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Short debate game: Minecraft should be used in education

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Started: 9/18/2014 Category: Games
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This is the short debate. Only 500 characters with a time limit for 48 hours in each turn,plus only 2 rounds! So use these 2 rounds and these 500 word wisely!

Ignore this first round! You can type whatever you want to type, but not about the debate

Welcome Cons to the debate game!


And I welcome Pro to start the debate!
Debate Round No. 1


1.I will first start off with minecraft is a subject which make us become more creativity which creativity skill must be needed in english subject such as writing a story. Lots of people will think that minecraft is not realistic at all, but however sometimes the creative idea is not based on the logic.

2.Lots of teacher are fairly agree with playing minecraft and there is even minecraft edu.
So this can tell that minecraft can be use in school.


My argument in points.

1. Expensive. $41 + $18/computer

2. Addictive. It's addictiveness have been acknowledged.

3. Not all school prepared for the technology. You may "oh really?" but serious! This is a very severe problem in Indonesia that government actually have to DELETE computer study from school.
Debate Round No. 2


1. You need to understand that education needs money to learn. Such as books, teachers and stuffs.
2. It depends on one behaviour, because that mean you are telling that playing games make you addicted to it, but depends in on behaviour

3. Not all school have computer, but it didnt mean that computer didnt have the significant reason. People thesedays still use computer, but you only look in one national. You need to look more than one nation.
Plus computer has been use in all jobs now


1. You may say government put a lot of money on school, true, but 56% spent JUST on teacher. What's left for Minecraft?

2. Why risk it? The solution to block addictive effect is to not introduce it.
Example: So people are not drug-addicted, they stop drug. Same with games. They're addictive, but why introduce it in the name of education?

3. True! But the country I'm talking about's a member of G 20 Economy movement. Not Zimbabwe
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: con wins big arguments of: -Why spend money? -Students not prepared And, -It can become addictive