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Should Canada be democratic?

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Started: 10/30/2014 Category: Politics
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Zeno here again,

I believe Canada should remain a democratic government, because the best government is the government that represents it's people.

If Canada was not democratic, we would be:
-Living in constant fear
-High taxes

And we not be able to speak our opinions and voice our concerns.

Thanks for reading Zeno's arguments!


While Anon prefers to remain neutral on most issues, Anon would like to point out that there remains many problems in democracies. Due to being forced to listen to the grand majority (many of which remains uneducated about the true political schemes of politicians) we reduce total efficiency. Having one overall leader brings order to a country, maintaining efficiency by cutting out the middle man between choices and actions.
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Posted by Atmas 2 years ago
Honestly, democracy is just modern day tribalism, with all the problems tribalism has in it. It only works in a Utopian society, something which will never exist. I don't even believe true democracy can exist. In America, the people have to ask the government for permission before any change can happen, we must petition and have marches before the government takes the people seriously. It is only when we become a threat, do they look up from their secretary bobbing their apple. That sounds like an Oligarchy to me.
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Vote Placed by Atmas 2 years ago
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