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Should Christians Masturbate?

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Started: 11/11/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 8 months ago Status: Debating Period
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well i don't know give me your opinion


I don't know if the question is should they, or if it's can they? Should meaning it's encouraged and can meaning allowed. As far as I know the bible doesn't give clear instruction on the act of masturbation, but it does give clear instruction about acts of lust. If the act causes you to lust then it is causing you to knowingly sin. I think it's good practice not to do things that cause us to sin intentionally. But is it a sin to lust after your husband or wife? I would say no.
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Posted by missmedic 8 months ago
What part of my comment did you not understand?
Posted by rockerlinda15 8 months ago
If they can hold their own.
Posted by TheThinker01 8 months ago
Miss Medic your comment does not make sense. I may not believe your real, I'm only talking to you online. Are you real?

If I lived on a remote Island And all I ever saw was a bunch of crabs. If someone told me there's a being that can fly, and a giant whale. I wouldn't believe it. Yet they still exist.
Posted by stcornerap 8 months ago
To missmedic: You are correct that the Holy Spirt will convict a believer of his or her sin, and I believe this is the answer. Trusting the Holy Spirit to be our guide. Does the Bible say that the act of masturbation is a sin? Or is it the act of sinful lust that Jesus warns us of? I don't think you can find anywhere in the Bible that tells us that we can't lust after our husband or wife. So if you are performing the act while watching porn or thinking of your neighbors wife, I would say that based on the teachings of the Bible you are sinning, and the Holy Spirit would surely convict you in the timing God chooses. But without a direct answer from the Bible believers must trust the Holy Spirit to be our teacher. One believer may feel conviction from drinking a beer, and one may not. We are all at different places in our spiritual journey and have accepted different roles in our faith. God leads us on a one on one personal basis. We are all on a journey to be more and more like Jesus but this doesn't happen over night. Listen to God both in His written word and in His voice. This is not a pass to do whatever you want just because it's not directly addressed in the Bible, this is a reminder that all answers are found with God and God teaches his children one on one in His own timing just as we do with our children.
Posted by missmedic 8 months ago
I was being facetious. As to your question, If you follow your holy book and believe it is the true word of your god, then no, you can not masturbate with out sinning. The guilt that your religion gives you for masturbating will cause you more harm then the masturbating will. All gods exist on belief alone, so if you do not believe in a god, then god does not exist. So get the lube and have at it.

Hope this helps...............
Posted by TD04 8 months ago
missmedic i mean themselves
Posted by missmedic 8 months ago
Do you mean themselves or each other.............?
Posted by God_is_dead 8 months ago
I'm a pro, but which side are you on.. If you're a con, I'll gladly accept the challenge
Posted by Capitalistslave 8 months ago
So, you don't know? Will you accept a debate with anyone, even if we are pro? I noticed you put you're pro, but if I accepted it would say I'm con but I'm actually pro this.
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