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Short story competition.

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Started: 7/24/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 11 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Write a short story, keep it interesting, legible and short, yet concise. No more than 4k characters.

-The mad act of death-

"Son, your mother and I want to talk to you, please sit."
I acknowledged this request and sat down with minimal concern, for it was not the first time my parents had bothered me with such petty trepidations.
To that I answered very arrogantly "What could it possibly be this time father?"
With a stern and emotionless look he told me in a crisp, yet sincere tone, "We want you to leave the house, we"re done looking after you and we"re done being disrespected by you."
The sudden realization hit me; this comfortable life-style I was living was not meant to be. The weight of the world began its slow, cruel affixation onto my chest, weighing evermore heavier with each breath I exhaled; the room began to spin in a circular motion. I tilted my head back and began to gasp for air that didn't seem to exist. Panic set in and my hands began to fidget helplessly, I was powerless to the strangulation that was tightening.
While desperately struggling for my existence, I flicked my eyes in the direction of my parents who were sat there confused, non-reactant to my impending doom. "Help" I whispered vulnerably. I got no response from them, they did however, stand up and walk out of the room, I heard my father present a question to my mother,
"Shall I put the kettle on sweetie?"
This only further instigated my close battle with death, as I felt my heart thud in an uncontrollable manner. As though I had received a dizzying blow to the head, my ears began ringing and my vision blurred, I was in an immeasurable amount of pain and so much distress that my last resort attempt to scream produced nothing more and a gargle of dribbling saliva.
I lay there, like a limp corpse. My vicious suffering began fading and so too, my life. I knew I would succumb to the hallowing darkness that began its persistent crawl through my body, I felt nothing, I had finally died and my pain had subsided in its entirety; I smiled before finally fading away, to become one with nothingness.

"Get up off the floor you silly sod you." As my mother walked and in so rightfully called my bulls**t
"F*ck off mum, why do you always gotta be a b*tch?" I stormed up the stair case and decide that was enough drama for one night. I lay there awake, scheming my next move.
"So the f*ckers didn"t buy act, guess I"ll have to MURDER them both, mwahahaha, mwhahaha, MWHAHAHAHAHHA!!!"

...To be continued in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z
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Posted by NDECD1441 11 months ago
There was a freaking glitch. Couldnt post my argument
Posted by Masterful 11 months ago
Asphyxiation * Couldn't change it before it was accepted.
Posted by Masterful 11 months ago
Why what?
Posted by canis 11 months ago
Why ?
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