaded the Soviet Union. If they had kept to successful offensive policy (maintaining their alliance with Stalin) they could have focused all of their forces to invading England and keeping the United States at bay via a renewed westward offense. Germany had good offensive strategy and a good defense until they screwed it up in Russia.

II. Sports

A) 2013 Denver Broncos

The Broncos this year have the best offense in the NFL with 464 points for [1]. This offense has allowed them to win 10 games via their potent offensive attack. It's hard to beat the Broncos because they have such a powerful offense. The Kansas City Chiefs had the best defense in the NFL but lost twice to the Broncos due to Denver's offense. Even when Denver's actual defense blew the game against the Dallas Cowboys (letting up 48 points) they won via offense by scoring 51 points. This is a perfect example of how a good offense was the best defense by providing them the win. Without such a good offense their defense would have crumbled and let up the loss.

III. Theory

Playing defense without offense puts you at the mercy of the opposing offense. It causes you to react and react effectively to an incoming attack. If you mess up on this reaction you have effectively screwed up your defense and potentially caused a devestating loss. However, if you are on offense you have more leeway in making errors as errors on offense do not directly affect your defense. If you have a good offense and are winning the offensive battle it is the best defense because it eliminates the need for defense completely.

Take the Maginot Line in WWII. The French reacted poorly to the German attack and quickly lost their capital and the war (for the moment) to the Nazis. The Nazis however, had no current threat from the now defensive French.

Therefore, a good offense is the best defense.



KBShop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Extend arguments.


KBShop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


ConservativePolitico forfeited this round.


KBShop forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by The_Serb 3 years ago
yeah how about TORTURE?
Posted by ConservativePolitico 3 years ago
Any avenue you'd like to make your point.

Sports and war are the most used but it's open to interpretation.
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