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Should Devin Wardle stop being gay?

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Started: 5/11/2015 Category: Science
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he is gay i dont like him


I accept this challenge. Since you did not start off with terms I will clear terms.

Stop; to not do anymore or feel to do it

Gay; a man who is interested in same gender

Ok now that terms are cleared up I will begin my points.

1) Stop being gay

You can't quote "stop being gay". A hormone inside of you is the thing that decides what gender you like. I don't know if you are a male or a female but that is like having me ask you to stop being attracted to what gender you like and to start being attracted to the opposite gender. It would be hard for you since you like the gender you like.

2) Friendly

This is more of an opinion then a fact but gay guys actually are friendly. Usually people enjoy having a gay boss or someone to work with because they tend to be friendly and nice. I bet that if you ask most people who have had a gay boss they will say that they enjoyed it because he was friendly and nice.

Since I am debating this it doesn't mean I am gay but I saw this debate and thought I should put some pointers out.
Debate Round No. 1


This was actually meant to be a joke on my friend, which he understands. But I agree with Cookie Monster. I actually have a few and they are good friends of mine. I am not gay myself but I have nothing against them. Thank you.


oh ok then. U know if you want to you can make a debate and then reserve it just for that person. Well I guess it's over then. Unless you want to try to argue for the other side but it seems you don't want to. Well then good luck.
Debate Round No. 2


TheCardGame forfeited this round.


Conduct points should go Con for Pro forfeit.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CommunistDog 3 years ago
If I could vote, it would definitely be towards cookie monster.

However, I have abused my privilege to vote and cannot ever vote again! :D
Posted by CookieMonster9 3 years ago
Pro can you just type something down instead of just waiting for the time to pass by please.
Posted by CommunistDog 3 years ago
Mr Cookie Monster's points are definitely going to give him a great start in this debate. Best of luck, mr Cookie Monster!
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro admits this debate was a joke, and so I have no reason to vote Pro.