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Shoud we add a holiday named Student Appreciation day?

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Started: 5/19/2016 Category: Education
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I think that it is better to add a student appreciation day because the teachers and staff have it, why not students?


Holidays or special days are and should be reserved for the actions of extraordinary people and/or extraordinary events. This makes holidays special and unique. Teachers go beyond what is necessary to provide an education for children of all socio-economic classes. Teachers are regularly underpaid yet continue to work diligently to teach children fundamental concepts essential to upward economic mobility. Providing a "student appreciation day" places the students on an equal level with the teachers in terms of their efforts. This is simply fallacious. Students do not work as hard, have earned the same education, do not work for a living, and do not dedicate their lives the way teachers do.

In addition, receiving a quality education is a privilege that many in the world do not obtain. Being a student is not a "volunteer" job where you are giving up your time graciously to learn information and become a better person. Therefore, no special recognition should be given to students. Instead, this accolade should be unique to those who do.

If students are recognized with a Student Appreciation day, it promulgates a mindset that school is something recognized as an undeserved punishment that children must endure and therefore should be recognized for their experience. This can lead to laziness, entitlement, and a devaluation of education.

Overall there should not be a Student Appreciation day because those days should be reserved for extraordinary service, it devalues the efforts of teachers, and can devalue education decreasing student involvement.
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Cross-apply previous arguments.
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Posted by Cobalt 2 years ago
This topic is better suited for the "forums" section of DDO. The issue in its current form is not substantive enough to be debated in a meaningful way.
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Reasons for voting decision: This was a debate that actually changed my mind, which is rare. Conduct goes to Con because Pro forfeited multiple rounds. Spelling and grammar was the same on both sides. Con made more convincing arguments because Pro didn't respond to his argument that teachers work harder and are more deserving of a day of recognition than students. Neither side used any sources.