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Should Canada remove the NDP?

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Started: 11/6/2014 Category: Politics
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Should Canada remove the NDP? They are pretty useless and have never even won a long term prime minister chair.


Hello, my name is Alex Kozlowski and today I'm here to talk to you about why the NDP should not be removed. There are many reasons as to why we shouldn't

1. Representation
Readers might be wondering why shouldn't we remove the NDP. Well, for one. The majority of people in Canada feel like they are not represented in Canada. Let's count up the political parties and see where they stand. According to Wikipedia, while conservatives and liberals political ideologies are self-explanatory, the New Democratic Party of Canada is in favor of what we call a "Social Democracy". Some of the countries that NDP wants to aspire to is Norway's model of a social democracy.

Another point about Representation, is that the more political out there, the more people are going out to vote. Everyone should be represented for their political beliefs. If we only had a two party system, we would be more like the United States where the majority of people feel like there is no difference between the two. Some of the Ideas in the 50s and 60's were considered "Communist" but they weren't really. Even if the NDP is somehow "radical", radicals are the foundation of new ideas.

2. Successes
The New Democratic Party has become a part of our Canadian history whether people like it or not and have made many strides. One of their major successes was a man that many Canadians know as Tommy Douglas. How important is Tommy Douglas. Well on the show "The Greatest Canadian", Tommy Douglas ranked number 1 on the show and considering how the vote was based on other people's opinions, it's fair to say that's an achievement but did Tommy Douglas specifically achieve. For one, he was the first to introduce universal health care to Canadians. Now we may have gotten universal health care from the liberals but without the NDP, it would have never been thought of by the Liberals and therefore, never becoming law.

Another success of the New Democratic Party is that of Jack Layton. Jack Layton who featured a lot of really good ideas. So much so that in 2011, the NDP was second in the federal election and there were many changes to some acts in our law because of the NDP such as "The Clean Air Act". Jack Layton was also asked by Stephen Harper to help him in regards to indigenous residential schools in which Harper thanked Jack Layton for his counsel.

3. Able to Compromise
The NDP before, now and will continue to be able to work with others. They may be left leaning but they are able to compromise with other parties. They have compromised with the Liberal and even the Conservatives have compromised with the NDP and have agreed to some of the conservative stances. That is the very role of government. To come together under a unified nation.

Just because they never won the prime minister chair, does not mean they aren't important. There are many ways like the ones I've mentioned how the NDP can become useful in everyday society. There were also times where the NDP came close to winning the role of Prime minister so to say that the NDP should be gone because they haven't won the position is a slippery slope fallacy.
Debate Round No. 1


Representation: Yes the majority of people want to be represented, but not by a party that wants to give most/all of the money to the poor. The only thing that is new about this party are the ridiculous claims. The more political parties that are out there doesn't mean that people will be obligated to vote. Just because the NDP is there doesn't mean we go there to vote because the addition of that party. It is just there. That is it. The NDP has 1 person that has done something worth wile, free healthcare. Meanwhile i can name many others that have contributed to canada's history (Wilfred laurier, John A. Macdonald, William Lyon Mackenzie King, Lester B. Pearson and Pierre Elliot Trudeau. The classics. We do not need a secondary source of imput from another political party. We can use our own voices for that, or make a better party.


My Rebuttles to "pro"

Actually, there are people that vote for the NDP, that believe in equality for all, endorsing interculturalism, universal health care, enviormental protection, increasing taxes for the rich while lowering taxes for small business, a country that leads the world to a more peaceful time. Whether my opponent likes it or not, there are people who feel that the NDP represents their political beliefs and would rather not vote for a party like the Liberals or the Conservatives because as I've already addressed, Social Democracy is not the same as Liberalism.

In regards to the "NDP giving away all the money to the poor." that is not an accurate way to describe the NDP, The NDP does not want to give all of the money to the poor but even if there was a party that wants such a thing, so what? A party should have the right to exist regardless of it's political beliefs because this is a democracy and freedom of speech is a thing in case if you had forgotten.

If you're suggesting that we remove the NDP just because of what their spending, then I'm calling for the removal of the conservative party for it's environmental polices. I'm not going to have that viewpoint though because it's stupid. Even though I don't agree with the conservatives on a majority of subjects, I can say that they have a right to stay just as the NDP has the right to stay.

Here's a fact for you. Let's say you have a Arab family that moved here to Canada to have a better life for themselves but the political parties in their area is limited to two. One thing to also mention is that none of the parties have any plan to support immigrants who came into the city. They don't feel represented. Now let me ask you this. If the Arab that I just mentioned doesn't feel like they are represented, why bother voting at all? Most of the time, you have areas in which there is only the Liberals and Conservatives and that's not good enough in order for people to feel represented. Hence this is why proportional representation is important.

Another thing to mention is that just because there have been more famous successes from the Liberal party does not dismiss the fact that the NDP has the right to exist as any other party. This is a democracy and we the right to have another political party. "Pro" has essentially conceded to this point it seems.

The funny is that you don't realize that other parties rely on each other for imput otherwise, there would be more protests against a certain policies if they did not look to other parties for help. If Stephen Harper did not counsel with Jack Layton about the apology that was to be made to Indigenous Population in regards to it's residential education, the Conservatives would lose a lot of Indigenous voters.

"We can use our own voices for that, or make a better party." - Okay but again. That doesn't dismiss the fact that the NDP has the right to exist. You also missed out on my point about able to compromise which I would like to see a response for that.
Debate Round No. 2


SlovakiaKentros forfeited this round.


Considering how time was up for "Pro", let the record show that I win this debate considering how "Pro" had failed to provide substantial evidence that the NDP needs to be removed. Let alone the idea that a party needs to be removed at all for it's beliefs. I believe I had answered all of pro's arguments.For future reference, Pro please try typing more than just a paragraph and don't be afraid to give yourself more time.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by debatewiz 2 years ago
Hello HostileBelief, I'd like to thank you for defending the NDP. I actually am a member of the party. In my opinion The NDP is not useless. It is a party that promotes a fairer society. Also in a democracy it's good to have diversity of opinion.
Posted by SlovakiaKentros 2 years ago
Should have gave myself more time! I forgot about the discussion.
Posted by ShikenNuggets 2 years ago
I know it's more of a should thing, but either way they can't just remove them. Although I wish politics was that simple.
Posted by SlovakiaKentros 2 years ago
The first round can be whichever.
Posted by Keeyan 2 years ago
I would love to debate this, but 12 hours is too short. When you post your argument, your opponent may be asleep or out and accidentally forfeit. Also, is first round acceptance only, or already for arguments?
Have a nice day!
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