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Should Animal Millers be able to keep their animal breeding license after being found guilty.

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Started: 10/3/2016 Category: Health
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Animal milling is a practice of mass breeding animals usually puppies or cats. The mother female will not be given more than a month of recovery time before being forced to breed again these practices include low nutritional value in the food. The water can sometimes be contaminated eg. crawling with bugs. The animals involved can be put in cramped cages with many dogs in the one cage. The animals can also be separated from their parents at an incredibly small age. So do you think that animal millers should be given back their animal breeding license after being convicted of this crime!


For this debate when using animal milling, it will be referring to the mass breeding of animals. Are you arguing that people who have been convicted of mass breeding animals should not be given back their breeding license? Also in which country or region are you referring to? Also for this debate are we strictly referring to cats and dogs or can we bring livestock into this argument as well?
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