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Should AR15's be illegal?

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Started: 7/10/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am completely new to this, so I am opening this topic for debate as my first go. Personally having a massive bias towards the AR/M4 Platform (Former Army w/ 3 deployments, current Law Enforcement,) I have relied on this platform day in day out for a better part of my adult life. Hope to have a good debate.

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AR15's (along with other assault rifles) are not needed for civilian usage. Automatics are meant to be used for gunning down multiple people at once. There is almost never an appropriate time for an automatic to be in the hands of a citizen. Also, they can bring mass destruction to civilization.
Debate Round No. 1


AR15's should be legal for a myriad of reasons. "Assault Rifles" are getting alot of bad media exposure and have been subjected to an astounding amount of misinformation. The left and anti- gun frequently demonizes this weapon yet lack even the most basic knowledge about the platform. First and foremost an AR15 is NOT a full automatic weapon. Meaning, you pull the trigger and multiple rounds fire. The AR15 is a semi-automatic weapon, meaning one round is fired each time the trigger is pulled. Full Automatic Guns were banned in 1934 to civilians under the National Firearms Safety Act.(1) Most AR15's come with a bolt that even with a full automatic trigger sear would not function. In short an AR15 is not a fully automatic weapon, thus same as a pistol, revolver, or shotgun. One trigger pull, one round is fired. Now the round. The typical AR15 is chambered in a 5.56x45mm NATO or .223 Remington. Which ranges in weight from anywhere from 55gr (grains,) to 90gr. Through the media and the anti-gun crowd there is a notion that a round out of an AR15 will travel through your house, the entire block, and ending up striking someone and making them just combust. Which is far from the truth. A recent test had a 9mm (which the is the most common PISTOL caliber,) and a .223 interchangeably (for this argument,) the 5.56mm. The test was conducted using a piece of drywall followed by a 4' piece of wood, followed by a wax medium. The 9mm passed through both the dry wall, wood, and penetrated 15" into the wax medium. The .223 passed through both wood mediums and only penetrated 8" of wax medium.(2) This is due to the design of the cartridge. It is more of a spear shape, and upon hitting hard objects it begins to yaw or tumble and loose energy quickly. This simple demonstration that the round its self does not penetrate and debunks heavily that the AR15 cannot be used for a home defense application. The most common argument is that AR15's are too dangerous for citizens to own. This is another example of the left and the media using misinformation to the public. As just discussed the AR15 is not a fully automatic weapon, its standard round penetrates LESS than the most common PISTOL caliber. What the media does not want you to know is that "Assault Weapons," account for only 2% of homicides per year, according to FBI crime statistics. This includes all weapons under this category. If we further extrapolate that number it is less than 1% of AR15's being used in violent crimes nationwide. (3) The main argument about the AR15 is the cosmetics of the weapon system, and how it looks "evil." Truth be told a pistol grip, forward grip, rail, and flashider make it no less lethal, as they do not change the actual mechanical function of the AR15. If you believe that an AR15 is truly too dangerous to own, there is no rationale limit as to what will be more lethal next. I personally know that a M1A (M14 Military Designation,) is far more lethal than an AR15. Shooting a much larger round at higher velocity; yet it is never discussed when it comes to guns due to cosmetics. AR15's are far from a problem in society. If you really want to narrow down what is the biggest killer, it is what the left advocates: Handguns. The conjecture that the AR15 is a weapon of mass destruction and a menace in society is purely based on emotion rather than fact. AR15's are great weapons platforms, which have a variety of applications. From home defense, competition, hunting, and a great tool to have if civil unrest is to occur. I personally recall a group of Koreans on top of their place of business armed with an "Assault Rifle," and out of all the buildings that burned theirs stood. I believe that AR15's have a place in society, and are not more dangerous than people think. They are misunderstood and misrepresented by individuals who have never even used them and have no knowledge of their mechanics. The AR15 is not evil it is a tool. An inanimate object. How that tool is employed is up to the end user.

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Posted by Guardian66 2 years ago
We are solely talking about the Semi Automatic AR15 (Armalite Rifle 15.) We are not discussing AK's, G3's, 552's, or any other platform.
Posted by spencercrat123 2 years ago
Hi I'd like to debate this but to clarify, are we ONLY discussing banning AR-15s or them and all similar assault rifles in general?
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