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Should "Black Lives Matter" be covered in High School during Black History Month

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Started: 2/1/2017 Category: Education
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One can not deny that the "Black Lives Matter" movement has taken hold in contemporary American society. Nebulous in nature, the term Black Lives Matters means different things for different people. For some the movement represents a strong acknowledgement of the African American struggle for equity and social justice, while others view it as a expressions divisiveness fueled by anti-blue sentiments.

Difficult to reconcile in the public arena, should the movement make its way into the class room discussions of our schools. Are students mature enough or teachers astute enough to engage in intentional discussion without those conversations being bias driven. Do we owe it to our students, or will we as teacher simple push our agendas.


Hello there, I hope we have a great discussion.

Black Lives Matter, a movement that can be described as militant and even racist, gathers following due to the narrative that its name gives. On face value, it appears to have good intentions but does not, however, strive to solve any issues faced by the black community and only seems to appear in news and media in the context of riots and social media outrage.

A movement such as this would normally be dispelled and forgotten were it not for its rhetoric in advertising itself as a justice group for the black community, when it only in fact promotes violence and acts of terrorism.

Should this be taught in high school during black history month? I do not believe so, as it is only a negative and often divisive example of a militant movement protected by the fear of appearing racist to oppose it. This group has provided nothing for the black community except for turmoil, propaganda and lies, things which I firmly believe have no place being given to the minds of the youth.
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I believe the Black Lives Matter movement is a relevant aspect of contemporary American life. By engaging the concept in our schools we are able to fully unpack it and allow for a better understanding.


I am of the opinion that the best way to rid society of groups that are detrimental to its health, groups like this should not deserve the status of being taught as educational material within the class room. Distancing educational establishments from these groups shows that society is not willing to acknowledge their actions as appropriate or warranting a spotlight.
Presenting violent views such as these in class rooms presents the risk of students potentially siding with their viewpoints as they do not attempt to help black lives as their name claims, preventing the potential corruption of bright young minds.

Though this group may be contemporary, it does not mean that they are relevant to the matters that black history month seeks to educate high school students in.
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