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Should 12 year olds have a Cell Phone?

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Started: 6/9/2015 Category: Technology
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I think 12 year olds should have a cell phone. Because most kids, like me, walk home or ride the bus home/to school and pretty much need a phone. Say one day what if "Miss Sally Sue" woke up late and rushed to get out the house, and catch the bus. Her parents left the house already and she needs to get out the house. So about time Sally goes to the bus stop, the bus just left. So sally waits and see if another bus comes. But another bus doesn't come. So Sally takes out her phone, and calls her mom to drop her off of school. Sally mom says: sweetie I hope your okay, next time try to not miss the bus. I'm glad you have a phone. Without having a phone, sally wouldn't been safe and been going to school.


I accept the debate. I would like to remind the voters the the BoP is on Pro to prove that 12 year olds "should" have a cell phone.

The definition for "should" is here- "must; ought (used to indicate duty, propriety, or expediency)"[1]
Here is an example sentence- "You should not do that" [1]

I look forward to a civil debate.

Debate Round No. 1


Most 12 year olds MUST have a phone for very important reasons. Then here comes the "what ifs". What if that happens..what if this happens. If a kid Walks Home a lot and gets lossed. They can either call their parent, ask a friend, or just use the maps apps. Phones are very useful to likes going toward that age. To play games when bored, take pictures, contact friends and family, and a lot more other emergency. So there are some and, ifs, or what's. 12 year olds and up should be able to have a phone of their very own. Theirs Responsiblity and effort to take care of a phone. But while its paid off, it's really worth it.


To my opponent, thanks for giving me this opportunity. I'll save my rebuttal for R2, so here is my opening argument.

The effects of a child having a cell phone are much more detrimental than one may think for these reasons.

E1) Face to face interaction goes down dramatically.
In 2007, face to face interaction happened often, at an average rate of 26 hours per week. In 2010, that number has sadly decreased to 18 hours per week [1]. During the same time period, Apple's iPhone sales increased exponentially, with only .27 million units sold in '07, and 8.4 million units sold in 2010 [2]. There is a strong correlation between these two statistics. As phone sales rise, meaningful interaction goes down.

E2) Phone addiction is real. It is destroying kids today.
That's right. Phone addiction is called "nomophobia," and it affects many of us [3]. A study by SevurEnvoy revealed some staggering points about this. Of everyone interviewed, 77% of the youngest demographic revealed clear signs of nomophobia [4]. The burden lies only on parents to curb this by not giving their kids phones. One may think that the child can stop, but you have to remember that even through the teenage years, a humans prefronatal cortex has not yet developed, which can make rational decision hard for them [5].

E3) Cheating with cell phones.
Am I the only one who ever brings this up? A fairly recent survey shows that one third of teens will use cell phones to cheat in school [6]. More than half of respondents say that the have accessed the Internet for answers during an assessment [6]. To put this into perspective, here's a quote from a recent anonymous Ohio State University graduate on how easy it is to cheat nowadays-
"Cheating is super easy now. College classes are way too big, and you can pull out anything on your desk,"[7]

Other, less significant reasons
Compulsive texting
Cell phones give off radiation and we don't know if it causes cancer yet [8]
It costs more money than it's worth

In conclusion, twelve year olds with cell phones do more harm than good, and my opponent cannot prove that all twelve year olds should (se my R1 definition) have a cell phone.

Also, you guys know who to give the spelling/grammar point to.


Debate Round No. 2

Pro forfeited this round.


Unfortunately, my opponent has forfeited this round. In the spirit of debate, I will rebut my opponents R2 statement.

My opponent makes a great deal of "what ifs" that may occur. These are very over-perpetuated, though, as these hypothetical situations, while not likely happening, can be easily defused without the use of the child's personal cell phone. Here's a list of things that a twelve year old could do without a cell phone when they're lost.

1. Borrow someone elses phone
2. Use a payphone
3. Ask someone nearby for their relative location
4. Find familiar landmarks
5. Find familiar people
6. Inform the nearest police officer
7. Inform the nearest firefighter
8. Stay away from suspicious people or groups

And here is a list of preventative options to keep from getting lost:

1. Draw a map
2. Set boundaries that you can't pass
3. Get to know the landscape
4. Set up an emergency place to meet if you don't get home by a certain time
5. Carpool with a friend
6. Always keep a house key, in case your parents aren't home.

I believe that through my argument, I have proved that my opponent has not fulfilled the burden of proof, and that I have given sufficient evidence to negate the claim that "Most 12 year olds MUST have a phone for very important reasons."
Debate Round No. 3

Pro forfeited this round.


GG m8. Look, it's your first debate. We've all been there. Even though this was a tough debate for you, it's not about what's right or wrong. It's about presenting your point better. I encourage you to stick with it and do more research, find out what you believe in, and use DDO as a way to strengthen your arguments, and maybe learn a few more things along the way.

Please, I believe I speak for all members of DDO when I tell you not to let this one get you down. Keep trying and you'll be with the best of us before you know it.

Debate Round No. 4
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Flatearthsociety, your vote is appreciated
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Thanks to texas14 for the vote
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
Is it alright to call my opponent a noob? I mean its probably okay since I am as well
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
Would it be reasonable to suggest that my opponent is not actually 16, as their profile suggests? Seriously...
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
I sure hope he didn't forfeit.
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
Omg rebuttal for r3 sorry
Posted by awesomenezz1234 3 years ago
In my opinion, twelve year old children should not have a cellular device. Although the benefits you stated are accurate, one might also look at how a child of that age uses their cell phone. Most adolescents and children devote most of the time spent on their phones to playing games, and viewing internet content. A large percent is also spend communicating with their peers. Only a small percentage of their time is spent doing what you've stated. Also, if the scenario you described where to occur, the child or adolescent in question could simply borrow the phone of someone passing by, or, do what people did before cell phones and use a payphone or go to a house and ask to use their phone.
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