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Should Cell Phones Be Allowed Freely At School?

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Started: 4/13/2016 Category: Education
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I hear a lot of kids complain about how they can't use their phones in class times. I'm not for banning cell phones, so I think the cell phones should be allowed. As teenagers, they have a high percentage of cell phone use. School is supposed to be about learning. Most think being on your cell phone is a distraction and reason for failure. I don't think that is necessarily true. Students should have a choice on whether they want to fail or not. Students are already force to show up and learn, so if they want to check a text message during a lesson and possibly fail, that's on them. Basically, students should have a choice over their education and pulling out their cell phones during class is one of them.


I accept your debate and I am eagerly waiting for your arguments
Debate Round No. 1


Cell phones are a big distractions. Every second are there new apps being created, the cell phones becoming bigger, new updates every minute. Today's society has made the cell phone percentage high among teenagers. They are always posting or texting. It just way of communicating with others in a fun way. Cell phones in school may be a different problem than the phones themselves.

School is a place to learn and create a career for yourself. Students show up to see their friends or maybe take a test. If students had a choice, there may not be a need for schools. When it comes to making choices in education, it's all about what students want to make of their life. I hear students complain about not being able to send a quick text during class or make a small phone call. Cell phones should be allowed during class periods.

Schools are sort of forcing kids to come with they called truancy. Once, that happens, students choose to pass or fail. With cell phones in the classrooms, kids would be completely distracted. Then why should they be allowed? They should be allowed because it shows you who is willing to make the right choices.

When I am sitting in my classes, I will pull out my phone and mess around. The thing about that is that I could manage my education. I was in the top three in my class. Allowing the cell phones will help with life after school. Students are given choices everyday and allowing cell phones may be one to help them understand what they will face.


I appreciate your arguments my opponent and now I am going to present mine.

Cell phones should be banned from school because:

1:Cell phones increase cheating:If a student decides to bring his or her cell phone to school, there is a possibility that they would use it in class while no one knows. Then, once they get used to doing that, they will start texting while they take a test. This can cause a big increase in cheating.

2:Effect on health:

3:Distraction:Cell phones in the classroom will serve as a distraction to kids learning. If cell phones were allowed in schools very few students would actually pay attention to what is being taught. Why would they pay attention when they could be talking with friends in another school or class, surfing the web, or playing games. The cell phones in the classroom would only cause a distraction and student’s grades would greatly suffer.

4: Disraction: All the students might not come from well to do families and might not own an expensive i-phone.So these students suffer from inferiority complex when they find rich students swagging their phone and showing off.

5: Friendship: If students bring phone to school then they will be busy chatting with people online or surfing the net and they would not give attention to the students sitting just beside them.So friendship will be hampered. The students will be more interested in typing rather than talking.

So these are my five points. I hope pro is enjoying this debate as much as I am.

Thank you
Debate Round No. 2


EmaelighMack forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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