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Should America try to overthrow Kim Jong Un

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Started: 2/11/2017 Category: Politics
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I think America should try to overthrow Kim Jong un because he is a world threat. Because he is so crazy and has all of the nukes he could kill millions of innocent lives. He is also a brutal dictator for his own people in North Korea. So that is why we should try to overthrow Kim Jong Un!


It is incredibly unlikely that Kim Jong Un will become a threat to the United States, for four reasons:
1. It is a poor nation with little money to research weaponry.
2. It struggles to recruit the best minds to help develop weaponry due to the poor Quality of Life in the country and the international sanctions on the country.
3. South Korean surveillance means that the US and most of its allies will be notified if a strike looks likely.
4. KJU is an intelligent, privately schooled man who knows that his country and everyone in it- himself included- would be obliterated if he were to strike the US or any of its allies.

Because of this, the priority in this debate should be the well-being of the North Korean people. It is my contention that North Korea is likely to fall into a secondary dictatorship. There are two ways this could happen:
1. With US presence for some time after the deposition. If KJU is deposed, and USA troops stay to moderate elections, it is likely that the US becomes known as a colonialist force, as it already was after the Korean war. This, combined with the fact that most North Koreans have been brainwashed into idolic worship of KJU means that the deposition would pave the way for an authoritarian wanting to continue KJUs policies winning the election and becoming a functional dictator.
2. Without US presence. In this case you have a simple vacuum, where KJUs closest adviser or relative steps in claiming to be a continuation of the line that many North Koreans believe to be literally divine in nature.
Debate Round No. 1


Look the well being of the people of North Korea will greatly improve if we overthrow Kim Jong Un. We have done it before think back to after 9-11. We did overthrow the taliban and established a democracy in Afghanistan. So if democracy comes to North Korea. Then there government will work hard to make life better for the people of North Korea. And they might not be a threat for Americans. But they are a threat for other us allies. The largest city in the world Tokyo is in North Korean nuclear range. So is seoul South Korea. That is also a large city. And we are always putting sanctions on them, but still they still testing them nukes. So that is how overthrowing Kim Jong Un will improve they quality of life for North Koreans. And they are still a threat to innocent lives.


Afghanistan is not a comparable situation. The Taliban occupation of Afghanistan was an incredibly low-tech regime which relied upon fear rather than ideological brainwashing. The majority of Afghanis did not believe the Taliban to have an inherent right to rule Afghanistan. KJU and his predecessors, however, have used television, radio and tight state control of education to create generations of loyalist KJU lovers.

I already gave my reasons why a nuclear strike on the US is unlikely, here are the reasons it is unlikely on the closer US allies:
1. NK is aware that nuclear blasts have large ranges, and that strikes on SK could hurt them.
2. KJU is aware that retaliation is certain.
3. NK gains little from a nuclear strike. It makes sense to threaten it, but not to actually do it. Again, KJU is a very smart man. He was privately educated in Switzerland and was taught to be a leader from birth.

At this point I will make the additional argument that it is likely KJU's reign comes to an end this generation. As Cuba has shown, it is possible to create entire internet networks completely away from the greater WWW using old hardware and USB sticks. As drones get more adept, and defectors teach the world more about life in NK, it is likely that the US, NATO, UN or any other body can distribute anti-propaganda messages to NK's people via unmanned craft and USB stick in order to create an ideological revolution against KJU and genuine desire for democracy. This is likely to be far longer lasting than artificially enforced democracy upon an unwilling people.
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