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Should require three debates just to comment and vote?

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Started: 11/22/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 11 months ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Surely not! I understand that its to make sure they have accounts that are active, but coming up with debates that I have a good enough opinion on is hard. My first debate I just wanted to see what people would say. I want to be able to vote without cluttering with debates like these.


I'll gladly accept this debate.

Now, as it would appear, in order to vote on a debate, a user is required to complete three debates, as well as give a phone number confirmation, which I supposed is to help prevent against users making second accounts to help them win (which is unfair). While I believe that the phone number should not be necessary, I do believe that completing three debates is a reasonable requirement in order to vote. It helps refrain members from making second accounts purely to vote for themselves, because they have to complete three debates prior to doing so, which makes it more of a committed effort.

Not to mention that a user could use the experience they receive in a debate to judge and vote on other debates. They will receive an idea of what a debate looks like and how it should be structured, plus they can read votes they receive on their own debates to get an idea of what they should be looking at when they judge a debate.
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Posted by Barennora 11 months ago
I guess no one voted on it.

Oh well, thanks for a nice debate :)
Posted by Barennora 11 months ago
Well, I guess my other point works too :)
Posted by DrKaboom44 11 months ago
Btw on your second argument, the beginners forum says that the phone number is to keep people from making multiple accounts not the three debate requirement!

Also, your very welcome, and thank you for accepting!
Posted by Barennora 11 months ago
Thank you for hosting my first debate :)
Posted by DrKaboom44 12 months ago
Barennora its fine, no problem.
Posted by Barennora 12 months ago
I apologize for any delays in this debate. Many times, when I've tried to post an argument, I would receive an error.
Posted by HepEbolAids 12 months ago
Finish the debate you have with me because i want to take this one too
Posted by DrKaboom44 12 months ago
Plasmawipes The political struggle at its best!
Posted by Plasmawipes 12 months ago
i want to do this debate but I am on your side.
Posted by missmedic 12 months ago
and a phone number..................................why
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