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Should Apple make an IPhone that can charge itself with sunlight.

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Started: 2/16/2016 Category: Technology
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im tired of my iphone dying.!


I will make my arguments and rebut my opponents case.

But, please, don't make one round debates. The person who makes it loses because they cannot rebut the opponents arguments, and lose. So I recommend don't make one round debates.


BoP is on Pro. My opponent obviously could not fill his BoP, and tell why we should make an IPhone that can charge itself with sunlight. So, I win this debate.

Argument 1: Cost

The cost is just too much if we do this. One watt is 4.70$. However, we need a few thousand watts. This means there is too much cost. Also many people use IPhones. The cost is too much. The cost if more than how they sell it.

Rebuttal 1: Charging

My opponent says that he is tired for it dying. There are 2 ways. First, charge it. Second of all, you can have those chargers you can bring around.

Vote for Con.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's one liner is more of a declarative statement than an argument. Con rebuts with solutions to Pros phone charge issue and provides his own un-rebutted argument regarding cost.